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Choppers Incoming!

The 4077 is back but there are more changes coming.  With Margaret (Loretta Swit) getting married, Burns goes crazy…leaving an opening for a surgeon.  Enter Charles Emeron Winchester III (David Ogden Stein) who is bringing his high class upbringing to Korea and is now stuck in the Swamp with B.J. (Mike Farrell) and Hawkeye (Alan Alda) who are intent on driving him mad.  Plus, Potter (Harry Morgan) and Radar (Gary Burghoff) try to keep control while dealing with screwballs like Klinger (Jamie Farr) who just want to go home.

M*A*S*H—Season 6 aired from September 20, 1977 to March 27, 1978 on CBS.  The series is past the halfway point in its eleven season run.  The season received Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Gary Burghoff, Harry Morgan), Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Loretta Swit), Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series (Alan Alda and Burt Metcalfe “Comrades in Arms—Part 1”), Outstanding Film Editing in a Comedy Series (“Fade Out, Fade In”), Oustanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Alan Alda), and Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series (Alan Alda for “Fallen Idol”).


Welcome to the 4077, Charles!

Though it is already past its prime, M*A*S*H continues its rein as one of the top comedies of all time.  Though M*A*S*H—Season 6 isn’t the best season, it does have some nice moments.

None of the season’s episodes really stand out but Winchester’s arrival does have some nice story changes.  Burns’ character was played out and Larry Linville decided to leave the show as a result.  Winchester has a lot of Burns’ personality traits but the spark between Winchester and Margaret is not there in this season…leaving Winchester as almost the only foil for the season.  Margaret is more on Hawkeye and B.J.’s side this season and that too is a pleasant change for the character who does surprisingly have a lot more direction than some of the other characters.


Things heat up for Hawkeye and Hot Lips!

M*A*S*H always looks the same with the 4077 generally looking like sets when the characters are in the tents and the nice So-Cal look for exterior shots.  I actually like it  when the characters are less 4077 oriented and some of those stories are the more interesting tales (like “In Love and War” and “Comrades in Arms”).

M*A*S*H—Season 6 is already seeing some repetition of stories.  They generally still work and the characters are fun enough to keep the viewer coming back.  M*A*S*H is still a smart show, but it is also like comfort food…It is nice to visit the 4077 and relive the past.

M*A*S*H—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:


“Fade Out, Fade In”

6.1       Fade Out, Fade In Airdate: 09/20/77

Burns is on leave after Margaret’s marriage and the 4077 is down a surgeon.  Margaret (Loretta Swit) returns from her honeymoon early with problems, and the 4077 learns that Frank has gone crazy in Seoul.  Klinger (Jamie Farr) finds hope in his Section 8 when a lawyer comes into the 4077 with injuries.  Major Charles Emerson Winchester III (David Ogden Stiers) is called in to fill in for Burns but finds his stay may be longer when Frank Burns is sent home.  Charles learns that working in the M*A*S*H is different than working at home.


“Fallen Idol”

6.2       Fallen Idol Airdate: 09/27/77

At the suggestion of Hawkeye (Alan Alda), Radar (Gary Burghoff) go into Seoul for some R & R leads to Radar being injured by mortar fire.  Hawkeye blames himself for Radar’s injury but attacks him when Radar is critical of his surgery.


“Last Laugh”

6.3       Last Laugh Airdate: 10/04/77

B.J. (Mike Farrell) finds his old friend Leo Bardonaro (James Cromwell) is coming for a visit, and when B.J. indicates his desire to get home, Bardonaro goes to extremes for a practical joke that could get B.J. discharged.  Margaret tries to get to Tokyo to see her husband as Klinger (Jamie Farr) seeks a discharge for owning an invisible camel.


“War of Nerves”

6.4       War of Nerves Airdate: 10/11/77

Tensions are running high at 4077 after a long run of patients.  When Major Sidney Freeman (Allan Arbus) comes in with an injury, Colonel Potter (Harry Morgan) asks Sidney to help ease the arguing.  Sidney tries to deal with a patient (Michael O’Keefe) injured when he sent him back to the frontlines.


“The Winchester Tapes”

6.5       The Winchester Tapes Airdate: 10/18/77

Winchester sends a tape home on his life at the 4077 as Hawkeye tries to get away for a weekend in Seoul.  B.J. and Hawkeye set to convince Winchester that he’s losing weight.


“The Light that Failed”

6.6       The Light That Failed Airdate: 10/25/77

The 4077 is lacking supplies and morale is low as winter continues.  B.J. receives a mystery called The Rooster Crows at Midnight and the whole camp gets involved in reading it…only to find the last page is missing.


“In Love and War”

6.7       In Love and War Airdate: 11/01/77

Hawkeye is sent to tend to a wealthy Korean but finds himself falling for her daughter.  Margaret suspects that her husband is having an affair.


