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Welcome to the Legion, Superboy…I mean Superman!

Clark Kent learns that his life is changing.  Not only is he different than his classmates due to his super-powers, Clark is about to learn that he has a destiny that he never even imagined.  Clark Kent will become Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes is going to help him achieve his goals while teaching him to achieve his powers.  Travelling to the future, Superman and the Legion are going to protect the future…but being teens is almost as difficult as being heroes.

Legion of Super Heroes—Season 1 premiered on September 23, 2006 and aired until May 5, 2007 on the CW as part of the Kids WB!  The title of the series sometimes is presented as Legion of Super-Heroes (hyphenated) or Legion of Superheroes (one word).  The series received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition, Outstanding Sound Mixing—Live Action and Animation, and Outstanding Sound Editing—Live Action and Animation.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 12 sundown part 1 fatal five

The Fatal Five are back!

I love the Legion.  The idea that there is a superhuman team of the future made up of teens with all very specialized powers is a fun concept.  The ’60s and ’70s Legion stories are some of DC’s best for all their goofiness and teen drama.  The Legion of Super Heroes TV show had potential…which it almost lives up to.

I really wish that Legion of Super Heroes was a massively syndicated show like Batman:  The Animated Series.  With so many characters and so many storylines in the Legion-lore, it would have been great to have a fifty or sixty episode season…but instead we get a short thirteen episode season which has a lot of potential with great characters.  Instead of doing a lot of set-up, the series just dives into Legion mythos without much set-up…like the rift between Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad explored in “Chain of Command”…a normal series might have built up to it.

legion of super heroes season 1 opening credits flight rings

Long Live the Legion!

The series oddly uses Superman (or young Superman) as Clark Kent’s title in the show.  Generally Superboy was with the Legion, but there were some legal issues involving calling him Superboy.  In addition to that, DC and Warner Brothers wanted a bigger tie to the upcoming release of Superman Returns.

The series goes for a more cartoony style art than the Batman:  Animated Series tie-in series.  The art fits with the characters, but despite very kid friendly art, some of the episodes get a little dark (like Ferro Lad’s death).  It isn’t always as kid friendly as the art might imply, but it is still a rather basic super-hero cartoon that can be enjoyed by a younger audience.

The Legion of Super Heroes series is good, but it deserved better.  A big, long running series would have benefited the characters, and in turn make the show something to seek out.  Unfortunately for Legion of Super Heroes, this didn’t happen and the Legion only returned for one more season after season 1…but Long Live the Legion and hopefully one day a great Legion cartoon will be given a chance.

Legion of Super-Heroes—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 1 man of tomorrow superman lightning lad saturn girl phantom girl bouncin gboy triplicate girl

“Man of Tomorrow”

1.1       Man of Tomorrow Airdate:  09/23/06

When the Legion of Super-Heroes find they are overpowered by the Fatal Five, they journey into the past to get history’s greatest hero:  Superman!  Unfortunately, Clark Kent isn’t Superman yet and joining the Legion of Super-Heroes will mean learning how to use his powers.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 2 timber wolf saturn girl

“Timber Wolf”

1.2       Timber Wolf Airdate:  09/30/06

A distress call from Dr. Mar Londo has the Legion travelling to an isolated planet.  When they encounter a strange monster, the Legion finds that Dr. Mar Londo might not have been telling the truth about the situation.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 3 legacy alexis superman


1.3       Legacy Airdate:  10/07/06

Superman finds a new friend in Alexis…the richest girl in the galaxy!  The Legion find that they need help finding the Scavengers, and Superman is too preoccupied with Alexis who might have plans of her own.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 4 phantoms drax


1.4       Phantoms Airdate:  11/04/06

Clark’s trip to the Superman Museum accidentally unleashes a superhuman named Drax from the Phantom Zone.  Drax must be contained, but Superboy realizes that Drax could old the answer he seeks.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 5 champions lightning lad mekt


1.5       Champions Airdate:  11/10/06

The Legion are invited to join the Intergalactic Games by Phantom Girl’s mother but Superboy and Phantom Girl realize the Fatal Five are attacking.  Lightning Lad finds himself facing off against his brother in the games.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 6 fear factor aliens bouncing boy

“Fear Factory”

1.6       Fear Factory Airdate:  11/18/06

The appearance of a strange ship called Quavermass 12 brings the Legion in to investigate.  When Bouncing Boy begins to realize that the ship is channeling his fears, the rest of the Legion could be at risk.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 7 brain drain brainiac 5 superboy

“Brain Drain”

1.7       Brain Drain Airdate:  02/03/07

Brainiac is forced to go through the alignment to upload his gathered information, and Brainiac reveals that it could change him.  When the alignment goes wrong, the Legion must go on a mission to Zoon to save Brainiac.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 8 lightning storm light speed vanguard

“Lightning Storm”

1.8       Lightning Storm Airdate:  02/10/07

The Legion learns that they aren’t the only team in the cosmos when the Light Speed Vanguard shows up to clean-up a mess they’ve made.  Enamored by the new team, Lightning Lad debates leaving the Legion…and discovers a secret about the Light Speed Vanguard.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 9 the substitutes

“The Substitutes”

1.9       The Substitutes Airdate:  02/17/07

The Legion of Super Heroes is holding auditions, but the new recruits aren’t living up to the hopes of the Legion…but the Legion of the Substitute Heroes is out to prove they are Legion material when Starfinger attacks Metropolis!

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 10 childs play zyx superman

“Child’s Play”

1.10     Child’s Play Airdate:  02/24/07

A Zeroxian named Zyx has arrived on Earth and the Legion of Super Heroes have their hands full when Zyx decides he wants to be a super villain.  Phantom Girl tries to broker an alliance with Zerox…plus, Superman discovers a major weakness!

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 11 chain of command saturn girl lightning lad cosmic boy

“Chain of Command”

1.11     Chain of Command Airdate:  03/03/07

The Legion is called out to Lightning Lad’s home planet Winath when storms are threatening it.  Lightning Lad finds his leadership challenged with the return of Cosmic Boy with his new recruit Ferro Lad.  Bouncing Boy discovers the danger is greater than ever expected and is forced to make a decision.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 12 sundown part 1 suneater

“Sundown—Part 1”

1.12     Sundown—Part 1 Airdate:  04/28/07

Bouncing Boy struggles to get leadership of the Legion down as the Legion faces its first crisis.  Traveling to a remote system, the Legion learns that they are facing a Suneater.

legion of super heroes season 1 episode 13 sundown part 2 ferro lad death

“Sundown—Part 2”

1.13     Sundown—Part 2 Airdate:  05/05/07

The Legion failed to stop the Suneater, and the Suneater is headed toward Earth…now, the Fatal Five could be the Legion’s only hope at stopping it before the Earth is destroyed.

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