Meridian 1: Flying Solo

meridian volume 1 flying solo cover trade paperback tpb
7.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Nice art and a fun story

Sometimes moves a bit slow, othertimes too fast

Comic Info

Comic Name: Meridian

Publisher: CrossGen Comics

Writer: Barbara Kesel

Artist: Joshua Middleton/Steve McNiven

# of Issues: 7

Release Date:  2003

meridian #1 cover crossgen joshua middleton art

Meridian #1

Reprints Meridian #1-7 (July 2000—January 2001).  When Turos of Meridian and Ilahn of Cadador are empowered by the gods, tragedy strikes as Turos is killed by the power of the Sigil.  When Turos’s power is passed on to his daughter Sephie, Sephie’s uncle Ilahn realizes keeping his niece close to him could be the key to gaining her powers for himself.  Meridian falls under the control of Calador, and Sephie could be her people’s only chance.  A revolution is about to happen on Meridian, and Sephie has the power to save her home and her people!

Written by Barbara Kesel, Merdian Volume 1:  Flying Solo was released under the CrossGen imprint.  The series was part of the launch titles of the company and received positive reviews.  This volume features art by Joshua Middleton on issues #1-6 and Middleton was replaced by Steve McNiven.

CrossGen was an interesting series of comics.  It had a strong idea and smart creators behind it when it was launched.  It was planned and executed in a method that was in tune with the comic market at the time…but like many independent companies, it was in trouble.  Meridian was one of the best titles of the line.

The story has a fairy tale like feel to it, and Sephie is an interesting character.  The thrust of the Crossgen line was to tie all the titles together by Sigils being given to characters by mysterious gods, and that was kind of a weak link in the entire company.  Meridian at least encompassed this idea and really made it the focus of the story (Sephie had the power to create while her uncle Ilahn had the power to destroy).

meridian #2 cover crossgen joshua middleton art

Meridian #2

The god tampering aspect of the Crossgen series is what I didn’t enjoy.  Once the Sigils were created the gods (known as the First), started making power plays and interfering with decent storylines.  This volume doesn’t have must of the First interference and stands solidly on its own.

One reason that CrossGen stood out was the solid talent.  This volume’s shows the series’ high point (which was a bit unfortunate in that aspect.  Joshua Middleton’s style for the art was amazing (it also kind of looked like Avatar ripped off aspects of it).  While Steve McNiven was a strong fill-in, Middleton was better.

With the bankruptcy of CrossGen and the cancellation of the CrossGen line in 2004, many titles like Meridian were left at the wayside.  Marvel Comics purchased the rights to CrossGen in 2010 and began publishing titles including mini-series of Ruse and Sigil.  Meridian has not been tapped for a series, and with the challenging comic book market, it could be an uphill battle to receive one (though I’d like to see Marvel keep exploring the CrossGen universe).  Meridian 1:  Flying Solo was followed by Meridian 2:  Going to Ground.

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