“Change Day”

6.8       Change Day Airdate: 11/08/77

The money is switching from red to blue and the exchange is on at the 4077, and Hawkeye and B.J. catch Winchester trying to pull a scam.  Hawkeye agrees to turn in a patient’s money, but finds someone has stolen it.  Klinger tries to go straight and reveals that he’s trying to get into West Point to get out of the war.



6.9       Images Airdate: 11/15/77

Nurse Cooper (Susan Blanchard) finds herself having trouble adjusting to the surgery tent and butts heads with Margaret.  A wounded trooper comes in with tattoos, and Radar considers getting one.  A puppy stays at the 4077, and Margaret gets attached.


“The M*A*S*H Olympics”

6.10     The M*A*S*H Olympics Airdate: 11/22/77

Potter decides his crew is out of shape and that the 4077 has to get in shape…leading to a camp Olympic competition.


“The Grim Reaper”

6.11     The Grim Reaper Airdate: 11/29/77

Colonel Victor Bloodworth (Charles Aidman) prepares a big push on Hill 403 and Hawkeye objects to his casual response to casualties…leading to a fight at a bar.  Major Charles Winchester gets a shipment from home and shares it with Margaret but get food poisoning.


“Comrades in Arms: Part 1”

6.12     Comrades in Arms: Part 1 Airdate: 12/06/77

Hawkeye and Margaret are sent to a neighboring M*A*S*H 8063 unit to teach a surgery technique.  When they discover that the camp has retreated, Margaret and Hawkeye find themselves trapped behind enemy lines.


“Comrades in Arms: Part 2”

6.13     Comrades in Arms: Part 2 Airdate: 12/13/77

Margaret and Hawkeye remain trapped behind enemy lines and after a night of passion, Hawkeye finds Margaret is more infatuated with him.  B.J. tries to go against orders to plan a search for Hawkeye and Margaret.


“The Merchant of Korea”

6.14     The Merchant of Korea Airdate: 12/20/77

B.J. is forced to borrow money from Winchester to get the property he wants.  When the 4077’s payroll is sent to the wrong location, B.J. finds Winchester abusing the situation.


“The Smell of Music”

6.15     The Smell of Music Airdate: 01/03/78

After a long stint of patients, Hawkeye and B.J. find Winchester refuses to give them peace with his French horn and go on a bathing strike.  Potter treats a soldier with a scarred face due to a rifle backfire.


“Patent 4077”

6.16     Patent 4077 Airdate: 01/10/78

Margaret loses her wedding ring when Klinger accidentally throws it away.  Hawkeye and B.J. set out to make a special surgical clamp.


“Tea and Empathy”

6.17     Tea and Empathy Airdate: 01/17/78

B.J. deals with a drug addict at camp, and Hawkeye tries to keep injured English soldiers in recovery from Major Ross (Bernard Fox).  Klinger and Father Mulcahy go after the 4077’s penicillin.


“Your Hit Parade”

6.18     Your Hit Parade Airdate: 01/24/78

Radar spins a new bunch of records as the 4077 is overrun by patients.  A low blood supply leads Hawkeye and B.J. to track down a donor who doesn’t want to give.


“What’s Up, Doc?”

6.19     What’s Up, Doc? Airdate: 01/30/78

Margaret worries that she’s pregnant and that she’ll be kicked out of the army.  B.J. deals with an Ivy Leaguer patient pushed to the brink and willing to make a reckless decision to get out of the war.


“Mail Call Three”

6.20     Mail Call Three Airdate: 02/06/78

It is mail day at the 4077.  Radar learns that his mother has a new boyfriend and Klinger learns his wife wants a divorce.  B.J. wishes he could get home to his family, and Margaret tries to deal with her mother-in-law.


“Temporary Duty”

6.21     Temporary Duty Airdate: 02/13/78

Hawkeye is sent to observe at another hospital while Roy Dupree (George Lindsey) and Lorraine Anderson (Marcia Rodd) are sent to the 4077…creating a reunion with Lorraine for Margaret and Winchester and B.J. dealing with Roy.


“Potter’s Retirement”

6.22     Potter’s Retirement Airdate: 02/20/78

When Potter learns that someone of the 4077 has been complaining about his running of the camp, Potter decides he’s going to retire after an inspection…leading to B.J. and Hawkeye to seek out the person behind the complaints.


“Doctor Winchester and Mr. Hyde”

6.23     Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde Airdate: 02/27/78

Winchester tries to get over his fatigue with pills.  Radar finds himself in a competition with the Marines over racing his mouse Daisy.


“Major Topper”

6.24     Major Topper Airdate: 03/27/78

The 4077 suffers a morphine shortage and seeks out a means to keep the injured patients content while they wait for the shipment.  Klinger finds himself facing an actual insane officer named Miller (Hamilton Camp).

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