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Super team fun

Lacks flow and time-stuff seems like garbled techno lingo

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Will they be Legends?

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) has suffered a great loss.  His family was slaughtered by Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) in 2166.  Fortunately, Rip is a Time Master, and through his ship the Waverunner, Rip has decided to change the past to fix the future.  With recruits White Canary (Caiity Lotz), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Hawkman (Kalk Hentschel), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée), Atom (Brandon Routh), and Firestorm (Victor Garber and Franz Drameh), Rip is out to stop Vandal Savage once and for all…but when a mysterious tracker named Chronos shows up, Rip’s team learns Rip has his own secrets.

Legends of Tomorrow—Season 1 is also known as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  The series aired from January 21, 2016 to May 19, 2016 and spun off the popular shows Arrow and The Flash.  The series was met with mixed reviews and average viewership.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 11 the magnificent eight jonah hex johnathon schaech

More Jonah Hex…Please?!?

I like team comic books, and I like odd-ball supporting characters.  This makes Legends of Tomorrow a natural fit for me.  I watched Legends of Tomorrow, but found that the series (like the team) never completely solidified this season.

The story for the season of Legends of Tomorrow kind of meanders.  It ironically plays out like a less organized Doctor Who season (especially since Arthur Darvill played one of the Doctor’s companions).  Unlike Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow feels like it is using time travel as an excuse for changing up plots and writing that isn’t very consistent.  Individually some of the episodes are fun, but the overarching plotline for the season is kind of weak.

The casting for the series is fun.  Arthur Darvill’s casting as Rip Hunter does give it a Doctor Who feel while the series smartly brings on characters from the other DC shows that you want to see more of but you can’t due to the fact they aren’t the stars of the show.  Here, you get a showcase for odd DC characters which even includes Johnathon Schaech as Jonah Hex (who deserves a second appearance).  The possibilities for guest-stars are endless (including the preview of next season with the appearance of Patrick J. Adams as Hourman aka Rex Tyler).

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 16 legendary firestorm franz drameh

I know it is probably more of an expense but more Firestorm…as Firestorm instead of two guys

Visually, super-hero TV has come a long way.  Smallville’s Justice Society episodes were a big deal when they first airedLegends of Tomorrow is like a Justice Society episode every episode.  The show is bigger looking than a regular series despite a smaller budget than a lot of series, but it also doesn’t look as big as movie.

Legends of Tomorrow has potential that the first seasons just doesn’t quite reach.  The show feels choppy and often thrown together which is unfortunate.  Despite this, it still is relatively entertaining and has its moments.  The series can be good.  It barely survived the bubble for a second season but with a second season, I hope that Legends of Tomorrow finds its groove.

Legends of Tomorrow—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 1 pilot future vision scene

“Pilot—Part 1”

1.1       Pilot—Part 1 Airdate:  01/21/16

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) has a plan to change the future!  Travelling back to 2016, Rip recruits Firestorm (Victor Garber and Franz Drameh), White Canary (Caity Lotz), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée), and the Atom (Brandon Routh) to join him in the hunt to end the reign of Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).  Travelling to 1975 to hunt down a Vandal Savage expert named Professor Boardman (Peter Francis James), Carter and Kendra discover that their reincarnations have a lasting effect.  As a bounty hunter named Chronos is sent after Rip, Vandal Savage has his own plans for the world.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 2 pilot part 2 hawkman vs vandal savage falk hentschel casper crump

“Pilot—Part 2”

1.2       Pilot—Part 2 Airdate:  01/28/16

An attempt to capture Savage at an arms deal in Norway in 1975 hits a snag when part of the Atom’s suit is lost to Savage and threatens the future.  Stein, Jefferson, and Sara travel to find Stein’s younger self to track the suit while Atom, Heat Wave, and Captain Cold track a dagger that could potential kill Savage.  As Kendra contuse to try to reject her past lives connection to Carter, a need to find the origins of their original love could bring them closer together.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 3 blood ties rip hunter white canary caity lotz arthur darvill

