Magneto 4: Last Days

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Made a nice, real character out of Magneto

Got sucked into Secret Wars which ruined attempts to tell story

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Magneto/Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Cullen Bunn/Arnold Drake

Artist:  Paul Davidson/Gabriel Hernandez Walta/Jim Steranko

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2015

magneto #19 cover sugarman david yarin art

Magneto #19

Reprints Uncanny X-Men (1) #50-51 and Magneto #18-21 (July 2015- October 2015).  The world is dying and the Incursion is occurring as the two Earths from different dimensions threaten to collide.  Magneto’s power could be the only source of energy strong enough to prevent the Incursion and save the world.  Teaming with his daughter Polaris, Magneto much choose if he will become the hero that some have claimed him to be or maintain the role of villain as the final hour approaches.

Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Paul Davidson and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Magneto Volume 4:  Last Days is the final volume in the Magneto series which ended with the Secret Wars series.  Following Magneto 3:  Shadow Games, Magneto 4:  Last Days includes a reprint of Polaris’ first appearances in Uncanny X-Men #50-51 (November 1968-December 1968) by Arnold Drake and Jim Steranko.

I surprisingly like Magneto.  I never was a big fan of the character, but I found the comic to be entertaining and thoroughly different in its exploration of the hero/villain roles which fell more along the lines of the Fassbender’s Magneto from the X-Men:  First Class film by painting him as a strong anti-hero.  I might not consider Magneto a character with a lot of range in the past, but Magneto proved me wrong in this series.

magneto #20 cover last days polaris

Magneto #20

Unfortunately (especially in the days of the competitive comic market), all good things must end.  This collection feels like a little coda to a good series and doesn’t feel fully developed.  Writers at Marvel seem to be at the mercy of the never-ending “big event” series that constantly destroy and force rewrites of series across the board…Bunn does his best to give it a satisfying ending though it feels a little rushed (and somewhat nonsensical if you did not read Secret Wars).

The key of this volume is the relationship between Magneto and Polaris.  These two characters have been tied for years, but until recently, she was not Magneto’s daughter (as stated in her first appearance).  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were more closely tied to Magneto for decades, but the exploration of Polaris’ relationship with him provides the meat of this volume.

Magneto 4:  Last Days might not be all I wanted from a series finale, but it did feel a bit more final than some of the series that get unceremoniously ended.  I’m sure that Magneto’s sales weren’t always the best, but the idea behind some of these solo character books are worthy…Magneto was one of the good ones and I’m sad to see it gone.

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