Legion of Super-Heroes 2: The Dominators

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Comic Name: Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 7)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:  Paul Levitz

Artist: Francis Portela/Scott Kolins/Steve Lightle/Yildiray Cinar/Adres Guinaldo/Dan Green/Tom Derenick

# of Issues: 8

Release Date: 2013

legion of super-heroes #11 cover comet queen dominators

Legion of Super-Heroes (7) #11

Reprints Legion of Super-Heroes (7) #0, 8-14 (June 2012-January 2013).  Someone is trying to revive the Fatal Five, and the Legion of Super-Heroes must stop them.  Unfortunately, the Dominators have also decided to attack Earth, but the United Planets have refused to let the Legionnaires retaliate when Dream Girl and Brainiac-5 are kidnapped.  With a covert team heading into Dominators’ space, the Legion must make a desperate rescue…but a betrayal by one of their own could mean failure.

Written by Paul Levitz, Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 2:  The Dominators is part of DC Comics New 52 relaunch.  Following Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 1:  Hostile World, the collection features art by Francis Portela, Scott Kolins, Steve Lightle, Yildiray Cinar, Adres Guinaldo, Dan Green, and Tom Derenick.

The Legion is one of my favorite DC creations.  You have a bunch of super-heroes who are teens and who are trying to understand the universe.  The differences of the team brings the team together and the comic rarely has characters judging each other.  While the New 52 reignited the DCU, the Legion was one of the only intact teams.

legion of super-heroes #14 cover chemical kid element lad

Legion of Super-Heroes (7) #14

The story is pretty traditional Legion of Super-Heroes fodder.  The Legion is divided up as it battles enemies and the Dominators have always been lurking around the Legion.  While the book doesn’t really offer much new in the sense of storytelling (or diving into the New 52), the fact that the story is rather traditional is a nice break…it is just solid comic book action.

The story feels a bit fractured in that the Dominators’ story only lasts for the first part of the collection and a second adventure involving Cosmic Boy, Chemical Kid, and Element Lad helms the second part of the collection.  All the story has the lurking dread of the return of the Fatal Five which has always been a fun and more distinctive Legion of Super-Heroes enemy (so the collection also leaves you looking forward to this in the next volume.

The Legion of Super-Heroes always struggles because despite multiple relaunches, it isn’t a comic you can just jump into.  The characters have a ton of background, lots of intermingling and romances, and it is simply often hard to figure out which Legion you are reading when you do read the Legion (aka pre-Crisis, post-Crisis, Zero Hour, etc.).  With this difficulty and the fickle nature of the comic book market, the Legion biggest danger isn’t their enemies…it’s keeping readers!  Legion of Super-Heroes 2:  The Dominators is followed by Legion of Super-Heroes 3:  The Fatal Five.

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