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Get Lost Again!

Earth is at a crossroads, and scientists have decided to move a select group of Earthlings to Alpha Centauri to establish a new Earth.  Aboard the Resolute, the Maureen and John Robinson (Molly Parker and Toby Stephens) and their children Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall), and Will (Maxwell Jenkins) have been selected to be part of the new colony, but when an alien robot attacks the Resolute, disaster strikes.  The Robinsons and other members of the Resolute are now trapped on a hostile planet, and a dangerous imposter going by the name of Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) isn’t making it any easier.  When Will Robinson discovers the Robot that attacked the Resolute and befriends it, the adventure begins!

lost in space season 1 episode 1 impact will robinson robot maxwell jenkins

Danger, Will Robinson?

Lost in Space—Season 1 was released on Netflix on April 13, 2018.  The science-fiction series is a modern adaptation of the Irwin Allen series which ran on CBS from 1965 to 1968.  The series is a science-fiction adaptation of Johann David Wyss’s classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson from 1812 combined with the Gold Key series The Space Family Robinson which appeared with Space Family Robinson #1 (December 1962).  The series was previous adapted as a feature length picture in 1998.  The new series was met with mixed reviewed but received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects (“Danger, Will Robinson”).

I never got that into Lost in Space.  I didn’t have access to the reruns when I was young (it didn’t seem to play at any of the stations around me) and when I did have access to them, I was watching other stuff.  I saw the movie (it wasn’t very good), and I had moderate interest in a new show.  Despite this and some rough initial reviews I read, I didn’t think Lost in Space—Season 1 was that bad, but it definitely has room for improvement.

lost in space season 1 episode 5 transmission monster

Season 2…more monsters please

One of the biggest complaints that most people had about the series (and I somewhat agree) is that the pacing is very, very slow.  The series was built to be binged, but it flows like a standard network series.  The character in some ways aren’t even “lost” this season so much as getting ready to be lost.  It feels like almost all set-up by the end of the season and that could make some jaded.  I don’t know how established characters like the characters on the Resolute will factor in next season (if they factor in) and it seems like they spent a lot of time establishing those characters if they end up not doing much or anything with them.

The cast is good.  Molly Parker is always nice in things and teams well with Toby Stephens as the leads.  The series did a decent job picking kid actors, and while I have seen better acting, they have a nice solid group considering the number of young actors they had to find.  The Judy (Taylor Russell) -Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) is odd in that her character seems to be written like a teen while his character is written as a late twenties-early thirties character…making the development of them as a couple feel a bit wrong.  The show pulled a gender swap for Dr. Smith with Parker Posey as the stand-in (the original Will Robinson played by Bill Mumy has a small cameo as the actual Dr. Smith).  Parker Posey is at her Parker Posey-est and that could either bring people in or dissuade them.

lost in space season 1 episode 10 danger will robinson robot dr smith parker posey

The new power couple?

The series does do well with its visuals.  The original series was known for being cheap and cheesy, but that can’t really be said of this iteration of the show.  The visuals are sleek and stylish (I always like tech combined with rather wilderness locations), and the Robot is a major upgrade over the classic “Danger, Will Robinson!” version (which if you are a purist will also turn you off).

Lost in Space—Season 1 feels like the wind-up for a pitch.  With an expensive production cost and mixed reviews, I worry that the game will be over before the game really starts.  Streaming services like Netflix allow more opportunity for shows like Lost in Space, but I also feel that cutting them if they are expensive is a danger.  Now that the gang is officially “lost”, I look forward to seeing where the show goes and if it becomes more like Star Trek or its own original concept.

Lost in Space—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

lost in space season 1 episode 1 impact will robinson planet maxwell jenkins


1.1       Impact Release Date:  04/13/18

The Jupiter Project has struck a problem, and now the Robinson family has found themselves lost on an alien planet.  In an attempt to rescue power supplies from their sunken spaceship, Judy (Taylor Russell) finds herself trapped in ice.  Maureen (Molly Parker) discovers her leg is broken and recalls what he did to get Will into the Jupiter program.  When Will (Maxwell Jenkins) is separated from his family, he encounters an alien danger that could be even more threatening.  Doctor “Smith” (Parker Posey) recalls her time on the ship and how she ended up escaping.

lost in space season 1 episode 2 diamonds in the sky dr smith don west ignacio serricchio parker posey

“Diamonds in the Sky”

