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Coming back to Boulder!

Mork (Robin Williams) continues his adventures on Earth, and with the help of Mindy (Pam Dawber), Mork’s going to experience all Earth has to offer.  With his downstairs friend Mr. Binkley (Tom Poston) and his new friends Remo (Jay Thomas) and his sister Jeanie (Gina Hecht), Mork wants to try to get a job and experience being human…but being human isn’t easy.

Mork & Mindy—Season 2 aired from September 16, 1979 to May 1, 1980 moving to Sunday night for the first half of the season and to Thursday for the second half of the season.  It featured a modified theme and two hour long episode “Mork in Wonderland” and “Mork vs. the Necrotons” which were split into half hour episodes for syndication.  The season earned Robin Williams a nomination for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series.

When I think about Mork & Mindy, I primarily think about season 1 with Fred & Cora and season 4 with Jonathan Winters.  Season 2 starts Mork & Mindy down a strange path with added characters and an unspecified romantic relationship with Mindy.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 1 mork in wonderland comedians robin williams

Welcome the creepy world of bad comedian impersonators!!!

As a kid, I watched (and liked) Mork & Mindy for the slapstick nature of the show.  The first season was a lot of Robin Williams and a lot of Robin Williams’ jokes.  Here, Mork seems slightly more toned down and Mindy’s role is bolstered.   The stories still involve Mork’s confusion with Earth’s culture, but there seems to be a bit more sentimentality tied in (especially with Mork’s Orson reports).

Though Mork is still toned town, Robin Williams is still the star of the series with Pam Dawber playing the straight man.  The series dropped Conrad Janis and Elizabeth Kerr as regulars (though both did return).  It added Jay Thomas and his sister Gina Hecht who run the New York Delicatessen and Mindy’s bland cousin Nelson Flavor played by Jim Staahl.  Tom Poston became a regular this season and a boosted role by Robert Donner as Exidor.  The season featured appearances by Raquel Welch, Kim Fields, Georgia Engel, Shelley Fabares, Missy Francis, Tom Sullivan, Dinah Manoff, and Roddy McDowall voicing Chuck the Robot.

mork and mindy seaosn 2 mork vs mindy facehugger alien robin williams

In space, no one can hear Mork scream!!!

The show still remains a project of the ’70s/’80s.  The clothes and the outfits fit the decade, but also most of Williams’ jokes are very topical (or at least topical for the audience).  Politics, TV, and movies provide the humor and it might be lost on younger audiences.

Mork & Mindy is a fun flashback.  It has its moments and is very classic in its sitcom stylings.  The show however is rather predictable and repetitive and maybe not for everyone.  Fans of Robin Williams can see him at his best and back when he was actually original instead of rehashing a lot of his material decades later.

Mork & Mindy—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide

mork and mindy season 2 mork in wonderland shrinking robin williams pam dawber

“Mork in Wonderland”

2.1       Mork in Wonderland Airdate:  09/16/79

Mork (Robin Williams) gets a cold, and Mindy (Pam Dawber) gives Mork a cold capsule…leading Mork to start shrinking.  When Mork won’t quit shrinking, he could shrink away to nothing or something even stranger.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 2 stark raving mork robin williams pam dawber fight

“Stark Raving Mork”

2.2       Stark Raving Mork Airdate:  09/23/79

Mork and Mr. Bickley (Tom Poston) visit the deli of brother and sister Remo DaVinci (Jay Thomas) and Jean DaVinci (Gina Hecht).  When Mork learns that fighting can lead to a great make-up, Mork decides to pick a fight with Mindy.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 3 morks baby blues dinah manhoff robin williams

“Mork’s Baby Blues”

2.3       Mork’s Baby Blues Airdate:  09/30/79

When a con artist named Kathy Cumberland (Dinah Manhoff) comes town and thinks Mork has money, she claims to be pregnant with Mork’s baby.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 4 dr morkenstein robby the robot robin williams

“Dr. Morkenstein”

2.4       Dr. Morkenstein Airdate:  10/07/79

Mork starts an overnight security job at a science museum and befriends and modifies a robot named Chuck (voiced by Roddy McDowall).  When Chuck becomes sentient, Mork finds that Chuck could be dying.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 5 mork vs mindy cousin nelson flavor jim staahl pam dawber robin williams

“Mork vs. Mindy”

2.5       Mork vs. Mindy Airdate:  10/14/79

Mindy’s cousin Nelson Flavor (Jim Staahl) is running for office and needs workers.  With only room for one employee, Mork and Mindy find themselves competing for the spot.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 6 mork gets mindy itis robin williams drag pam dawber jim staahl

“Mork Gets Mindy-itis”

2.6       Mork Gets Mindy-itis Airdate:  10/21/79

Mork appears to be allergic to Mindy.  Mindy’s plan to have a fundraiser for her cousin Nelson has a problem when Mork attempts to inoculate himself to Mindy could backfire.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 7 a morkville horror ghost house robin williams pam dawber

“A Morkville Horror”

2.7       A Morkville Horror Airdate:  10/28/79

Mindy’s father is selling his family house.  When the house appears to be haunted, Mr. Bickley might change his mind about buying it…and Mork might be the conduit for the spirits.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 8 morks health hints robin williams pam dawber

“Mork’s Health Hints”

2.8       Mork’s Health Hints Airdate:  11/04/79

Mindy’s getting her tonsils out, but when the hospital loss her, Mork must find Mindy before she undergoes brain surgery.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 9 dial n for nelson strip club robin williams pam dawber

