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The Owens are looking for a new housekeeper, and they get Mr. Belvedere (Christopher Hewett).  Now George (Bob Uecker), Marsha (Ilene Graff), Kevin (Rob Stone), Heather (Tracy Wells), and Wesley (Brice Beckham) are about to get cultured whether they like it or not…and Mr. Belvedere might have to get used to the Owens too.

Mr. Belvedere—Season 1 was a mid-season replacement and aired from March 15, 1985 to April 26, 1985 on ABC.  The series adapts the 1947 Gwen Davenport novel Belvedere which was previously adapted into Sitting Pretty (1948), Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949), and Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951) starring Clifton Webb.

Mr. Belvedere was one of those mundane comedies.  It wasn’t good, there were worse things on TV, and it was a just a time killer…even as a kid I recognized this.  Like shows that followed like Full House, Mr. Belvedere is a blasé comedy that if you grew up with is tolerable.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 7 sweet charity bob uecker christopher hewett

I get it…they’re opposites…

The stories are all typical‘’80s plots…a car is wreck, a kid is arrested, someone runs away for a concert, and a father has to stand up for his kid.  They work as a basic skeleton storyline and in this case, Mr. Belvedere is inserted into the mix like a reverse Tony Danza from Who’s the Boss?  There are some dated semi-offensive politically incorrect aspect that are typical to the period, and a few oddly adult jokes mixed in, but nothing too extreme.  It isn’t necessarily art, but it does make good background noise.

The cast delivers every line with a punchy “wait for the laugh” moment.  The series is showcased around the relationship between Mr. Belvedere and the kids and Mr. Belvedere and George.  Hewett brings a nice elitist attitude to the role, and Bob Uecker continued announcing for the Brewers while shooting the series.  The kids are pretty typical kid actors who sometimes can deliver a line but other times feel like they are reading while Ilene Graff feels a bit like a third wheel as the mother.

mr belvedere sweet charity tracy wells joker flour

“Wait til they get a load of me!” I really wish Tracy Wells audition for the Joker had gone better.

The series looks like a set-based ’80s sitcom and the house (like the series) resembles so many other homes of TV shows.  I always loved in series when the makers would go to another set.  Despite the generic homes, the sets were even more generic (like the prison set and the mall set).  The series is a nice example of ’80s styles with a wide range of kids with different looks.

Mr. Belvedere—Season 1 is a quick watch.  With only seven episodes it doesn’t take much time and you don’t have to really commit to it like modern series with continuing plotlines and tons of character development.  In that sense, it is refreshing sometimes to watch a cheesy sitcom from the ’70s and ’80s and just forget everything.  Mr. Belvedere was picked up for a full second season.

Mr. Belvedere—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

mr belvedere season 1 episode 1 stranger in the night bob uecker christopher hewett

“Stranger in the Night”

1.1       Stranger in the Night Airdate:  03/15/85

Mr. Lynn Belvedere (Christopher Hewett) comes to Owen residence in response to an ad for a housekeeper but finds the Owens want a different type of housekeeper.  When a snowstorm hits, Mr. Belvedere gets trapped at the house, and Mr. Belvedere has to prove he fits in.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 2 the outcasts brice beckham casey ellison christina nigra zach backer

“The Outcasts”

1.2       The Outcasts Airdate:  03/22/85

Wesley (Brice Beckham) isn’t invited to a neighbor’s party.  When Mr. Belvedere suggests a party for the other classmates not invited, things don’t go as planned.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 3 gotta dance brice beckham ballet

“Gotta Dance”

1.3       Gotta Dance Airdate:  03/29/85

Wesley takes an interest in ballet, but Marsha (Ilene Graff), Kevin (Rob Stone), Heather (Tracy Wells), and Mr. Belvedere decide to keep it from George (Bob Uecker).

mr belvedere seaosn 1 episode 4 gorgeous george bob uecker hb haggerty

“Gorgeous George”

1.4       Gorgeous George Airdate:  04/05/85

Mr. Belvedere comes to George’s defense at a wrestling match and has Wesley on his side.  When George feels inadequate, he tries to regain his machismo.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 5 what i did for love kevin jail ilene graff rob stone

“What I Did for Love”

1.5       What I Did for Love Airdate:  04/12/85

George tries a new radio job while Kevin tries to impress a girl named Jennifer Simpson (Tricia Cast).  A trip to the mall with Jennifer has her activism leading to Kevin’s arrest.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 6 the lost weekend bob uecker ilene graff

“The Lost Weekend”

1.6       The Lost Weekend Airdate:  04/19/85

George and Marsha are headed to Florida for a Pittsburgh Pirates game, and Mr. Belvedere is left in charge.  As a hurricane strikes Florida, Heather sneaks away for a Prince concert while Wesley hires a masseuse (Donna Pescow) for Mr. Belvedere, and Kevin has a driving problem.

mr belvedere season 1 episode 7 sweet charity brice beckham tracy wells anne haney

“Sweet Charity”

1.7       Sweet Charity Airdate:  04/26/85

Mr. Belvedere encourages Wesley and Heather to be more charitable, but things change when Heather and Wesley bring home a homeless woman (Anne Haney) from the mall…and it could cost Mr. Belvedere his job!

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