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Story sometimes seems to stall

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Izuku Midoriya dreams of being a hero, but in society where a majority of the population is born with abilities (called quirks), Midoriya was born with no quirk.  Despite his disadvantage, Midoriya still hopes to be a hero and a chance encounter with his idol All Might could be his best shot.  All Might has a secret.  His quirk is called the “One for All” and can be passed down.  As All Might is getting weaker, Midoriya could be his legacy…if he can get into the prestigious U.A. High School, he could be a hero!!!

My Hero Academia—Season 1 is a superhero anime action-adventure sci-fi series.  The show is an adaptation of the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga serial which began in July 2014.  The season originally aired on JNN stations from April 3, 2016 to June 26, 2016 and in English as part of the Adult Swim Toonami programming from May 5, 2018-August 4, 2018.

my hero academia season 1 episode 1 izuko midoriya origin no quirk

I think the whole series takes place in Midoriya’s head…he’s just broken

Anime is a tough one for me.  As someone who doesn’t follow anime or manga, it has to make some real ground before I hear about it.  My Hero Academia is one of those series.  With an expansive run of episodes and a superhero theme, the series is one of those shows that I thought would appeal to me (more so than other anime).  Watching the series, it is a fun ride that blends lots of classic anime action with superhero tropes.

The series is kind of like X-Men meets Legion of Super-Heroes.  The world inhabited by the characters is full of people with powers (many of them rather lame) and those with “good” powers often want to be superheroes (or villains).  Midoriya dreams of being that type of hero and in classic superhero style, this is his origin story.  It is filled with twists and turns, secrets and lies like a classic comic, but it also is done to the extreme.

my hero academia season 1 episode 2 what it takes to be a hero all might

Trust in All Might!

The heroes themselves remind me a lot of something from Doom Patrol or Legion of Super-Heroes.  All the quirks generally have some sort of drawback (even the frog girl can vomit up her stomach) and some of the powers vary from the insane to the mundane…and My Hero Academia seems to recognize this in the writing.  In the first season, they slowly start to explore some of the other classmates and professors, and smartly set-up a series where they can expand any direction they need to for new story ideas.

The animation is classic Japanese animation at times with strange beats and style switches to suit the dialogue or the moment.  There are a lot of flashbacks in this series and often the flashback are done in a different style and not exactly how they looked when presented episodes before.  It keeps the series going, but it also has drawbacks.

my hero academia season 1 episode 13 in each of our hearts midoriya

A hero that breaks when he uses his powers…

The series sometimes feels rather fractured on time.  Two or three episodes will pass and you’ll realize nothing happened for the most part.  Add to that an extremely long intro, long credits, and a preview of the following episode and you realize that the content of the show is a little thin at times.

Any problems I have with My Hero Academia—Season 1 are rather minimal and inconsequential to enjoyment of the series as a whole.  Cleaning them up would improve the series, but the show is still enjoyable regardless of the minor complaints.  It is the type of show that I finished season 1 and was already interested in what is going to happen in My Hero Academia—Season 2…and I hope it starts to get darker.

My Hero Academia—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

my hero academy season 1 episode 1 izuko midoriya origin all might

“Izuko Midoriya: Origin”

1.1       Izuku Midoriya:  Origin Airdate:  04/03/16

Izuku Midoriya loves superhumans and dreams of having his own quirk.  Mocked by his classmates led by Katsuki Bakugō, Midoriya idolizes All Might above all other heroes…and finds himself face-to-face with the hero he worships.

my hero academia season 1 episode 2 what it takes to be a hero slime monster

“What It Takes to be a Hero”

1.2       What It Takes to Be a Hero Airdate:  04/10/16

Midoriya has learned the secret of All Might’s powers and learns that even All Might doesn’t believe he should try to be a hero.  When the monster that attacked Midoriya escapes and attacks the town, Midoriya springs into action…regardless of the outcome.

my hero academia season 1 episode 3 roaring muscles quirk all might izuku midoriya

“Roaring Muscles”

