Mystique by Sean McKeever Ultimate Collection

7.0 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Art: 8/10

Great covers, interesting use of the character

Series ending left some open threads, not as good as Brian K. Vaughan's take

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Mystique

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Sean McKeever

Artist:  Manuel Garcia

# of Issues:  11

Release Date:   2011


Mystique #17

Reprints Mystique #14-24 (July 2004-April 2005).  Mystique has a problem…she’s been tapped to kill Xavier for the Quiet Man, and she’s in conflict with her liaison Shortpack.  When Mystique discovers a cosmetic medical facility out to cure skin disease has ties to her, Mystique must stop it…plus, the secret of Shepard and the Quiet Man is revealed.

Written by Sean McKeever, Mystique by Sean McKeever is a Marvel Comics X-Men spin-off series.  Following Brian K. Vaughan’s run (collected as Mystique by Brian K. Vaughan), the collection features art by Manuel Garcia.  The series was relatively well received and was previously collected as Mystique Volume 3:  Unnatural (#14-19) and Mystique Volume 4:  Quiet (#19-24).

The storyline crafted by McKeever continues Vaughan’s story so they must have collaborated a bit on the over-arching story.  The Unnatural storyline leaves some open ties (whatever happened with Helena Carlson and her plans to destroy Mystique?), and Quiet also left some things open that never were followed up (both Shortpack and Shepard have never been heard from again).  McKeever doesn’t do as good with Mystique but still manages to continue using the character in ways that her creators never thought of.


Mystique #24

The series does a good job at wrapping up the storyline.  The story has a beginning…the death of Prudence and an ending…the death of Prudence (again).  It is nice to have a story with a complete feel.  Stories rarely have a beginning and ending in a world where comics can be cancelled in a few issues.

The art of is Mystique is above average.  Manuel Garcia has a great grasp of the character and his illustrations of all the unique powers created for the series.  The series also has a great covers.  Mike Meyhew’s covers really sell the series.  They take Mystique and place her in a cheesecake style reminiscent of pin-ups of the ’40s.

Mystique was an entertaining series.  Sean McKeever’s run was good but not as good as Brian K. Vaughan’s run.  The series is worth picking up in the nice Ultimate Collection to read the whole storyline.  Mystique is a great character when used correctly, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her return in her own feature title again someday.

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