Ms. Marvel 2: Generation Why

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The Inventor

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Ms. Marvel (Volume 3)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  G. Willow Wilson

Artist:  Jacob Wyatt/Adrian Alphona

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2015

ms marvel #7 cover wolverine team-up

Ms. Marvel (3) #7

Reprints Ms. Marvel (3) #6-11 (September 2014-April 2015).  Kamala realizes she’s dealing with a super-villain in the Inventor and is about to have her first team-up:  Wolverine!  While developing as a superhero herself, Kamala finds her powers are changing and is about to learn the secret to her abilities.  The Inventor is kidnapping runaway children for his plans, and Ms. Marvel is out to find out the reason…and she’s got help in her new pet Lockjaw!

Written by G. Willow Wilson, Ms. Marvel Volume 2:  Generation Why follows Ms. Marvel Volume 1:  No Normal.  The critically acclaimed series features art by Jacob Wyatt (Ms. Marvel (3) #6-7) and Adrian Alphona (Ms. Marvel (3) #8-11).

Ms. Marvel is just turning into a fun series.  Unlike the moody character of Peter Parker in his classic days, Kamala is having fun with her abilities while realizing the classic “with great powers comes great responsibility”.  This volume kind of wraps up the opening storyline and (for now) puts an end to the Inventor.

ms marvel #10 cover lockjaw

Ms. Marvel (3) #10

I have to say, I’m glad that the Inventor storyline is ending.  Even though I enjoy the comic, I find the villain kind of weak.  The origin of the Inventor is confusing with the bird-man and his “assistant/creator”, and the story of kidnapped runaways used for nefarious plans has been done again and again (just ask Cloak and Dagger).  Fortunately, Kamala’s personality shines through that aspect of the story.

It is Kamala and her interactions with the other superheroes that make the series.  The team-up with Wolverine is classic and Kamala continues to prove she’s a lot like Faith of Valiant’s Harbinger (who also is a fan-girl).  It seems like Kamala would have figured out she was Inhuman before this, but I like Medusa and Lockjaw as supporting cast members.

While I like the art of Adrian Alphona (who was the artist on the first book), I really like the art of Jacob Wyatt who stands in for the Wolverine team-up.  Wyatt has a simplistic style that feels very real and it even changes through the course of the story at points.  It is good to see Ms. Marvel portrayed by different artists.

Ms. Marvel 2:  Generation Why is a solid sophomore follow-up to Ms. Marvel’s introduction.  The series continues to grow and expand, and I hope they don’t mess with Ms. Marvel’s powers too much because part of her fun is that she can be anyone or anything (but she chooses to be herself)…she’s like a teenage Plastic Man but less jerk-y.  I hope Marvel keeps her that way.  Ms. Marvel 2:  Generation Why is followed by Ms. Marvel 3:  Crushed.

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