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Fun Legion story

Needs to have a follow-up to develop the Legion

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Movie Name:  Legion of Super-Heroes

Studio:  DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Animation

Genre(s):  Animated/Comic Book/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  February 6, 2023 (UK)/February 7, 2023 (US)

MPAA Rating:  PG-13

legion of super heroes legionnaires

So many Legionnaires and so little time

Kara arrives on Earth years after her younger cousin Kal-El, but in missing years, Supergirl has also missed experience.  When Superman takes Supergirl to the future to learn to work with the Legion of Super-Heroes, she finds herself surrounded by other young heroes whose abilities make them eligible for the team.  Unfortunately, Supergirl learns one of her rivals is Brainiac-5 who she blames for the destruction of Krypton and her people.  When Brainiac-5 is accused of being a threat to the Legion and the United Planets, Supergirl finds herself in a surprising alliance with Brainiac-5 in a race to stop the Black Circle.

Directed by Jeff Wamester, Legion of Super-Heroes is a DC Comics animated movie.  Following Green Lantern:  Beware My Power in 2022, the film is the fifth entry in the DC Comics “Tomorrowverse” line of animated features and the fiftieth film of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies following Batman and Superman:  Battle of the Super Sons in 2022.

I love the Legion of Super-Heroes and was excited about a Legion of Super-Heroes feature.  The movie does a lot of what I hoped but potential of a future is what keeps me engaged.

legion of super-heroes brainiac-5 legionnaires

We’re the rookies…but not even the Legion of Substitute-Heroes

The movie could be argued either smartly included Supergirl or subverted itself with the inclusion of Supergirl.  Supergirl has been a long-time ally of the Legion so her inclusion wasn’t random, and it also helps add a bit of a bridge between fans who might only be familiar with Superman…it also creates a good bond between Brainiac-5 and Supergirl (which existed in the original series).

The series is really a showcase for the Legion of Super-Heroes (or at least Legion applicants).  The film has a lot of the major players including Mon-El, Phantom Girl, and Triplicate Girl trying out for the Legion while many of the core members are “out of contact”.  I love the Legion, but I don’t love all the decisions they made with them.  It is also moot if there isn’t a sequel movie to highlight more of the members.  The Legion works best with a lot of drama and romance.

legion of super-heroes brainiac

Brainiac’s got programming issues

The movie (like most of DC’s animated features) is good with good vocal actors.  The animation isn’t up to the level of theatrical releases, nor is it innovative.  The movie instead does a good job blending in with other DC animated features to make a whole animated DC world (something Marvel fails to capitalize on).

Legion of Super-Heroes is a good start…if it is a start.  I want more Legion, more mythos building, and more characters highlighted.  The movie is fun for fans in that you can look and see all sorts of character cameos…now, the Legion just needs more opportunities to shine.  Long live the Legion!  Legion of Super-Heroes was followed by the DC Universe Animated Original Movie Batman:  The Doom that Came to Gotham in 2023.

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