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Tries to repair problems with Season 2, downhill race episode

Maybe the weakest of the seasons

mork and miindy season 3 title card episode guide

Adding the iconic egg to the title!

Mork (Robin Williams) is back, and Mindy (Pam Dawber) finds that Mork needs the Ork put back in him.  With Mork revitalized, his goals to explore Earth and its culture are in full swing.  With his friend Remo (Jay Thomas), Jeanie (Gina Hecht), Glenda (Crissy Wilzak Comstock), Nelson (Jim Staahl), Exidor (Robert Donner), and Mr. Binkley (Tom Poston), Mork and Mindy find Mindy’s father (Conrad Janis) back and a visit from Mindy’s grandmother Cora (Elizabeth Kerr).  Mork and Mindy are starting to build a relationship…and love is something new for Mork to experience.

Mork & Mindy—Season 3 aired on ABC from November 13, 1980 to May 14, 1981.  The series suffered lower ratings for the season.

mork adn mindy season 3 episode 1 putting the ork back in mork elder vidal peterson

Mo’ Orkans, mo’ problems…

Mork & Mindy has a very forgettable season here.  As a kid, the Mork & Mindy I mostly recall is the first season set-up and the final season set-up with Jonathan Winters.  This season continued to add to the cast and tried to get back to the first season but just doesn’t quite reach the mark.

The series becomes very Mork-exploring-Earth centric again after a bit more attempts to diversify the scripts in Season 2 (even implied in the first episode).  This means more misunderstandings and a job for Mork at the daycare (leading to the memorable downhill roller skating episode).  It just doesn’t seem to have the energy that the first seasons had, but it does attempt right some of the problems that the second season had.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 18 old muggable mork robin williams elizabeth kerr

Cool that Mrs. Doubtfire could stop by…

The core cast of Pam Dawber and Robin Williams work well together, but the added players of Jay Thomas, Gina Hecht, and Jim Staahl feel forced in…especially this season.  Appearances by the supporting cast seem few and far between and after this season, Jean DaVinci, Jim Staahl, and one season wonders Crissy Wilzak Comstock and Mindy’s manager Foster Brooks are all jettisoned with Tom Poston only making a cameo in season four.  The series tries to develop Mork’s daycare kids (who includes Corey Feldman, an intelligent girl, and a girl whose weight is made fun of) regulars, but it never quite works.  The Jonathan Winters makes an early appearance this season as Conrad Janis’ older brother (which is never referenced later).  You also get a Robin Williams episode where Williams tries to play against his Mork persona by turning himself off while playing himself (something later TV interviews and appearances indicate is more acting than reality).

Mork & Mindy continues to dive into the depths of the period it was made.  Many of the jokes are topical and this makes it a somewhat difficult series if you weren’t alive at the time.  If you were young (like me), it is fun to go back and see all the jokes you missed as a kid…to me, Mork was just being funny.  Despite a few memorable episodes, this season is somewhat forgettable especially compared to the next season which added the memorable (and debated) Mearth as a major plot point.

Mork & Mindy—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

mork and mindy season 3 episode 1 putting the ork back in mork pam dawber robin williams

“Putting the Ork Back in Mork”

3.1       Putting the Ork Back in Mork Airdate:  11/13/80

Something is happening to Mork (Robin Williams)…he’s becoming more human.  Mindy (Pam Dawber) learns from Orson that if Mork doesn’t return to his old Orkan self that Mork will be retrieved from Earth and exiled upon Ork.  With an Orkan Elder (Vidal Peterson) sent to help, Mindy hopes she can save Mork before it is too late.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 2 mork in never never land peter pan david spielberg

“Mork in Never Never Land”

3.2       Mork in Never-Never Land Airdate:  11/20/80

Mork goes to visit his pen-pal Peter (David Spielberg) who lives in an asylum.  When Peter reveals he’s really Peter Pan, Mork decides to liberate him to cheer up Mindy.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 3 dueling skates boulder colorado rollerskating robin williams reid smith

“Dueling Skates”

3.3       Dueling Skates Airdate:  11/27/80

Mork and Mindy learn that the daycare could be closing when the local roller rink plans to expand.  Mork faces off against Wheels Simpson (Reid Smith) about the expansion and finds himself in a race against Wheels.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 4 mork the prankster jeep pam dawber robin williams

“Mork the Prankster”

3.4       Mork the Prankster Airdate:  12/04/80

Mindy tries to teach Mork about pranks but finds Mork doesn’t get it.  When Mork takes a prank too far, Mindy considers having Mork move out.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 5 mork the monkeys uncle chimpanzee robin williams

“Mork, the Monkey’s Uncle”

3.5       Mork, the Monkey’s Uncle Airdate:  12/11/80

Mork steals a chimpanzee from the zoo because the chip’s mother is missing while Mindy tries to prepare for a big job interview.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 6 gunfight at the mork kay corral corey feldman robin williams

“Gunfight at the Mork-Kay Corral”