“Blood Ties”

1.3       Blood Ties Airdate:  02/04/16

Trapped in 1975 as the ship undergoes repairs, Kendra fights for her life as the Atom and Dr. Stein try to save her.  Snart hijacks the jump-ship to try to intervene in his own life by confronting his father.  White Canary and Rip Hunter go on a mission to cut off Vandal Savage financially.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 4 white knights professor stein victor garber

“White Knights”

1.4       White Knights Airdate:  02/07/16

Travelling to 1986, a break-in at the Pentagon shows problems with Kendra’s control.  Hunter tracks Vandal to the USSR on a dangerous mission to locate a scientist named Valentina Vostok (Stephanie Corneliussen).  Rip is contacted by Zaman Druce (Martin Donovan) who offers Rip an out if he will give up his quest.  Canary works with Hawkgirl to hone her powers but is reminded that she might not be as balanced as she believed.  Jefferson finds himself at odds with Stein over their powers.  Hunter discover the Soviets are planning their own weapon that could rival anything the United States have…and Dr. Stein could be the key!

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 5 fail-safe valentina vostok firestorm stephanie corneliussen


1.5       Fail-Safe Airdate:  02/18/16

Stein, Rory, and Palmer are prisoners of Vandal Savage, and Savage is threatening to find the Firestorm Matrix for the Soviets.  Rip sends Black Canary and Captain Cold on a rescue mission but builds in a failsafe to protect the future.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 6 star city 2046 connor hawke joseph david jones

“Star City 2046”

1.6       Star City 2046 Airdate:  02/25/16

Chronos has knocked Rip’s ship out of the timestream and forced him to make repairs.  The team finds themselves in 2046 and learns Star City is under the control of Slade’s son Grant (Jamie Andrew Cutler).  With Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) taking the role of Green Arrow from Oliver (Stephen Amell), Sara finds herself at odds with Rip over helping the people of Star City.  Jackson tries to woo Kendra but finds competition from Palmer.  Rory questions Snart’s new found protection of his teammates.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 7 marooned heat wave dominic purcell


1.7       Marooned Airdate:  03/03/16

A distress call from a Time Master captain named Eve Baxter (Stephanie Cleough) has the Rip’s team headed on a rescue mission in deep space in the hopes of getting Savage’s location.  Discovering that the ship was disabled by pirates, Snart finds his rift with Rory has reached a new level that might force action.  Rip recalls how he fell in love with his wife and the sacrifice she made for him.  As Professor Stein gets to live out his childhood dreams of space travel, the Atom and Hawkgirl experience another close encounter while trying to save Snart and Sara.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 8 night of the hawk jefferson transformed franz drameh

“Night of the Hawk”

1.8       Night of the Hawk Airdate:  03/10/16

Rip’s team travels to 1958 to intercept Vandal Savage but discovers a series of disappearances.  As Jefferson goes undercover with the local teens, he finds his race could be a big factor while Sara encounters a nurse who is trying to hide her sexuality.  With Kendra and Ray posing as a married couple, they discover interracial romances aren’t common and Vandal Savage could be closer than they expect…plus, the disappearances could have a more sinister aspect to them!

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 9 left behind kendra ray sara caity lotz ciara renee brandon routh

“Left Behind”

1.9       Left Behind Airdate:  03/31/16

Cronos has kidnapped Snart, sent the Waverunner into a uncontrolled dive in time, and stranded Kendra, Ray, and Sara in 1958.  Forced to build a new life, Kendra and Ray grow closer while Sara sets off on her own.  When Rip returns for Ray, Kendra, and Sara, things have changed, but Rip’s team must go on a dangerous rescue mission to save Sara from Ra’s Al Ghul (Matt Nable) and the League of Assassins in Nanda Parbat.  Captain Cold discovers the secret of Chronos.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 10 progeny per degaton rip hunter cory gruter andrew arthur darvill


