Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1: BFF

moon girl and devil dinosaur volume 1 bff trade paperback
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Story: 7/10
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Fun characters

Needs to move a bit faster

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Brandon Montclare/Amy Reeder

Artist:  Natacha Bustos

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2016

moon girl and devil dinosaur #2 variant cover

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #2 Variant Cover

Reprints Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-6 (January 2016-June 2016).  Lunella Lafayette is one of the smartest people on the planet…she’s also in elementary school.  When Lunella realizes she carries the Inhuman gene and that the Terrigen Mist cloud floating around the planet will turn her into an Inhuman, Lunella finds herself in a race against time to stop the mutation before it starts.  Finding a Kree device that opens a portal to the Valley of the Flame, Lunella encounters Devil Dinosaur who has just lost Moon Boy.  Alone, Devil Dinosaur follows Lunella back to Earth, but unfortunately, the Killer Folk have taken the portal too…and everyone seems to be after Lunella.

Written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Volume 1:  BFF is an all-ages comic book produced by Marvel.  The series was released to universal praise due to its approach to diversify the Marvel Universe.

Devil Dinosaur was a strange comic.  The Jack Kirby comic was kind of a punchline for years but then got the Kirby kiss of approval from fans of the artist…suddenly Devil Dinosaur was a comic that people liked.  I actually always liked Devil Dinosaur and like it more when he popped up in comics like Fallen Angels and The Thing.  Here, we get a ton of Devil but at the sacrifice of the original Moon Boy…fortunately, Lunella is a nice substitute.

moon girl and devil dinosaur #4 cover totally awesome hulk

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #4

I wish Moon Boy didn’t have to die to make this series happen (and in the world of comics, I’m sure he’ll pop up again).  It is probably the darkest part of this whole series which is generally fun and kid friendly (and kids won’t know Moon Boy anyway).

Lunella is a good character in that she seems like a kid.  Kind of like Power Pack, the character is written in a way that isn’t always favorable and reminds you that she is a kid despite her intelligence.  The character is a great way to show that intelligence doesn’t mean you can’t have imagination and in fact imagination is where intelligent people go for inspiration.

I do wish that the story moved a bit quicker in the middle part of this series.  There is this odd surreal aspect to the comic where no one seems surprised about a giant dinosaur in Manhattan nor do they seem very good at connecting the dots involving Lunella.  It does end on a nice cliffhanger which changes the aspect of the story.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1:  BFF is a nice start to a fun series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The comic has tons of potential if it is allowed to, but it will have to fight for an audience since it is barely a superhero comic and more along the lines of a “funny book”.  I hope that the right people get to read it and that it will continue to play out in an interesting fashion.  Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1:  BFF is followed by Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 2:  Cosmic Cooties.

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