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Boulder welcomes illegal aliens…

Mindy McConnell (Pam Dawber) is about to get a new roommate.  When left out in the wilderness near Boulder after a bad date, she encounters a man named Mork (Robin Williams), but Mork isn’t just a normal guy.  Mork is an alien from Ork, and Mork has been sent to Earth to learn about Earthlings.  While Mindy, her father Fred (Conrad Janis), and her grandmother Cora (Elizabeth Kerr) try to help Mork adjust to Earth, he is about to find out humans are curious things.

Mork & Mindy—Season 1 aired from September 14, 1978 to May 10, 1979.  The series started as a one hour premiere and spun-off Happy Days (Happy Days—Season 5.22 “My Favorite Orkan”).  The season won a Golden Globe for Robin Williams for Best Actor in a Television Series—Comedy or Musical and received Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Williams).

Mork & Mindy is a childhood show.  I remember watching it and Laverne & Shirley religiously and loving it during its first run (but I was also a little kid).  Rewatching Mork & Mindy shows both its faults, and its high points.

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Here comes Mork!

The stories for Mork & Mindy are a weird combination of comedy, sci-fi, and morality lessons.  Generally, Mork learns a lesson about Earth and his “report” to Orson says something about humanity.  The stories sometimes play up Mork’s alien background (like his physiology or his abilities) and this causes even more conflict than Mork’s misunderstandings or exacerbates them even more.  It becomes somewhat formulaic but the stories still end up being original through their presentation.

The show largely relies on Robin Williams and his ability to keep going in his rapid nature.  Robin Williams didn’t really change his schtick over the years, but when rewatching Mork & Mindy, you have to remember that it was original at the time (you can also see where Jim Carrey and other took a lot of their humor).  Pam Dawber has the tougher role as the straight man to someone who is so off the wall (and at points struggles with it).  The supporting cast Conrad Janis and Elizabeth Kerr (who were written out of the series at the start of Season 2 with some returns), Tom Poston (who makes a few appearances before becoming a regular), Robert Donner (as the wacky Exidor), and a few appearances by Morgan Fairchild as Mindy’s frenemy Susan.  The season also features appearances by Henry Winkler and Penny Marshall (as Fonzie and Laverne), Barry Van Dyke, Tim Tomerson, Dana Hill, and David Letterman.

mork and mindy season 1 mork callling orson robin williams

Mork calling Orson…come in Orson!

The show is definitely set in the period.  Not only are the looks and style very 1979, there are tons of period references like to Watergate, R2-D2, and The Incredible Hulk.  You even have Exidor worshipping O.J. Simpson.  It is rather ripe with period and pop-culture references…many of which will go over the heads of younger viewers.  I know as a kid I didn’t get a lot of the references because I was too young…now twenty and thirty somethings won’t get the jokes because they are too young.

Mork & Mindy is kind of bad but in a delightfully retro-flashback way.  Real Robin Williams fans will like it because it is classic Robin Williams, but jaded viewers might just see the cheese factor in this series.  I love Mork & Mindy but three more seasons of the series might do me in…Mork calling Orson, come in Orson!

Mork & Mindy—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Mork and Mindy Special (Pilot)”

1.1       The Mork and Mindy Special (Pilot) Airdate:  09/14/78

After a bad date, Mindy (Pam Dawber) runs into a stranger named Mork (Robin Williams).  Mindy about to discover that Mork isn’t just from out of town but from outer space.  Mindy takes Mork home and agrees to teach him about Earth if he agrees to teach her about Ork but keeping Mork’s alien background secret could be difficult.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 2 mork moves in robin williams pam dawber conrad janis

“Mork Moves In”

1.2       Mork Moves In Airdate:  09/21/78

Mindy tries to find a way to keep Mork secret, but might be forced to reveal to her father Fred (Conrad Janis) about Mork’s secret origin when he finds her living with him…but Mindy has more problems when she learns ginger ale has a special effect on Mork.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 3 mork runs away exidor robert donner robin willaims

“Mork Runs Away”

1.3       Mork Runs Away Airdate:  09/28/78

When Mork ruins Mindy’s date, Mork decides to run away to stop from ruining Mindy’s life.  Making a new friend in Exidor (Robert Donner), Mork might find someone stranger than he is.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 4 mork in love dolly mannequin robin williams

“Mork in Love”

1.4       Mork in Love Airdate:  10/05/78

Mork questions what love is after seeing a movie.  When Mindy explains love to Mork, Mork finds himself head-over-heals in love with a mannequin named Dolly.  Mindy finds herself passed up for a scholarship…forcing her dad to make a decision.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 6 morks seduction susan morgan fairchild robin williams

“Mork’s Seduction”

1.6       Mork’s Seduction Airdate:  10/12/78

Mindy’s high school rival Susan Taylor (Morgan Fairchild) returns and want to get even with Mindy for stealing her boyfriend.  When Susan learns that Mindy lives with Mork, Susan decides to seduce Mork.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 7 mork goes public reporter jeff altman robin williams

“Mork Goes Public”

1.7       Mork Goes Public Airdate:  10/19/78

A reporter named Clint Mullet (Jeff Altman) is investigating reports of UFOs in Boulder and set his sights on Mork.  Mork finds himself indebted to Fred when he stops him from being hit by a bus.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 8 to tell the truth robin williams logan ramsey

“To Tell the Truth”

