Legion of Super-Heroes 1: Teenage Revolution

legion of super heroes volume 1 teenage revolution cover trade paperback
7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
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Solid relaunch of the Legion with new ideas

Dense and heavy read

Comic Info

Comic Name:   Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 5)/Teen Titans/Legion

Publisher:   DC Comics

Writer:   Mark Waid

Artist:   Barry Kitson/Leonard Kirk/Dave Gibbons/Scott Iwahashi

# of Issues:   7

Release Date:  2005

legion of super heroes #2 cover barry kitson art

Legion of Super-Heroes (5) #2

Reprints Teen Titans/Legion Special #1 and Legion of Super-Heroes (5) #1-6 (November 2004-July 2005). The Legion of Super-Heroes isn’t a team; the Legion is a movement. With new members joining from planets all over the United Planets, the Legion’s sudden growth and power is frightening to many adults and world leaders. With enemies in the Science Police and accusations of being a rogue enforcement group, the Legion has problems. When Dream Girl has a vision of a threat to the entire United Planets, the Legion learns that they could be facing their biggest danger yet!

Written by Mark Waid, Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 1: Teenage Revolution features art by Barry Kitson with additional art by Leonard Kirk, Dave Gibbons, and Scott Iwahashi. The collection also features material printed in Teen Titans/Legion Special #1 (November 2004).

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of the reasons I started really getting into DC. DC lore is deep and convoluted, and heroes have been around for decades and decades. Though the Legion is old, it frequently relaunches and readjusts to the time. This entry shows a new more militant Legion that isn’t just about superpowers but a state of mind.

I am often pretty critical of Mark Waid. I find his comics to be solid, but extremely basic “comic book” writing (which is sometimes ok, but not very original or inspired). This entry of Legion is better than many of his other books. The story is somewhat rehash of past Legion adventures, but it also introduces some new ideas to the Legion and their members.

legion of super heroes #3 cover triplicate girl barry kitson art

Legion of Super-Heroes (5) #3

The Legion of Super-Heroes almost always relished their one-dimensional members. You had characters that could turn invisible, grow, shrink, or control electricity. Everyone had a niche, and they only could fill their specific niche. Waid reimagines the niches for the new series and tries to give the characters depth…while in a long-term sense this is a good idea but with such a rich and diverse pool of characters to choose from, it feels like you only get to see your favorite characters once every few months (or potentially years).

Waid’s attempts to develop the Legion are aided by some great art by Barry Kitson. Kitson does a nice job giving characters distinct looks while adhering to the character’s classic appearances. He is in a tricky spot in that he needs to modify the characters while keeping them “classic”…and he succeeds.

Legion of Super-Heroes 1: Teenage Revolution is very dense and a slow read. Though it is only six issues, the collection feels much longer. It is an ok hop-on point for new readers, and it also provides enough classic feel for long-time Legionnaire fans. Waid seems to have a plan with the first collection, and it will be interesting to see where he goes. Legion of Super-Heroes 1: Teenage Revolution is followed by Legion of Super-Heroes 2: Death of a Dream.

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