1.3       Roaring Muscles Airdate:  04/17/16

Having inspired All Might, Midoriya learns that All Might’s quirk can be transferred to the right host.  Tasked with cleaning a waste filled beach, Midoriya begins his training in the hopes of getting into U.A. High School against all odds.

my hero academia season 1 episode 4 start line izuku midoriya quirk one for all

“Start Line”

1.4       Start Line Airdate:  04/24/16

The entrance exam to U.A. High School is on and Midoriya is worried because he still hasn’t mastered his “One for All” quirk.  With a make-or-break battle in the streets of the school’s training ground, Midoriya will have to tap into his new power if he hopes to gain entry to prestigious school.

my hero academia season 1 episode 5 what i can do for now shota aizawa izuku midoriya

“What I Can Do for Now”

1.5       What I Can Do for Now Airdate:  05/01/16

Midoriya’s helping of Ochako Uraraka gained him enough rescue points to get into the U.A. High School, but the damage done by the “One for All” leaves him questioning his ability as a hero.  When Midoriya is assigned Shōta Aizawa as his teacher, Midoriya could be kicked out before his training even begins.

my hero academia season 1 episode 6 rage you damned nerd izuku midoriya costume

“Rage, You Damned Nerd”

1.6       Rage, You Damned Nerd Airdate:  05/08/16

The Midoriya and his classmates are getting costumed up for a training lesson in close quarters infiltrating and fighting.  Midoriya finds himself teamed with Ochako Uraraka and battling Bakugō and Ida…and Bakugō’s rage toward Midoriya knows no ends.

my hero academy season 1 episode 7 deku vs kacchan bakugo costume

“Deku vs. Kacchan”

1.7       Deku vs. Kacchan Airdate:  05/15/16

Bakugō is out to crush Midoriya regardless of the lesson, and it could be his downfall…but winning the lesson might not be the lesson learned by everyone.

my hero academia season 1 episode 8 bakugos start line midoriya injured

“Bakugō’s Start Line”

1.8       Bakugō’s Start Line Airdate:  05/22/16

Bakugō isn’t taking his loss well, but Midoriya’s attempt to help him could mean a mistake that endangers his relationship with All Might.

my hero academia season 1 episode 9 yeah just do your best ida emergency exit

“Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida!”

1.9       Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida! Airdate:  05/29/16

Midoriya finds himself elected class president but can see a better candidate in the class.  Traveling to Unforeseen Situation Joint (aka U.S.J.), the class prepares for rescue exercises…but the arrival of dozens of super-villains could mean that they are the ones in need of rescue.

my hero academia season 1 episode 10 encounter with the unknown midoriya tsuyu minoru mineta

“Encounter with the Unknown”

1.10     Encounter with the Unknown Airdate:  06/05/16

Trapped at the U.S.J. by the League of Villains, Midoriya quickly realizes that the villains are seeking revenge on All Might.  As Ida is sent for help, the other students find themselves separated and Midoriya, Tsuyu, and Minoru Mineta are trapped on a boat surrounded by enemies.

my hero academia season 1 episode 11 game over nomu vs shota aizawa

“Game Over”

1.11     Game Over Airdate:  06/12/16

The League of Villains attack has divided the students and put Shōta Aizawa in the path of Shigaraki and his monster muscle Nomu.  As Midoriya questions what to do, the arrival of All Might may change the game…but All Might is getting weaker.

my hero academia season 1 episode 12 all might vs nomu

“All Might”

1.12     All Might Airdate:  06/19/16

All Might discovers that Nomu is a multi-quirk built to defeat him and realizes fighting him could destroy the last of his power.  Stalling for time, All Might must push himself to his limit and beyond.

my hero academia season 1 episode 13 in each of our hearts teachers professors

“In Each of Our Hearts”

1.13     In Each of Our Hearts Airdate:  06/26/16

Shigaraki finds Nomu defeated but doesn’t realize how badly All Might suffered from the battle.  With minutes to spare, Midoriya must make a decision or risk the life of All Might.

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