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Show is in death spiral

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Robin Williams with his dead eyes and “get me out of this” look

A surprise proposal leads to new problems for Mork (Robin Williams) and Mindy (Pam Dawber).  When Mork gets pregnant, Mork and Mindy welcome the arrival of their son Merth (Jonathan Winters).  Now, Mork must pass for human, but also Mindy must figure out how to keep the de-aging Mearth from drawing attention as Mearth finds Earth extremely different from what his life on Ork would be.  When Mork and Mindy meet a Neptunian named Kalnik (Joe Regalbuto) and his Earthling wife Tracy (Ilene Graff), they think they’ve met companions…but Kalnik and Tracy have their own mission that could change Mork, Mindy, and Mearth’s lives forever!

Mork & Mindy—Season 4 aired on from October 8, 1981 to May 27, 1982 on ABC.  The sci-fi comedy face ratings problems and was cancelled.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 4 three the hard way mearth born jonathan winters

…and then there’s Mearth!

I can remember watching this season of Mork & Mindy pretty vividly.  As a kid, the Mearth character was funny, and added to Mork, the Merth-Mork combo was comic genius (for the under ten crowd).  Rewatching Mork & Mindy is a kind of painful event because the show isn’t very good and the plots are redundant…but the nostalgia factor of the series keeps me from hating it.

This season really should be called Mork & Mearth because much of the show focuses on Mearth’s new adjustment to Earth.  Mindy always had the difficulty of being the straight man to Mork.  There is some Mork & Mindy “married” themed episodes, but it is a bit unbalanced since the marriage felt quick and only necessary to bring on Mearth.

mork and mindy seaosn 4 episode 3 the honeymoon spacesuits robin williams pam dawber

The fun never stops for Mork & Mindy…except with cancellation

The real problem with the season is the final part of the series.  The show was on the verge of cancellation and the ending was never finalized.  The show had Mork “outed” to Earth (which would have been a great time to bring back in cut cast members as they learned Mork was really an alien), and Mork and Mindy get shunted back in time.  A fifth season proposed the characters jumping through time and space and meeting historical figures…proving sometimes bad ideas never thankfully develop.

Mork & Mindy wasn’t really meant to be watched in big doses.  Robin Williams’ Mork routine had worn pretty thin by this point and it had to be tiring for him.  While his character is still the classic character this season, the series was running out of adventures for him to be involved in.  Pam Dawber feels like a third wheel in the series (despite being a title star), and episodes that are Mindy-centric feel tedious and forced.  Jonathan Winters is a scene-stealer as Mearth, but like Mork, he wears thin (and an appearance in Season 3 as Mindy’s uncle is never mentioned).

mork and mindy season 4 episode 21 gotta run part 3 series ending time travel robin williams pam dawber

Falling through time for eternity…

Despite being the downfall of the series, Mork & Mindy—Season 4 was a rather memorable season.  The series decision to marry off the characters and add Mearth to the cast was a real gamble…and it didn’t really pay off.  If you ask people memories of Mork & Mindy, Jonathan Winters’ Mearth generally comes up which proves that it was a potentially smart decision to fix the ailing series.  With Robin Williams’ rising popularity and the shows falling ratings, Mork & Mindy was doomed…but it was nice when it lasted (despite the cheese factor).

Mork & Mindy—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:

mork and mindy season 4 episode 1 limited engagment pam dawber robin williams

“Limited Engagement”

4.1       Limited Engagement Airdate:  10/08/81

Mork (Robin Williams) has proposed to Mindy (Pam Dawber).  Mindy, her father (Conrad Janis), and her grandmother (Elizabeth Kerr) realize that Mindy can’t marry Mork due to their differences.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 2 the wedding dress pam dawber robin williams

“The Wedding”

4.2       The Wedding Airdate:  10/15/81

Mork and Mindy’s decision to marry has created a problem…Orson refuses to let it happen.  When Mork decides to go ahead with the wedding, Orson fights back.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 3 the honeymoon ork spacesuits pam dawber robin williams

“The Honeymoon”

4.3       The Honeymoon Airdate:  10/22/81

Mork and Mindy head to Ork for their honeymoon, and Mindy finds space and Ork is a lot different than Earth.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 4 three the hard way mearth egg robin williams pam dawber

“Three the Hard Way”

4.4       Three the Hard Way Airdate:  10/29/81

Mork finds he’s moody and gives birth to an egg.  Mork is forced to tell Mindy that they are expecting and the baby is coming quickly.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 5 mama mork papa mindy mearth jonathan winters pam dawber robin williams

“Mama Mork, Papa Mindy”

4.5       Mama Mork, Papa Mindy Airdate:  11/05/81

Mearth (Jonathan Winters) is born, and Mindy finds herself not sure how to make Mearth part of her life…forcing Mork to make her have a connection.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 6 my dad cant beat up anyone mearth jonathan winters robin williams

“My Dad Can’t Beat Up Anyone”

