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Pinball is always fun

Transition between screens, can be challenging

Game Info

Game Name:  Metroid Prime Pinball

Developer(s):  Fuse Games

Publisher(s):  Nintendo

Platform(s):  Nintendo DS

Genre(s):  Pinball/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  October 24, 2005 (USA)/January 19, 2006 (Japan)

ESRB Rating:  E

metroid prime pinball phendrana drifts boss

Boss battles abound!

Samus Aran has returned, but unfortunately, so have the Metroids.  As Samus races to stop the pirates trying to capture and use the Metroids, she must battle her way through armies on the planet Tallon IV, travel to the Phendrana Drifts, and voyage deep into the Phazon Mines.  Using the powers of the Morph Ball, Samus will become a weapon herself.

Developed by Fuse Games and published by Nintendo, Metroid Prime Pinball is a pinball themed game based on the Metroid Prime series released in 2002.  The game received mostly positive reviews.  The game was packaged with a rumble pack for the DS but the rumble pack is not necessary for gameplay.

metroid prime pinball meta ridley screenshots gameplay

Here comes Ridley!

I like pinball and a game where you transform into a ball is perfect for transformation into a pinball game.  There have been various attempts to transform games and movies into pinball games…especially real stand-up pinball machines.  Metroid Prime Pinball is one that works.

I will say however that pinball games with real goals are frustrating.  I realize there is skill involved with pinball but trying to hit specific targets is a challenge that isn’t always fun…for pinball, sometimes survival is the ultimate goal.  Metroid Prime Pinball asks you to advance and target a lot if you want to open up new boards.

In addition to having to hit specific targets, you have to kill enemies that are trying to kill you.  You get beetles that capture you and shoot you at the holes, Metroids that drain you, and bosses that will out and out shoot at you.  Just keeping the ball going is enough of a challenge…I don’t really need the extra threats.

metroid prime pinball impact crater final boss screenshots gameplay

Big balling to the end!

The graphics aren’t the most powerful graphics (it is just a pinball game), but it does take some adjustment on the fact that the ball goes from top screen to bottom screen and there appears to actually be a bit of a dark area at the joint of the Gameboy.  The ball sometimes seems to hide out here for a moment before falling onto the lower screen (or going to the top screen)…it isn’t a lag but it can throw off your ability to respond until you adjust to it.

Metroid Prime Pinball is a fun little pinball game that can be picked up for a relatively low price.  It isn’t worth a lot, but it is a good game to pop in if you want to pass a little time without thinking much…when compared to actual Metroid Prime, this can be a quick little adventure to Tallon IV.

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