New Super Lucky’s Tale

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Classic 3D Platformer

Generally easy going but some difficult levels

Game Info

Game Name: New Super Lucky’s Tale

Developer(s): Playful Corp.

Publisher(s):  Microsoft Studios (Xbox One/PC)/Playful Corp (Switch/PS4)

Platform(s): PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/Platformer

Release Date(s):  November 8, 2019 (Switch)/August 21, 2020 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

ESRB Rating: E

new super luckys tale disco cat boss gameplay screenshots

You should be dancing…yeah!!!

Lucky Swiftail finds himself pulled into another dimension by the evil Jinx.  It is up to Lucky to save the Book of Ages and protect it from Jinx.  Jinx isn’t working alone, and he’s employed his own children called the Kitty Litter to stop Lucky and get the book for himself.  If Lucky can survive, he’ll maybe be able to return home and save his world!

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a three-dimensional platformer.  The game was developed and published by Playful Corp. and is a modified and expanded version of the 2017 game Super Lucky’s Tale.  The game was released for the Switch in 2019 with other versions planned for later releases.

Super Mario 64 was a big deal.  It opened up gaming to a functioning world that could be explored.  Though there were obvious camera problems, the game was leaps and bounds above other games at the time and became a gold standard for creating future 3D games.  New Super Lucky’s Tale feels like the child (and now better looking version) of Super Mario 64.

new super luckys tale ball level gameplay screenshots

Super Monkey Ball, Marble Madness eat your heart out!!

What is nice about New Super Lucky’s Tale is that it doesn’t feel impossible.  There are levels that are easy and there are levels with some difficulty tied to them, but even those are pretty playable.  The game allows for some fun exploration and tests your jumping and climbing skills…plus, it has classic Mario style bosses that sometimes provide a challenge (like the final boss Jinx), but they still feel beatable instead of an irritating, daunting challenge.

The controls are slick and smooth.  The camera isn’t really an issue (something that in general has improved from Mario 64 days) and the jumping, digging, and moving seems intuitive.  Normally, I dislike forced movement levels, but New Super Lucky Tale has some fun “speed” levels which actually are fun…I groaned when I first saw them, but then I actually enjoyed the twist in play.

new super luckys tale final boss jinx gameplay screenshots

Game might induce control throwing anger during some boss battles

The game has a classic wholesome feel to it.  The characters are developed and rounded, and have that early video game feel to them.  The worlds are pretty standard design for the game, but the game in general feels like a throwback game that profits from the nostalgia.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a fun and worthy game to check out.  The slick design and gameplay make the game hard to quit playing, and even with the expanded world, it is relatively short.  I don’t necessarily put this as a fault because the game feels just about the right length.  You can finish it, and it doesn’t become a chore like many games in similar veins.  Check out New Super Lucky’s Tale and have a fun trip to a world that I hope we get to visit again.

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