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The series has hindered the discovery of the truth more than it has helped

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The circus comes to town!

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s case continues as the attempts to free them from jail gain national attention to the case.  With the popularity of the Netflix’s series, Steven gets new hope in the form of an attorney named Kathleen Zellner and Brendan learns that his confession could be thrown out.  There is new evidence and new questions as the search for the killer of Teresa Halbach continues.

Making a Murderer—Season 2 was released on Netflix on October 19, 2018.  The documentary series was released to mixed reviews opposed to the original series.

The first season of Making a Murderer was a surprise success and a cultural phenomenon.  It was a big hit for Netflix and the documentary series was almost guaranteed a second season just because of the continuing case and the popularity.  This season is a weirdly reflexive with the case going nationwide due to the Netflix series and the aftermath of the Season 1 has a big effect on the series.

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The future is not bright…

Honestly, the biggest problem with Making a Murderer—Season 2 is Making a Murderer—Season 1.  The success of the first season makes me suspicious of all the players involved in season 2.  People like Lynn Hartman are completely capitalizing on the fame of Steven Avery and gravitating toward the story with the hopes of being in season 2.  The case is forever tainted in my opinion.

The series largely can be divided into two questions, and the focus is only on one of them.  The first question is did Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey get fair trials?  This is the real question of the series and not the second question which is who murdered Teresa Halbach?  I can’t say that they did necessarily by legal standards get fair trials…but I still contend that I think that they know more or are responsible for the murder.  Does this mean they should be freed from jail?  Technically yes which probably the end of the series right there.  The makers of the series can’t seem to decide if they are trying prove him innocent or if they are trying to throw out the results of the trial which is a real problem.

making a murderer season 2 kathleen zellner

Opportunist or helpful?

This is exemplified by Kathleen Zellner.  I can’t say that Zellner isn’t an involved attorney and effective attorney.  She talks to the family and keeps them informed and updated, but she really comes off as an opportunistic attorney in many way especially in the one-on-one interviews for the series…she makes just as many logic jumps as Ken Kratz or the prosecution.  She (like the filmmakers) can’t seem to decide if she’s trying to find the murderer or get Avery off.  She is certain it is the neighbor but when that doesn’t pan out, it could be the roommate, the ex-boyfriend, or Bobby Dassey.  It comes off as grandstanding and cocky because she always presents it as the definitive truth instead of evidence to cast doubt on the conviction.  While this is good for proving that the trial wasn’t fair, it doesn’t prove that Steven Avery isn’t responsible because you have disregard other evidence (as she herself shows, you can always find a scientist to approve/disprove your side).  It is more heroic and admirable to find the real “villain”, but it isn’t as interesting as getting people out of jail on technicalities (which generally is frowned upon by a lot of society).  The opposite of Zellner is Brendan’s lawyer Laura Nirider who seems much more honest in challenging the system and how Dassey was handled instead of the results of the original trial.

making a murderer season 2 episode 4 welcome to wisconsin fiancee lynn hartman steven avery

Opportunity knocks and people will answer…and if you aren’t smart enough to see it coming, you’ll get burned

The Averys continue to come off as a spectator’s joke that it feels like is being exploited by the series.  They aren’t the most intelligent family, and the conversations don’t elevate the family or making them feel like rounded people.  It becomes a sideshow and a case of schadenfreude.  The imagery and views of the family seems to paint them as the poor uneducated American family…and that doesn’t help the case in the long run because Steven and Brendan aren’t criminal masterminds and framing the frame up seems so layered as presented by the defense (which it doesn’t need to be).

Making a Murderer—Season 1 made Making a Murderer—Season 2 more of a failure.  The series desperately wants a smoking gun and there most likely isn’t going to be one…and if there is we’ll now hear about it before the series is released.  While a majority of America (and the world) hadn’t heard of the case, Making a Murderer—Season 1 gave America insight into the case and now it is hard to surprise people with what happens this season because it was covered nationally.  It also brings out people trying to capitalize on this (Zellner included) and warps the trial into a sideshow which doesn’t help the family of Teresa Halbach, the Averys, or anyone directly involved to the murder…Making a Murder is more of a handicap than a helper.

