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Comic Name: Mister Miracle (Limited Series)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mitch Gerads

# of Issues: 12

Release Date: 2019

mister miracle #5 cover big barda

Mister Miracle (Limited Series) #5

Reprints Mister Miracle (Limited Series) #1-12 (October 2017-January 2019).  Darkseid is.  After a public and botched(?) suicide attempt, Scott Free is rebuilding his life.  With Big Barda pregnant with their first child and the war raging on Apokolips, Scott is finding that life is just as difficult as being a superhero.  When an attempt to end the lifelong war between the New Gods reveals itself, Miracle Man and Big Barda might be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice…but are they all just pawns of something bigger?

Written by Tom King, Mister Miracle is a DC Comics twelve issue mini-series.  The comic book features art by Mitch Gerads and was released to critical acclaim.  The series was the winner of the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series, Best Writer, and Best Penciler.

Mister Miracle was always my favorite of the whole Kirby Fourth World creation.  The character was tragic.  He should have grown up on New Genesis instead of Apokolips due to a pact by his father Highfather and Darkseid, and instead he grew up in the hell of Apokolips.  Though he does have some superhuman abilities, essentially Mr. Miracle is good at getting out of scrapes.

The series capitalizes on the tragic Shakespearian aspect of the character.  His relationship with Big Barda (another favorite aspect of the character) is a lot of the crux of the series, but it is often just Scott Free trying to escape the things that haunt him.  Darkseid rules and looms over them all…he affects their lives in all ways even if he isn’t present.

mister miracle #12 cover mitch gerads

Mister Miracle (Limited Series) #12

Through the course of the series, there is a question about reality which touches on the whole world of comic books in general.  There is a circular nature to comic books and Scott Free feels caught in the loop.  Things advance and change, but they all seem to circle back around.  There is a question if Scott did escape his suicide or if he really is in Heaven, Hell, or a sort of Limbo…and it never fully answers the question.

The series combines interesting storytelling with great art by Mitch Gerads.  The art really does a great job merging with the story to present something unique and original.  Mister Miracle looks different than a lot of comic books and each issue was a feast for the eyes if you read it as it was released since Gerads loaded panels with little details that are fun to ferret out.

Mister Miracle isn’t for kids, but it is a must for fans of unique and strong storytelling.  The story is “thinky” and not loaded with action packed panels.  It isn’t an easy read at points and though you can pick up the trade, I still recommend reading it in chunks as a result.  Sit back and enjoy the ride and remember:  Darkseid is.

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