1.8       To Tell the Truth Airdate:  11/02/78

Mindy tries to get Mork to be more normal.  When Mindy and Fred’s bad landlord Arnold Wanker (Logan Ramsey) dies in the music store, Mork proves death might not be terminal…leading to question about if lying is right.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 9 mork the gullible exidor oj simpson robin williams robert donner

“Mork the Gullible”

1.9       Mork the Gullible Airdate:  11/09/78

Mindy accuses Mork of being gullible, but Mork’s gullibility is to the test when he frees an escaped criminal…putting him in jail and a reunion with Exidor.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 10 a mommy for mork pam dawber robin williams

“A Mommy for Mork”

1.10     A Mommy for Mork Airdate:  11/16/78

Mindy has been seeing her ex-fiancé Dan again and could be getting married.  When Mork learns about motherhood, Mork uses an Orkan device to turn him into a three-year-old.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 11 morks greatest hits robin williams

“Mork’s Greatest Hits”

1.11     Mork’s Greatest Hits Airdate:  11/23/78

A run in at a diner has Mork learning to defend himself, but when the bully won’t give up, Mork might be forced to fight.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 12 old fears elizabeth kerr robin williams

“Old Fears”

1.12     Old Fears Airdate:  11/30/78

When Cora’s friend dies, Mork decides to try to cheer her up by becoming Bill…and old man to accompany her.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 13 morks first christmas robin williams pam dawber

“Mork’s First Christmas”

1.13     Mork’s First Christmas Airdate:  12/14/78

Mindy finds Mork has potentially ruined Christmas when he invites Susan to the holiday, but Mork learns that his idea of gifts aren’t what everyone expects.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 14 mork and the immigrant tim thomerson robin williams

“Mork and the Immigrant”

1.14     Mork and the Immigrant Airdate:  01/11/79

Mork finds himself in trouble when he invites a Russian immigrant named Sergei Khruschev (Tim Thomerson) to stay at Mindy’s home but risks his secret when he tries to register as an alien immigrant.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 15 mork the tolerant neighbor bickley tom poston

“Mork the Tolerant”

1.15     Mork the Tolerant Airdate:  01/18/79

Mork and Mindy have a new downstairs neighbor named Franklin Bickley (Tom Poston) that doesn’t seem to like anyone.  When Mork tries to befriend Bickley, Mindy learns that she might have misjudged him.

mork and mindy season 1 young love wedding robin williams tammy lauren jeffrey jacquet

“Young Love”

1.16     Young Love Airdate:  01/25/79

Mork decides to help his young friend Eugene (Jeffrey Jacquet) when he decides he wants to get married to his friend Holly (Tammy Lauren).

mork and mindy season 1 episode 17 skyflakes keep falling on my head cabin pam dawber robin williams

“Skyflakes Keep Falling on My Head”

1.17     Skyflakes Keep Falling on My Head Airdate:  02/01/79

When Mindy’s college gets tough, Mork decides to cheer her up by taking her camping.  Mork gets a cabin from Exidor, but camping doesn’t go as planned.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 18 mork goes erk david letterman

“Mork Goes Erk”

1.18     Mork Goes Erk Airdate:  02/08/79

Mork learns that he’s being reassigned.  In an attempt to cheer up Mindy, Mork and Mindy attend a meeting by Ellsworth (David Letterman) who gets people to look at the world in a new light.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 19 yes sir thats my baby robin williams

“Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby”

1.19     Yes Sir, That’s My Baby Airdate:  02/15/79

Mork questions what it is like to be a parent.  When a mysterious drifter contacts him with the offer of a baby, Mork’s going to be a dad…but Mindy finds that Mork’s part of a police sting.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 20 morks mixed emotion robin williams lobsters

“Mork’s Mixed Emotions”

1.20     Mork’s Mixed Emotions Airdate:  02/22/79

Mork suffers a nightmare and decides to lock-up his emotions.  When Mindy convinces Mork to unlock his emotions, Mork’s emotions get out of control.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 21 morks night out binkley robbed tom poston robin williams

“Mork’s Night Out”

1.21     Mork’s Night Out Airdate:  03/08/79

Mindy, her father, and grandmother head to Durango while Mork stays home alone.  Mork and Bickley decide to head out to a bar…and meet a couple of women with ulterior motives.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 22 in mork we trust tom poston pam dawber robin williams

“In Mork We Trust”

1.22     In Mork We Trust Airdate:  03/08/79

Mork and Mindy find things disappearing from the home…only to find that Bickley is responsible.  When Bickley accidentally takes Mork’s age tuner, Mork finds he can’t keep control.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 23 mork runs down eggs conrad janis pam dawber robin williams

“Mork Runs Down”

1.23     Mork Runs Down Airdate:  04/12/79

It is Mork’s birthday and unfortunately his body’s going through some changes.  When Mork misplaces the gleek that can help him survive, Mork could die.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 24 its a wonderful mork alternate reality conrad janis elizabeth kerr robin williams pam dawber

“It’s a Wonderful Mork”

1.24     It’s a Wonderful Mork Airdate:  05/03/79

When Mork messes up Mindy and Fred’s plans, Mork questions if he should leave Earth.  Orson shows Mork what Mindy’s life would be like without him.

mork and mindy season 1 episode 25 morks best friend caterpillar robin williams

“Mork’s Best Friend”

1.25     Mork’s Best Friend Airdate:  05/10/79

Mork adopts a caterpillar he names Bob.  When Bob dies, Mork sets out to have a funeral for Bob.

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