3.6       Gunfight at the Mork-Kay Corral Airdate:  12/18/80

Mork’s friend Billy (Corey Feldman) wants to be Bill the Kid for dress-up day instead of being a doctor like his father wants.  Billy runs away to a ghost town, and Mork and Mindy try to find him.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 7 morks new look conrad janis shelley fabares robin williams

“Mork’s New Look”

3.7       Mork’s New Look Airdate:  01/01/81

Fred (Conrad Janis) debates plastic surgery to improve his looks for Cathy (Shelley Fabares), and Mork realizes that he could use plastic surgery to become the man that Mindy wants.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 8 alas poor mork we knew him well pam dawber robin williams

“Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well”

3.8       Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well Airdate:  01/08/81

When Mork worries that he could die, he puts himself in a “death proof” safety bubble.  Mindy decides to have a funeral for Mork since he’s cut himself out of society.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 9 mork and the bum rap ross martin robin williams

“Mork and the Bum Rap”

3.9       Mork and the Bum Rap Airdate:  01/15/81

Mindy seeks to raise funds for a local hospital, but Mork doesn’t understand the concept of fundraising.  Mork meets a beggar named Godfrey (Ross Martin) who teaches Mork how to get money from strangers.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 10 mindy gets her job anchor pam dawber

“Mindy Gets Her Job”

3.10     Mindy Gets Her Job Airdate:  01/22/81

Mindy finally gets a job at KTNS when she’s hired by Miles Sternhagen (Foster Brooks) as a fill in.  When a snowstorm keeps everyone from getting to work, Mindy finds that she must anchor the news herself…but Mork decides to help out.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 11 twelve angry appliances richard libertini robin williams

“Twelve Angry Appliances”

3.11     Twelve Angry Appliances Airdate:  02/05/81

Mindy’s record player breaks again and Mindy sets out to get her money back for the repair.  When the repairman Mr. Strand (Richard Libertini) refuses, Mork puts Mr. Strand on trial.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 12 theres a new mork in town xerko lyle waggoner

“There’s a New Mork in Town”

3.12     There’s a New Mork in Town Airdate:  02/12/81

When Mork learns that another Orkan named Xerko (Lyle Waggoner) is coming to Earth, Mork learns that Xerko intends to replace him on Earth.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 13 mork meets robin williams pam dawber

“Mork Meets Robin Williams”

3.13     Mork Meets Robin Williams Airdate:  02/19/81

Mindy learns that she’s supposed to interview Robin Williams for work.  When Mindy can’t get ahold of Robin Williams, Mork’s resemblance to Robin Williams could be her key.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 14 mindy mindy mindy robin williams

“Mindy, Mindy, Mindy”

3.14     Mindy, Mindy, Mindy Airdate:  02/26/81

Mindy goes out of town for work, and Mork realizes he’s lonely.  When the Elder comes for a visit, he and Mork decide to make a new Mindy.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 15 mork the swinging single conga line robin williams

“Mork the Swinging Single”

3.15     Mork, the Swinging Single Airdate:  03/12/81

Mindy goes on a date, and Mork decides to test the water by going to a singles party.  Mork meets up with Glenda (Crissy Wilzak Comstock) and learns how to be a swinging single.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 16 mork and mindy meet rick and ruby monica ganas brian seff

“Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby”

3.16     Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby Airdate:  03/26/81

Mindy takes a stand when Remo refuses to hire Ruby (Monica Ganas) and Rick (Brian Seff) because Ruby is pregnant.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 17 mork and the family reunion jonathan winters conrad janis pam dawber

“Mork and the Family Reunion”

3.17     Mork and the Family Reunion Airdate:  04/09/81

Fred’s older brother David (Jonathan Winters) is coming for a visit and Fred wants to impress him.  When Mindy accidentally eats an Orkan treat, she’s begins acting erratic.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 18 old muggable mork cora elizabeth kerr robin williams

“Old Muggable Mork”

3.18     Old Muggable Mork Airdate:  04/16/81

Mindy’s grandmother Cora (Elizabeth Kerr) is back from Boston.  Cora is mugged in a park and Mork sets out to help Cora get revenge on the muggers.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 19 i heard it thorugh the morkvine robin williams pam dawber

“I Heard It through the Morkvine”

3.19     I Heard It Through the Morkvine Airdate:  04/30/81

Mindy’s boss wants her to start doing a rag gossip show.  Mindy refuses, but Mork steps in…angering everyone he knows.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 20 mindy and mork robin williams

“Mindy and Mork”

3.20     Mindy and Mork Airdate:  05/07/81

Mork finds Mindy asking more from at home but finds he can’t live up to her standards.  Mindy and Mork decide to switch places to see what is wrong with their relationship.

mork and mindy season 3 episode 21 reflections and regrets mr binkley tom poston robin williams

“Reflections and Regrets”

3.21     Reflections and Regrets Airdate:  05/14/81

It’s a party for Mr. Binkley (Tom Poston) who is turning fifty and everyone is sharing their regrets.  Mindy finds that she cannot share her regrets with the rest of the group.

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