1.10     Progeny Airdate:  04/07/16

Mick reveals his past as Chronos and seeks revenge on Snart for stranding him while the other members of the team question if Mick can be rehabilitated.  Ray finds his technology being used in Kasnia and learns that he might have a connection.  Kendra suffers flashbacks of her past with Carter and memories of her child.  The team travels to Kasnia in 2147 in hopes of eliminating the threat of Tor’s son Per Degaton (Cory Gruter-Andrew) who aids Savage in his rise to power…but doing this might mean murdering a child.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 11 the magnificent eight cowboy rip hunter ray palmer brandon routh arthur darvill

“The Magnificent Eight”

1.11     The Magnificent Eight Airdate:  04/12/16

The team is on the run from the Time Hunters and hiding in Salvation, South Dakota in 1871.  When Snart kills a member of the Stillwater gang, the team finds themselves standing between a group of angry outlaws and the townspeople of Salvation…but fortunately for them, Jonah Hex (Johnathon Schaech) is on their side.  Kendra encounters a woman (Anna Deavere Smith) who might have a bigger key to her past than she ever expected and Professor Stein seeks to help a young boy with tuberculosis.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 12 last refuge pilgrim faye kingslee

“Last Refuge”

1.12     Last Refuge Airdate:  04/21/16

The Pilgrim (Faye Kingslee) has been sent back in time to eliminate Rip and his team’s younger selves from the timeline and the team is in a race against time to prevent it from happening by finding their younger selves first.  Ray pops the question to Kendra but learns that he might not get the answer he wants.  Jefferson gets the opportunity to meet the father he never knew, but as the Pilgrim gets more desperate, more drastic measure must be taken.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 13 leviathan vs atom brandon routh


1.13     Leviathan Airdate:  04/28/16

It is time for a final showdown with Vandal Savage as Rip’s team finds that their own pasts are crumbling.  Travelling to 2166, Rip and the team plan a last ditch effort to take down Savage once and for all but that means kidnapping someone important to him…his daughter Cassandra (Jessica Sipos).  Vandal has surprises of his own in the form of a beast called Leviathan which will force Palmer to get creative and a very personal revelation for Kendra.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 14 river of time vanishing point zaman druce vandal savage martin donovan casper crump

“River of Time”

1.14     River of Time Airdate:  05/05/16

Learning that Vandal Savage has tampered with time has Rip headed toward the Vanishing Point to get justice and stop the murder of his family by bringing Vandal to justice.  When the Waverider breaks down, Vandal Savage begins to work his magic to turn the crew against each other.  Kendra works to repair the damage done to Carter’s mind leaving Ray in an awkward position.  Jefferson tries to fix the drive of the Waverider and forces Stein to make a decision when an accident occurs.  If Rip can reach Vanishing Point, the Time Master Zaman Druce (Martin Donovan) might have an unexpected surprise for him!

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 15 destiny captain cold wentworth miller


1.15     Destiny Airdate:  05/12/16

Rip and his team learn that their actions have all be predetermined by a device called the Oculus and that Savage’s actions have been encouraged to prevent a Thangarian invasion in Earth’s future.  Stein finds himself dying with Jefferson trapped in the past trying to get back to the future.  Vandal escapes Vanishing Point with Kendra as his prisoner as Rip and his team realize that to save the future, they must restore free will with the destruction of the Oculus.

legends of tomorrow season 1 episode 16 legendary vandal savage killed arthur darvill casper crump ciara renee


1.16     Legendary Airdate:  05/19/16

Snart is dead, and Rip has decided to disband the team after repeat failures to stop Savage…but the team has other ideas.  With Kendra and Carter as his prisoners, Vandal has plans to put himself back in power that could destroy the timeline forever Rip’s team does become the legends that they have proclaimed to be!

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