1.2       Diamonds in the Sky Release Date:  04/13/18

The Robinsons work to dig out the Jupiter 2, and Maureen, John (Toby Stephens), Will, and the Robot investigate a potential survivor.  When Penny (Mina Sundwall) spots an oncoming storm, she must act fast, and Judy suffers from repercussions from being trapped in the ice.  Dr. Smith and repair man Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) fight for survival on the planet.  When the Robinsons explore the Robot’s ship, Will discovers the Robot’s role in the destruction of the Resolute.

lost in space season 1 episode 3 infestation robot will robinson maxwell jenkins


1.3       Infestation Release Date:  04/13/18

Dr. “Smith” recalls her life before space and her encounter with her sister Jess Harris (Selma Blair).  With the ice shelf above the Jupiter 2 collapsing the Robinsons and their new addition of Doctor Smith find themselves in a race against time.  As John worries about Judy’s stability, Maureen questions the real motives of Dr. Smith.  The Robinsons are about to find they aren’t alone on the planet.

lost in space season 1 episode 4 the robinsons were here flowers penny judy will taylor russell maxwell jenkins mina sundwall robot

“The Robinsons Were Here”

1.4       The Robinsons Were Here Release Date:  04/13/18

The Robinsons and the other survivors of the Resolute are trying to gather which leads Judy, Maureen, and John to another camp…where they meet Don West.  As Maureen, John, and Don seek out answers about why the Resolute crashed, Judy learns of the Robot’s part in the attack.  Convincing Judy and Penny to help him hide the Robot, the Robinsons head off into the wilderness, and danger is all around.  Doctor Smith has her own plans for the Robot.

lost in space season 1 episode 5 transmission maureen molly parker


1.5       Transmission Release Date:  04/13/18

The Robinsons are reunited with the other survivors of the Resolute and trying to find a way to contact other survivors and the ship.  Don West discovers that Doctor Smith has survived which could cause problems for Doctor Smith.  Will tries to find a way to talk to his father about the Robot and recalls his testing for the mission.  Maureen tests her own theory about the planet and its stability.  Doctor Smith goes to John with information about the Robot.  The survivors attempt to contact the Resolute has unexpected consequences.

lost in space season 1 episode 6 eulogy robot


1.6       Eulogy Release Date:  04/13/18

The survivors of the Resolute know that the Robot is among them and that it was responsible for causing the accident.  Don strikes a deal with Victor Dhar (Raza Jaffrey) to find a fuel supply.  The world is on the verge of dying as it heads toward a hidden black hole discovered by Maureen…but Maureen and John question if they should tell the others.  Penny learns her parents’ secret and uses it as a means to get closer to Vijay Dhar (Ajay Friese).  John tries to teach Will that he has a responsibility over the Robot and that it isn’t a toy or weapon he can use lightly.  Dr. Smith continues manipulate the survivor Angela (Sibongile Mlambo) and turn her against the Robot for killing her husband.  Don finds Dr. Smith’s secret.

lost in space season 1 episode 7 pressurized cast


1.7       Pressurized Release Date:  04/13/18

The planet is dying faster and Maureen and John find themselves trapped by an earthquake in a tar pit.  The attempt to rescue the fuel hits a bad patch when Judy and Don are forced to make a decision to save Evan (Iain Belcher).  Will mourns the Robot, but Mr. Smith has plans for the destroyed machine.  Vijay reveals the Robinsons’ secret to his father, and Victor makes a decision about the fate of the mission.

lost in space season 1 episode 8 trajectory john robinson toby stephens


1.8       Trajectory Release Date:  04/13/18

With limited fuel and increased gravity, the scientists on the planet must find a way to reach the Resolute.  Maureen learns Dr. Smith’s secret and takes a drastic action…but Dr. Smith is also desperate.  A life-or-death mission is in place for John, but time is running out…and Don might be the only hope.

lost in space season 1 episode 9 penny monster mina sundwall


1.9       Resurrection Release Date:  04/13/18

John and Don’s ship has exploded leaving them assumed dead.  Dr. Smith has Maureen as her prisoner and hopes to resurrect the Robot to escape the planet.  A discovery by Will leaves the survivors another opportunity to escape…but the danger could be great.  Returning to the Robot’s ship, Maureen and Dr. Smith uncover a secret about the Robot and the whole mission.

lost in space season 1 episode 10 will robinson maxwell jenkins

“Danger, Will Robinson”

1.10     Danger, Will Robinson Release Date:  04/13/18

The Robinsons have found a way off the planet and rescuing Don and John are the priority.  With time running out to rendezvous with the Resolute, the battle for the Jupiter 2 and control of the Robot could mean life or death…or an even bigger surprise!

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