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Stop by the 4077 for a visit!

The 4077 is back and fixing broken patients and cracking jokes. While Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda) and Trapper John (Wayne Rogers push the limits of Frank Burns (Larry Linville) and Margret “Hot Lips” Houlihan (Loretta Swit), Colonel Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson) just tries to keep peace while Radar O’Reilly (Gary Burghoff) keeps the camp running.

M*A*S*H–Season 2 ran from September 15, 1973 to March 2, 1974. The series was a critical and audience success and McLean Stevenson won a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe for his portrayal of Henry Blake with Alan Alda and Loretta Swit both also receiving nominations.  The series also was awarded Emmies for Best Directing, Outstanding Comedy, Best Lead Actor (Alan Alda), Best Director with nominations for Gary Burghoff, McLean Stevenson, Loretta Swit, Editing, and Writing for “Hot Lips and Empty Arms” and “The Trial of Henry Blake”.


You like me! You really, really like me!

M*A*S*H hit the ground running with its first season, but really solidifies itself as a strong show with this season  The cast really comes together here and not only do Alan Alda and  Wayne Rogers have good chemistry, but Loretta Swit and Larry Linville and Gary Burghoff and McLean Stevenson continue to go strong in their pairings.  The a lot of the fun of the series however comes from when these groups are broken up and forced to work with each other instead of against each other.  One character however that I always feel was kind of a one-trick pony was Jamie Farr as Maxwell Q. Klinger whose crossdressing ploys to get out of the war seemed even too extreme for the series…Klinger hangs around for the whole series, but isn’t very developed at this point.


Klinger takes flight!

I will say, M*A*S*H while it was well directed, never looked the best.  The sets, while detailed, always kind of looked cheap and the Southern California location might really resemble Korea, but always just kind of looked like California to me…which you rarely even saw since shots outside the set were few and far between.  I did like it when they went outside the tents and wish they had done a bit more “on location” shooting for the series.

M*A*S*H is a great series and well worth checking out if you never sat down and watched it.  The series is smart, has great characters, and good stories.  Here in the earlier seasons, there is a lot of originality, and the cast works together at its best.  Check out a classic series and enjoy!

M*A*S*H—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Divided We Stand”

2.1       Divided We Stand Airdate:  09/15/73

General Crandell Clayton (Herb Voland) sends a psychiatric evaluator to the 4077 to determine if the 4077 should be disbanded and reassigned.  When Colonel Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson) is told to keep the evaluations a secret, he orders Radar O’Reilly (Gary Burghoff) to let Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda), Trapper John (Wayne Rogers), Hot Lips Houlihan (Loretta Swit), and Major Frank Burns (Larry Linville) to be on their best behavior.


“5 O’Clock Charlie”

2.2       5 O’Clock Charlie Airdate:  09/22/73

5 O’Clock Charlie continuous attempts to tries to bomb the 4077’s stockpile gets Henry to try to request an anti-aircraft gun.  When 5 O’Clock Charlie hits General Crandell’s jeep, Crandell approves the gun to shoot down Charlie.


“Radar’s Report”

2.3       Radar’s Report Airdate:  09/29/73

Radar reports on a Chinese soldier going crazy in the operating room and causes problems with Trapper’s patient.  Frank decides he wants Corporal Maxwell Klinger (Jamie Farr) out of the army and forces Clinger to undergo psychiatric evaluation.  Hawkeye makes the moves on a new nurse but worries about her being married.


“The Good of the Outfit”

2.4       For the Good of the Outfit Airdate:  10/06/73

When Trapper and Hawkeye learn that the United States accidentally attacked a village, they set out to make the situation right against the wishes of the army.


“Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde”

2.5       Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde Airdate:  10/13/73

After days of work, Hawkeye refuses to rest.  The 4077 finds Hawkeye is cracking up and has to find a way to stop him.



2.6       Kim Airdate:  10/20/73

A little boy (Edgar Miller) comes in to the hospital and the 4077 can’t find who he belongs to.  Trapper decides he can’t have the boy go to the orphanage and writes home that he wants to adopt him.


“L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel)”

2.7       L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel) Airdate:  10/27/73

An enlisted man (Jerry Zaks) wants to marry a Korean woman and Hawkeye tries to rush the normally slow procedure for him which leads to an investigation by a lieutenant (Burt Young).  Hawkeye tries to seduce a new nurse.


“The Trial of Henry Blake”

2.8       The Trial of Henry Blake Airdate:  11/03/73

Henry is called to trial by Hot Lips and Frank for his behavior and has to defend all the happening at the 4077.  As Frank makes his power play, Hawkeye and Trapper realize they must save Henry.


