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Graphics: 8/10
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Decent story and lots of characters

Still has that Lego game glitchiness to controls and sometimes visuals

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Game Name: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Developer(s):  Traveller’s Tales

Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive

Platform(s):  PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

Genre(s): Game Genre

Release Date(s): November 14, 2017

ESRB Rating: E10+

lego marvel super heroes supreme intelligence screenshots gameplay

Can Star-Lord take on the Supreme Intelligence in a dance off?

Kang has struck and now all time is “unstuck”.  In his Chronopolis, different worlds and different times are gathered into one space.  The Old West finds itself with Egypt while knights fight with Wakandans and the Inhuman city of Attilan floats above it all.  Kang must be stopped and reality must be restored.  It is up to the heroes (and even some villains) to stop Kang once and for all by gathering the shattered pieces of the Nexus of All Realities and outsmarting the Lord of Time!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive action-adventure open-world video game.  A sequel to Lego Marvel Super Heroes from 2013 and Lego Marvel’s Avengers in 2016, the game was released on multiple platforms to positive reviews.

I like the Lego games.  They are simple and are time-killers, but there is something to them and their nature.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 continues to try to smooth out problems with the series and manages to fix aspects of it, but it still is a Lego video game…if you played one of them, you might feel like you played them all.

lego marvel super heroes 2 playable characters screenshot gameplay

The ever expanding roster…who will you be?

What is getting better in some of these games is the story and how the characters interact with it.  The story is rather sprawling with the Marvel characters finding odd team-ups to collect the needed devices to defeat Kang.  The “smash-up” world of Chronopolis does provide more variety to the Marvel characters and opens up door for different types of challenges.  The levels encourage replay with the “free play” mode, but often by the time you get to that stage of the game, you just want to put the game on the shelf…but Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 does a slightly better job keeping you involved throughout.

What still is frustrating about Lego games in general is the controls and camera aspects.  If you’ve played enough Lego games, you are prepared for glitches and there are definitely fewer glitches than in earlier Lego adventures.  You’ll slide down cliffs, get stuck during races, get trapped underwater, lose your bearings while flying, and scream in anger as you try to complete the mandatory races for 100% completion.  It is a frustrating aspect of the series that doesn’t seem to ever get completely fixed.

lego marvel super heroes 2 final boss kang gameplay screenshots

Kang’s not happy with you

What I enjoy in this entry is the large amount of characters and the fact that you are given access to most attacks relatively early.  Often in Lego games, it might be a long time before you can blow-up silver items or decode computer programs, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 generally allows most specialty skills to pop-up rather early.  It becomes the fun of unlocking the heroes and finding the characters you want to unlock…and this game does make some weird inclusion of heroes.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is what it is.  If you enjoy Lego games, you will probably enjoy this one since it does have a lot of variety and a lot of fun characters, but if you don’t enjoy the series, this game offers nothing new that will woo you.  I enjoy some of these specific titles because it is a bit of a snapshot of what is going on in movies, TV, and comics.  There are no X-Men or Fantastic Four but there is a big Inhumans presence (Marvel was really pushing them which included the failed TV series).  Gwenpool replaces Deadpool, and comics like Secret Empire have some influence on the game.  It is an odd aspect of the timeliness of gaming and the series and another fun thing to look at if you are a fan of comics.  The world is still counting on you, but as you collect your studs, do you still care?

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