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Movie Name:  Mimic 2

Studio:  Dimension Films/Neo Art & Logic

Genre(s):  Horror/Sci-Fi/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  July 17, 2001

MPAA Rating:  R

mimic 2 judas breed cockroach

The bugs are back!

Something has survived.  Remy (Alix Koromzay) is working at an inner city school teaching kids about insects, but she is secretly being watched.  A Judas breed lived through the purge and now is hunting and tracking the woman who helped create it.  Remy becomes trapped in the school with her students Sal (Gaven E. Lucas) and Nicky (Will Estes) as a cop named Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) seeks answers before the government moves in to stop the threat…the Judas Breed was built to live.

Directed by Jean de Segonzac, Mimic 2 is a monster horror movie.  Following Mimic in 1997, the film was a straight-to-video release and received poor reviews.

Mimic was a fun mess.  It was kind of creative, visually compelling, and featured a fun monster.  Mimic 2 is more streamlined and typical of a monster horror movie, but it also has no heart or soul to it.

mimic 2 alix koromzay gaven e lucas will estes

Shouldn’t you call your friend who knows even more about these bugs…even if she isn’t in this movie?

The story is a pretty simple horror movie.  The killer bug is obsessed with Remy and tracking her.  It acts like it is a bit mysterious, but it pretty blatantly simple in that you know the movie is about a giant cockroach…and you expect more of the giant cockroach.  The movie does have the monster evolving leading to a weird/creepy ending monster.

The cast is rather bland.  Mira Sorvino didn’t return so the lead falls on her former assistant Remi played by Alix Koromzay.  She is ok, but she also doesn’t do anything special.  The two young actors (Will Estes and Gaven E. Lucas) perform like younger actors and Bruno Campos as the cop doesn’t go as you’d expect.  The movie does feature a younger version of Parks and Recreation cast member Jim O’Heir as a janitor that meets his fate, and Jon Polito is the doomed principal.

mimic breed cockroach man ending

Great disguise…really natural

The movie is kind of stylishly shot at points.  It has a bit of a noir style to it as the bug hunts and it plays with the lighting.  It isn’t strong enough to save the movie, but it raises it slightly.  The Judas Breed continues to be a kind of cool creature though the final form is kind of stupid instead of impressive as it feels the filmmakers hoped.

Mimic 2 is a weak follow-up to a movie that didn’t necessarily deserve a sequel.  The movie is fine…it is a decent time killer and if you are a fan of monster movies, it is one you might not have seen.  You can’t go into it expecting anything special, and if you approach Mimic 2 like that, you won’t be disappointed.  Mimic 2 was followed by Mimic 3:  Sentinel in 2003.

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