Little Lulu 28: The Prize Winner and Other Stories

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Funny short stories capturing summer and Halloween fun


Comic Info

Comic Name: Dell Giant

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Writer: John Stanley

Artist: Irving Tripp

# of Issues: 2

Release Date:  2011

little lulu and tubby at summer camp #1 dell giant #5 cover review

Dell Giant #5

Reprints Marge’s Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp and Marge’s Little Lulu and Tubby Halloween Fun (also known as Dell Giant #5-6) (April 1957—October 1957).  Lulu and Tubby are off to camp for a summer of fun and then return for a Halloween spectacular.

Written and illustrated by John Stanley and Irving Tripp, Little Lulu—Volume 28:  The Prize Winner and Other Stories reprints two giant-size Little Lulu and Tubby stories originally presented as part of the Dell Giant series.  The collection follows Little Lulu—Volume 27:  The Treasure Map and Other Stories.

The Dark Horse collections of Little Lulu are pretty ambitious.  The series was long lived and to try to collect and print them all in this sort digests seems like it would be impossible.  This volume only collects two complete issues, but it also goes to show how big a comic book could be back in the day with each issue being about 100 pages (all for 25¢).

Little Lulu also shows that there were good kid alternatives to Disney and the Casper the Friendly Ghost and family.  Little Lulu is also pretty interesting in that the character swings from good to bad quite quickly and that she and her friend Tubby can almost be Dennis the Menace type of characters.

dell giant size #6 little lulu and tubby halloween cover

Dell Giant #6

The two issues presented here have stories revolving around central themes.  The first issue is actually titled Little Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp and involves Lulu and her friends’ adventures at Camp Sha-Ka-Tot and Tubby and his friends at Camp Alamo.  It has the standard camp events like hikes, ghost stories, and rivalries between the camps.

The second comic is a holiday issue and titled Little Lulu and Tubby Halloween Fun.  In this issue, Little Lulu, Tubby, and their friends are preparing for Halloween and have costume parties, ghost stories, and all the things kids look forward to.  This issue also is pretty heaving on Lulu stories to Alvin about Witch Hazel and Little Itchy.

Little Lulu is a great addition to any collection, but also would make great gifts for younger children to introduce them to comics.  Like the Disney or Casper books, the book is fun and light and the stories are quick to read.  If you don’t like one, the next might be more suited to your liking.  Check out these great printings of a classic series and a classic character that you might not be familiar with.  Little Lulu 28:  The Prize Winner and Other Stories was followed by Little Lulu 29:  The Cranky Giant and Other Stories.

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