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Glitchy like other Lego games

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Game Name:  Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Developer(s): Traveller’s Tales

Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive

Platform(s):  PS3/PS4/PSVita/Xbox 360/Xbox One/NDS/3DS/Wii U/PC

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/Platformer

Release Date(s): October 22, 2013

ESRB Rating:  E10+

lego marvel super heroes gameplay character roster complete

So many characters…so little time (but could I get a Jack of Hearts?)

The Earth is threatened by a cosmic force known as Galactus.  Unfortunately, Earth’s heroes are facing a team-up of some of Earth’s greatest villains at the same time.  The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, and all of Earth’s heroes must band together to stop the attacks and only then can they hope to confront Galactus…and Galactus hungers.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive.  The game was released on multiple systems and received positive reviews.

I am a fan of the Lego games, but they are generally only good in small doses.  With a number of DC and Star Wars games, the idea of diving into the Marvel Universe was a fun idea.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes actually might be one of the best of the Lego games, but it still has the faults of all the Lego games.

lego marvel super heroes gameplay ghost rider racing screenshots

I’ll say it again…It doesn’t matter if you do have Ghost Rider…Racing isn’t fun

The story is relatively expansive.  It has the super-villains of Earth teaming up in comic book nefarious scheme while a bigger threat is approaching the planet in the form of Galactus.  The core location of the story is New York City (which makes it a fun contrast to the PS4 Spider-Man game) and has the characters entering levels around the map while also completely challenge missions…the more you play the more opens up (including the characters available).

The problem with all the Lego games is that you have to play them so much for the characters to open up that you don’t care about the characters once you get them.  While it is fun to unlock something like Carnage or the Lizard, they aren’t necessarily practical to play with and you just end up playing with the core characters that you are used to (generally most of the game can be played with Iron Man).  There are plenty of different challenges and goals on each level, but replay gets tedious after a while (and when are games to going to realize that if you don’t buy a racing game, racing isn’t fun).

The series continues to play with the visuals of Legos.  The application of Lego-logic to events in the story lead to some fun sequences and of course makes it kid friendly.  It does have an expansive roster of characters so if you do have a favorite Marvel character, there is a good chance you can play with them somewhere down the line.

lego marvel super heroes gameplay galactus boss battle ending screenshots

I hunger!!!

The controls and cameras can be frustrating, and this is one of the biggest problems I have with Lego games in general.  You constantly find yourself falling off ledges and having depth perception problems due to how the game is designed.  Screaming in anger about driving controls and trying to keep Iron Man flying the right direction during challenges is more mind-numbing than fun.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a natural with all the Lego toys already in existence.  It is also nice to see Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four working with Spider-Man or Blade meeting with the Avengers…something that sadly can’t happen easily in the films due to right issues with the Marvel products.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes was followed by Lego Marvel’s Avengers in 2016 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 in 2017.

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