4.6       My Dad Can’t Beat Up Anyone Airdate:  11/12/81

Mork finds Mearth doesn’t admire him.  As Mork tries to impress Mearth, Mork finds his parental feelings might empower him.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 7 long before we met robin williams dance pam dawber

“Long Before We Met…”

4.7       Long Before We Met… Airdate:  11/19/81

It’s Mindy’s ten-year reunion, and Mork grows jealous when he meets Mindy’s former boyfriend Steve Sanders (Robin Strand)…leading to a trip back in time.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 8 rich mork poor mork elizabeth kerr exidor clothes

“Rich Mork, Poor Mork”

4.8       Rich Mork, Poor Mork Airdate:  11/26/81

Mork is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and decides to invest in the fashion line produced by Exidor (Robert Donner), but Mork forgets to ask Mindy.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 9 alienation cult baba john laroquette richard moll


4.9       Alienation Airdate:  12/03/81

Mearth begins to notice he’s different, and Mork and Mindy are forced to reveal that he’s half-alien.  Mearth runs away and is adopted by a cult.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 10 ps 2001 mearth school jonathan winters

“P.S. 2001”

4.10     P.S. 2001 Airdate:  12/17/81

Mearth wants to go to school and begins taking classes on Ork.  When Mearth decides he hates his school, Mork and Mindy head to Ork to try to help him cope.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 11 pajama game ii mearth girlfriend maureen arthur jonathan winters pam dawber robin williams

“Pajama Game II”

4.11     Pajama Game II Airdate:  01/07/82

Mearth has friends over and invites his Orkan friends Zelka (Maureen Arthur) and Ovits (Harvey Lembeck).  When Zelka spends the night, Mork and Mindy worry that they’ll have to tell Mearth about the birds and the bees.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 12 present tense robin williams pam dawber

“Present Tense”

4.12     Present Tense Airdate:  01/14/82

Mearth is visiting Mindy’s father in Florida, and Mindy and Mork are trying to rekindle their romance.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 13 metamorphosis the tv show mearth switches minds robin williams jonathan winters

“Metamorphosis—The TV Show”

4.13     Metamorphosis—The TV Show Airdate:  01/21/82

Mindy’s got a new boss (Charles Bloom) at the TV station and is worried that she could be fired.  When Mearth and Mork accidentally transpose minds through an electrical shock, Mindy must take Mearth to her company party.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 14 drive she said robin williams max maven bill kirchebauer

“Drive, She Said”

4.14     Drive, She Said Airdate:  02/04/82

Mindy tries to encourage Mork to get his driver’s license, but even Mork’s friend “TNT” Todd Norman Taylor (Bill Kirchebauer) can’t help him pass when he finds S. Devlin (Max Maven) is his instructor.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 15 i dont remember mama robin williams pam dawber

“I Don’t Remember Mama”

4.15     I Don’t Remember Mama Airdate:  02/11/82

Orson worries that Mork is getting too involved with his family.  Wiping his mind, Mindy tries to remember Mork about his life.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 16 mork mindy and mearth meet milt computer john houseman

“Mork, Mindy, and Mearth Meet MILT”

4.16     Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT Airdate:  02/18/82

Mearth builds a computer named MILT (voiced by John Houseman) for his science project, but MILT has different plans for Mork, Mindy, and Mearth.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 17 midas mork robin williams pam dawber

“Midas Mork”

4.17     Midas Mork Airdate:  04/15/82

Mork tries to impress Mindy and creates a means to make gold leading to a life of luxury…but is everything it seems?

mork and mindy season 4 episode 18 cheerleader in chains prison robin williams pam dawber

“Cheerleader in Chains”

4.18     Cheerleaders in Chains Airdate:  04/22/82

Mindy refuses to give up her source for a story and ends up in jail.  Mork decides to spring Mindy from jail.

mork and mindy seaosn 4 episode 19 gotta run part 1 ilene graff joe regalbuto robin williams pam dawber

“Gotta Run—Part 1”

4.19     Gotta Run—Part 1 Airdate:  05/06/82

Mork and Mindy befriend Tracy (Ilene Graff) and a Neptunian named Kalnik (Joe Regalbuto), but Kal has different plans for Earth which could be dangerous.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 20 gotta run part 2 mearth jonathan winters robin williams pam dawber

“Gotta Run—Part 2”

4.20     Gotta Run—Part 2 Airdate:  05/13/82

Mork, Mindy, and Mearth are on the run from Kalnik and hiding out at a fat farm.  Unfortunately, Kal has a back-up plan which forces Mork to make a big decision.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 21 gotta run part 3 robin williams pam dawber

“Gotta Run—Part 3”

4.21     Gotta Run—Part 3 Airdate:  05/20/82

Mork, Mindy, and Mearth find fame as they go public with Mork’s identity as an alien.  Unfortunately, Kal has survived and forced Mork and Mindy to go on the run back in time.

mork and mindy season 4 episode 22 the mork report final episode robin williams orson

“The Mork Report”

4.22     The Mork Report Airdate:  05/27/82

Mork reports to Orson about the challenges of keeping a happy marriage on Earth in the hopes of getting a promotion.

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