“Dial ‘N’ for Nelson”

2.9       Dial ‘N’ for Nelson Airdate:  11/11/79

Nelson’s getting death threats, and Mork & Mindy could be in the targets when Nelson hides out at Mindy’s apartment.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 10 mork vs the necroton raquel welch robin williams

“Mork vs. the Necrotons”

2.10     Mork vs. the Necrotons Airdate:  11/18/79

Necrotons have come to Earth to steal Mork’s research.  Led by Captain Nirvana (Raquel Welch), the Necrotons must get the information no matter what the cost…and Mindy could become a victim of their plot!

mork and mindy season 2 episode 11 hold that mork denver broncos cheerleader costume robin williams

“Hold that Mork”

2.11     Hold That Mork Airdate:  11/25/79

Mork has lost another job but sets his eyes on becoming the first male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos.  With Nelson backing his attempt to join the Pony Express, Mork finds being a cheerleader might have drawbacks.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 12 the exidor affair georgia engel robert donner

“The Exidor Affair”

2.12     The Exidor Affair Airdate:  12/02/79

Exidor (Robert Donner) has a new love interest in Ambrosia Malspar (Georgia Engel)…unfortunately, Ambrosia finds a problem with Exidor’s invisible friend Pepe…but maybe more.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 13 the mork syndrom nuclear waste pam dawber robin williams

“The Mork Syndrome”

2.13     The Mork Syndrome Airdate:  12/09/79

Mork wants to travel and decides to join the air force.  When he is mistaken for a lieutenant, Mork learns about a secret radioactive waste cover-up.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 14 exidors wedding richard donner georgia engel

“Exidor’s Wedding”

2.14     Exidor’s Wedding Airdate:  12/16/79

Exidor and Ambrosia’s big day is coming, but when Mork finds Exidor’s mother Princess Lusitania (Anita Dangler), the wedding could be off!

mork and mindy season 2 episode 15 a mommy for mindy shelley fabares conrad janis

“A Mommy for Mindy”

2.15     A Mommy for Mindy Airdate:  01/03/80

Fred (Conrad Janis) is back home and he’s got a surprise for Mork and Mindy…he’s married a woman named Cathy (Shelley Fabares)!  Now, Mindy finds herself remember losing her mother and dealing with the arrival of Cathy.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 16 the night they raided mind skis white supremacists robin williams pam dawber

“The Night They Raided Mind-ski’s”

2.16     The Night They Raided Mind-ski’s Airdate:  01/10/80

While working for Nelson, Mork accidentally befriends a group of white supremacists.  Mindy must explain to Mork why they aren’t good people when they target Mindy because of her cultural heritage.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 17 mork learns to see tom sullivan robin williams

“Mork Learns to See”

2.17     Mork Learns to See Airdate:  01/17/80

Mork and Mindy find that Bickley’s son Tom (Tom Sullivan) has come to Boulder for a visit but learn Tom is blind.  When Mork and Mindy learn that Binkley won’t see his son, they try to bring the two together.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 18 morks vacation cat remo davinci jay thomas robin williams

“Mork’s Vacation”

2.18     Mork’s Vacation Airdate:  01/24/80

Mork needs a break and transfers his brain on a vacation…leaving Mindy with the visiting alien trapped in Mork’s body.  Jean and Remo’s mother (Blanche Bronte) comes for a visit, and Mindy finds herself trying to control Mork while entertaining Remo, Jean, and their mother.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 19 jeanie loves

“Jeanie Loves Mork”

2.19     Jeanie Loves Mork Airdate:  01/31/80

Mindy works as a fill in for Ms. Lonelyhearts at the paper.  When she and Mork learn Jeanie is lonely, Mindy tries to help her through the column while Mork’s attempts to cheer her up could backfire.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 20 little orphan morkie exidor adoption robert donner pam dawber robin williams

“Little Orphan Morkie”

2.20     Little Orphan Morkie Airdate:  02/07/80

Mork learns that he could be deported if he doesn’t provide a passport and a green card, and Mork and Mindy find themselves in a desperate rush to keep Mork in the United States.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 21 looney tunes and morkie melodies robin williams sings

“Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies”

2.21     Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies Airdate:  02/14/80

Nelson gets an opportunity for a speech on TV…unfortunately, it is on Saturday morning.  With a full hour to fill, Nelson recruits Mork, Mindy, and their friends to help him.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 22 clerical error priest robin williams

“Clerical Error”

2.22     Clerical Error Airdate:  02/28/80

When Mork learns about religion from a priest named Father Denny (Garry Goodrow), Mork decides to try to get a job at the church but makes a potentially deadly mistake when he accidentally impersonates a priest.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 23 invasion of the mork snatchers sexy mindy pam dawber robin williams

“Invasion of the Mork Snatchers”

2.23     Invasion of the Mork Snatchers Airdate:  03/20/80

Mindy worries that Mork is too susceptible to advertisements and bans him from watching TV.  Mork sneaks away to watch TV and finds himself trapped in a nightmare.

mork and mindy season 2 episode 24 the way mork were conrad janis robin williams pam dawber

“The Way Mork Were”

2.24     The Way Mork Were Airdate:  05/01/80

Fred finds he’s having troubles in his new marriage and turns to Mork and Mindy to see how they deal with their differences.

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