“Dear Dad…Three”

2.9       Dear Dad…Three Airdate:  11/10/73

Hawkeye writes home to his dad about the struggles and boredom of war. When a boy with a grenade lodged in his body comes in, Henry and Hawkeye work to remove the grenade without detonating it. Hawkeye, Trapper, and Henry watch films sent by Henry’s wife. The staff meeting is held and Frank continues to criticize Hawkeye and Trapper’s actions. A racist patient is taught a lesson.


“The Sniper”

2.10     The Sniper Airdate:  11/17/73

Hawkeye is romancing a new nurse (Teri Garr), when a sniper pins down the 4077. When the military isn’t able to respond to their call for help, the camp tries to deal with the sniper themselves.


“Carry On, Hawkeye”

2.11     Carry On, Hawkeye Airdate:  11/24/73

The flu takes out most of the camp and Hawkeye finds himself the only surgeon capable of working. When Hawkeye learns that Hot Lips is the highest ranking officer in camp, Hot Lips takes over. When Hawkeye starts to get sick, he has to work through the illness.


“The Incubator”

2.12     The Incubator Airdate:  12/01/73

Hawkeye and Trapper try to get an incubator for the 4077. When their request is denied, Hawkeye and Trapper try to track one down. When they find a base that has three, they discover they still can’t convince the camp to give one to them.


“Deal Me Out”

2.13     Deal Me Out Airdate:  12/08/73

A card game with Major Sidney Freedman (Allan Arbus) and Captain Sam Pak (Pat Morita) is interrupted when Radar accidentally strikes a civilian (Jerry Fujikawa), a C.I.D. is injured in an accident with Hawkeye and Trapper breaking orders to operate on him, and a young soldier (John Ritter) doesn’t want to go back to the front.


“Hot Lips and Empty Arms”

2.14     Hot Lips and Empty Arms Airdate:  12/15/73

Hot Lips worries that she’s wasting her life when she learns a woman she knew is happily married. When Houlihan demands a transfer, it looks like she might get her wish.


“Officers Only”

2.15     Officers Only Airdate:  12/22/73

A general’s son comes in with severe injuries, and Hawkeye and Trapper are commended for their work. While Hawkeye and Pierce are out of the camp, Frank opens an “officers only” club at the camp, and Hawkeye and Pierce set out to let enlisted men in.


“Henry In Love”

2.16     Henry in Love Airdate:  01/05/74

When Henry returns from Tokyo, he reveals he’s fallen in love with a younger woman named Nancy Sue Parker (Kathrine Baumann).  Henry tries to make himself younger for Nancy Sue and decides he has to be with her.  When Nancy Sue comes onto Hawkeye, Hawkeye questions what to do.


“For the Want of a Boot”

2.17     For Want of a Boot Airdate:  01/12/74

It’s cold in Korea, and Hawkeye tries to get a new boot for himself and finds himself engaged in a big trades to do it.


“Operation Noselift”

2.18     Operation Noselift Airdate:  01/19/74

Private Danny Baker (Todd Susman) hates his nose.  When he reveals his problem is his nose, Hawkeye and Trapper try to get a renowned plastic surgeon (Stuart Margolin) to get it an illegal fixed.


“The Chosen People”

2.19     The Chosen People Airdate:  01/26/74

A Korean family tries to move into the 4077 and tells them that they are on their land.  A Korean woman comes to the 4077 and claims that Radar is the father of her child.


“As You Were”

2.20     As You Were Airdate:  02/02/74

Times are slow at the 4077, and the surgeons and nurses are getting bored. When the fighting picks up again, Frank’s hernia acts up. Radar tries to get the warfront from closing in on the hospital and an emergency delivery causes more problems.



2.21     Crisis Airdate:  02/09/74

When the supply line is cut by the North Koreans, the camp finds itself cutoff. As the camp tries to conserve, tensions run high.



2.22     George Airdate:  02/16/74

Private George Weston (Richard Ely) comes into the 4077 beaten, and Hawkeye learns it was because he is a homosexual.  When Frank threatens to get Weston discharged, Hawkeye and Pierce must step in.


“Mail Call”

2.23     Mail Call Airdate:  02/23/74

The mail is in at the hospital and the doctors and nurses get the latest from home.  Hawkeye decides to have some fun with Frank when he grows tired of hearing of Frank’s investments.  Radar’s decision to use Hawkeye’s description for a pen pal causes problems.  Trapper’s letter from home gets him homesick to leave.


“A Smattering of Intelligence”

2.24     A Smattering of Intelligence Airdate:  03/02/74

The 4077 is caught in the middle on an intelligence game when Colonel Samuel Flagg (Edward Winter) and Vinnie Pratt (Bill Fletcher) both try to find out what each other are up to for their departments.  Hawkeye and Trapper plan a surprise for Flagg and Pratt.

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