Making a Murderer—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

making a murderer season 2 episode 1 number 18 blood spatter tests

“Number 18”

2.1       Number 18 Release Date:  10/19/18

Making a Murderer has made Steven Avery a celebrity and brought his case back into the limelight.  With some claiming the documentary was exploitive, some saying it exposed the truth, and others feeling that Teresa Halbach was forgotten in the circus created.  The race to get Brendan Dassey out of prison ramps up.  The hiring of Kathleen Zellner brings hope to Steven’s case.

making a murderer season 2 episode 2 words and words only steven avery brain fingerprinting

“Words and Words Only”

2.2       Words and Words Only Release Date:  10/19/18

Brandon’s lawyers try to dissect the conviction against Brandon and dismiss the confession given by Brandon.  The technique of brain fingerprinting is used to test Steven Avery’s response to evidence.  Steven faces a breakup with Sandy and finds a new girlfriend in Lynn Hartman.  Kathleen turns to the court of public opinion to try to work on Steven’s appeal.

making a murderer season 2 episode 3 a legal miracle brendan dassey overturned

“A Legal Miracle”

2.3       A Legal Miracle Release Date:  10/19/18

Changes in the appeal courts in the 1990s have changed Steven’s chances for appeals.  Kathleen goes after the prosecution’s claims that Steven burnt the body.  Steven worries about his mother’s health as he celebrates another birthday in prison.  Kathleen begins to look at the owner of the quarry as a suspect while Steven goes after his old lawyers.  Brendan gets a surprising turn in his case that could affect Steven’s case.

making a murderer season 2 episode 4 welcome to wisconsin lynn hartman fiancee

“Welcome to Wisconsin”

2.4       Welcome to Wisconsin Release Date:  10/19/18

Brendan awaits word on if he will be released as Kathleen sets in motion her attempts to get Steven free.  With a setback, Brendan could stay in prison.  Lynn Hartman visits Steven in prison for the first time, but a Dr. Phil appearance could change things in their wedding plans.  Kathleen visits the neighboring property the Averys.

making a murderer season 2 episode 5 what why who blood evidence

“What + Why = Who”

2.5       What + Why = Who Release Date:  10/19/18

The blood work is tested as Brendan learns that he will have to remain in jail.  Kathleen starts the search for suspects and looks into Teresa Halbach’s background.

making a murderer season 2 episode 6 everything takes time laura nirider court

“Everything Takes Time”

2.6       Everything Takes Time Release Date:  10/19/18

Kathleen’s team gets its hands on the evidence and begins to test their theories about planted DNA.  Laura Nirider goes to court to argue for Brendan’s release but finds that Ken Kratz’s new push could threaten the judgment.  Steven’s mother prepares for a surgery as her medical condition worsens.  The business at the salvage yard continues to struggle as less and less business comes in.

making a murderer season 2 episode 7 item fl ballistics test kathleen zellner

“Item FL”

2.7       Item FL Release Date:  10/19/18

A ballistics expert looks at the logistics of .22 ammunition being found as evidence.  The idea of the “hustle shot” comes into question as the decision of Teresa to take Steven’s request through Auto Trader instead of a private call.  A forensic pathologist studies the bullet that allegedly killed Teresa Halbach.

making a murderer season 2 episode 8 special care bobby dassey trial

“Special Care”

2.8       Special Care Release Date:  10/19/18

Brendan gets a boon in his appeals sentence as the sentence is debated.  Steven’s parents worry that they will never see Steven out of jail.  Kathleen finds a new discrepancy in the prosecution’s case involving one of the prosecution’s key witnesses and Steven’s relative.

making a murderer season 2 episode 9 friday nite reenactment

“Friday Nite”

2.9       Friday Nite Release Date:  10/19/18

Kathleen gets a surprising admission by someone who claims to have seen Teresa’s vehicle as she turns back to her prime suspect in the murder of Teresa.  Brendan’s case is heard again and the team waits a decision.  A reenactment of Teresa’s last recorded minutes is created to see how the events time out.

making a murderer season 2 episode 10 trust no one supreme court

“Trust No One”

2.10     Trust No One Release Date:  10/19/18

A request for a new trial for Steven Avery has been turned down, and Kathleen is scrambling to get the case heard.  When Kathleen targets Bobby and his father, it could drive a wedge in the Avery family.  New bone evidence is discovered that could change things, and the coroner has her opinion on the trial.  Brendan Dassey gets bad news on his appeal and finds that the Supreme Court could be his only hope.

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