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8.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 9/10

Smart show, smartly written for the cast

Sometimes so-so acting but the story generally compensate for it

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What?!?! I’m back for a second season!!!

Dev (Aziz Ansari) finds his life in flux.  Headed to Italy to pursue his desire to create pasta changes Dev’s life in a lot of ways.  Not only does he question his direction as an actor, but a big opportunity back in the United States could change everything for him.  Dev finds himself with the chance at love, but once again Dev discovers love might not be easy.

Master of None—Season 2 was released on Netflix on May 12, 2017.  The show continued to receive critical acclaim and was the winner of the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (“Thanksgiving”) with nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

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A great episode that feels real

Master of None is an odd series.  It is part storytelling and part conversation.  Each episode generally has a theme, homage, or basic idea of exploration and throughout the episodes, a master story evolves.  This season is all about Dev’s monumental decision to drop out and go to Italy to pursue pasta making…and the ramifications that come from it.

Master of None sometimes almost feels like a fantasy in this way.  The series has this surreal feel in that Dev’s problems never are money based.  He does what he wants, when he wants to…and this is the surreal aspect of the series.  Most people don’t have the money concerns off the table.  The real part of the series is that with no money issues and living how he wants, Dev is able to explore relationships, friends, family, sex, religion, and more.  It is in these discussions that the show gains a lot of merit because it seems brutally honest.  Dev is a modern man who generally speaks his feelings and doesn’t bottle them (at least within the context of the show. He doesn’t tell everyone what he’s thinking all the time…but close).

master of none season 2 episode 9 amarsi un po francesca helicopter love aziz ansari alessandra mastronardi

Dev puts it on the line

Aziz Ansari is different in his acting style as well.  Though he doesn’t seem to be much of an actor, he also seems completely natural.  I feel that talking to Aziz is probably how he sounds on the show.  His character’s delivery and general conversations seem like offshoots of Aziz instead of a manufactured character.  He brings in smart people to back him up who also give similar performances like Lena Waithe, Eric Wareheim, and the charming Alessandra Mastronardi.

The show also experiments with its shooting styles.  The opening episode “The Thief” is an homage to the classic Italian film Bicycle Thieves (substituting a cell phone for a bike).  It’s black and white and features matching shots while something like “New York, I Love You” is based on Paris, je t’aime and the duplicate titled movie New York, I Love You in its format.  Due to the flexibility of the story subjects, it has more variety in its shooting style.

master of none season 2 episode 10 buona notte rave simone bobby cannavale aziz ansari sex abuse allegations

That is just sooo Raven

Master of None has a questionable future.  While the show is a success, Aziz admits that he’ll have to give it time if he intends to have a season 3 (despite this season’s rather ambiguous finale).  This was further complicated by the #MeToo movement when had an accusation land on Aziz.  This is ironic because much of the last episode of the season focuses on essentially what would develop into the #MeToo movement and many experts have “cleared” Aziz of the accusation which puts him in the situation of either having made a bad judgment or not being a nice person (but not the original harsher accusation).  I hope that Master of None continues because it would be good to see Aziz’s take on this situation, and I feel it is the type of show that would tackle it head on instead of skirting the issue…so we can hope that Master of None resurfaces someday since it is a great talking show with real ideas and a different voice than viewers are usually presented with.

Master of None—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

master of none season 2 episode 1 the thief bicycle thief film dev aziz ansari italy

“The Thief”

2.1       The Thief Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev (Aziz Ansari) works on learning pasta making in Italy and adjusts to his new life.  When he meets an English woman named Sara (Clare-Hope Ashity) and makes plans for his birthday weekend, Dev finds his life crushed when his phone and the contact information is stolen.

master of none season 2 episode 2 le nozze italy arnold dev eric wareheim aziz ansari

“Le Nozze”

2.2       Le Nozze Release Date:  05/12/17

Arnold (Eric Wareheim) is in Italy for a wedding and visiting Dev.  Arnold suffers a crisis of identity when he reveals that the bride is his ex-girlfriend Ellen (Ciara Renee).

master of none season 2 episode 3 religion parents shoukatha fatima ansari aziz


2.3       Religion Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev’s aunt and uncle are in town, and it is causing a problem for Dev since it is Ramadan.  This leads Dev to reveal to his parents (Shoukatha and Fatima Ansari) that he isn’t a practicing Muslim.

master of none season 2 episode 4 first date app aziz ansari

“First Date”

2.4       First Date Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev joins a dating app and explores the world of blind dating’s ups and downs.

master of none season 2 episode 5 the dinner party francesca alessandra mastronardi aziz ansari

“The Dinner Party”

2.5       The Dinner Party Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev continues to work on his Clash of the Cupcakes show and gets in good with his boss “Chef Jeff” (Bobby Cannavale).  When Jeff invites him to a dinner party, Dev considers taking one of his app dates Priya (Tiya Sircar), but a visit from Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi) leads to a different option.

mater of none season 2 episode 6 new york i love you doorman frank harts

“New York, I Love You”

2.6       New York, I Love You Release Date:  05/12/17

Doorman Eddie (Frank Harts) deals with unruly customers.  Convienance store worker Maya (Treshelle Edmond) and her boyfriend (Stanley Bahorek) shop for a wedding gift.  Cab driver Samuel (Enock Ntekereze) goes out with a night with his friends…and Death Castle is playing!

master of none season 2 episode 7 door 3 brian father dating kelvin yu clem cheung

“Door #3”

2.7       Door #3 Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev is offered a big contract at Clash of the Cupcakes and cannot decide what he wants to do.  Brian (Kelvin Yu) visits his father (Clem Cheung) and learns his father has two girlfriends he cannot decide between.  Magnificent Kenny (Cedric the Entertainer) visits Clash of the Cupcakes, and Dev tries to encourage him to go on air.

master of none season 2 episode 8 thanksgiving final dinner aziz ansari angela bassett lena withe kym whitley venida evans


2.8       Thanksgiving Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev and Denise (Lena Waithe) recall years of Thanksgivings together with Denise’s family…and how Denise’s sexually changed them over the years and what it meant for her relationships with Dev, her mother (Angela Bassett), her aunt (Kym Whitley), and her grandmother (Venida Evans).

master of none season 2 episode 9 amarsi un po francesca leaves alessandra mastronardi aziz ansari

“Amarsi Un Po”

2.9       Amarsi Un Po Release Date:  05/12/17

Dev is spending more and more time with Francesca.  Francesca is preparing to return to Italy with Pino (Riccardo Scamarcio), and Dev must decide if he’s going to make the jump and admit his feelings.

master of none season 2 episode 10 buono notte aziz ansari

“Buona Notte”

2.10     Buona Notte Release Date:  05/12/17

BFF is ready to launch but Dev gets some disturbing news about Jeff which could change everything as a live episode of Raven Live! with Raven Simone hits the air.  With Francesca knowing Dev’s true feelings for her, could Dev’s life be turning around or headed for disaster?

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