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Still doing it their way!

Laverne (Penny Marshall) and Shirley (Penny Marshall) continue to try to warm up Milwaukee their own way.  Spending their days at Shotz Brewery, Shirley and Laverne try to find dates and hopefully nice husbands.  With Lenny (Michael McKean) and Squiggy (David L. Lander) always busting in and visits from Laverne’s father (Phil Foster), the “Big Ragu” Carmine (Eddie Mekka), and their landlord Edna (Betty Garrett), Laverne just hopes to keep from busting the face of her nemesis Rosie Greenbaum (Carole White).

Laverne & Shirley—Season 2 aired from March 28, 1976 to April 5, 1977 on ABC.  The Happy Days spinoff continued to gain popularity and surged in ratings.

Laverne & Shirley was part of childhood.  Watching the show was fun and funny and it was the type of show the whole family could watch and laugh at.  There were jokes for kids and adults, and physical pratfalls that fell in line with I Love LucyLaverne & Shirley—Season 2 keeps up the tradition.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 10 christmas at the booby hatch cast

Gotta love a Christmas episode

This season has Laverne and Shirley really find their groove.  The set-up of the first season and the evolution of the cast is complete and the story falls into basic sitcom storytelling.  The stories are “wacky” and typical sitcom fodder (like Laverne & Shirley signing up to be test subjects leading to problems at a party or Laverne being thrown in jail for shoplifting).  That doesn’t mean that they can be entirely dismissed, but viewers probably have seen versions of many of these stories before.

What saves Laverne & Shirley from being just a standard sitcom is the cast.  Penny Marshall’s more promiscuous and opinionated Laverne gets trouble brewing while Cindy Williams belief that she is more sophisticated and calm leads to just as many problems.  David L. Lander and Michael McKeon’s Lenny & Squiggy are fully recognized this season as exacerbators of problems while Eddie Mekka, Phil Foster, and Betty Garrett play nice supporting roles.  This season also tries to introduce Laverne’s foil Rosie Greenbaum played by Carole White who never quite fit in the core group (but was always a fun cameo).

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 22 haunted house suit of armor penny marshall

You’ve got to put that L on everything

The show has a standard sitcom look.  It is almost always set based except the obviously prerecorded sequences at the brewery that they probably shot in one day when the show was initially picked up.  Occasionally the show goes onto the Paramount backlots for episodes like “Drive! She Said”.

Laverne & Shirley is classic fun.  It isn’t revolutionary, but it does hold up due to the spirit and commitment of the characters.  Setting the story in the 1950s has given it a bit of timeless feel because it was already “old” when it aired the first time.  Unlike a lot of sitcoms, kids and adults can still enjoy it.  Revisit Laverne & Shirley and have fun!

Laverne & Shirley—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 1 drive she said penny marshall cindy williams

“Drive, She Said”

2.1       Drive! She Said Airdate:  03/28/76

Shirley (Cindy Williams) has her eye on a car owned by a friend of Carmine (Eddie Mekka).  Unfortunately, Shirley needs Laverne (Penny Marshalls) to pay for half of the car…and Laverne must face her fear of driving.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 2 angels of mercy penny marshall cindy williams nurses

“Angels of Mercy”

2.2       Angels of Mercy Airdate:  10/05/76

Laverne has her eye on her neighbor Jerry Callihan (Charles Frank) while Shirley volunteers at a local hospital to meet doctors.  When Jerry heads to the hospital for knee surgery, Laverne joins Shirley at the hospital to try to win Jerry’s heart.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 3 bachelor mothers fonxie henry winkler penny marshall cindy williams baby

“Bachelor Mothers”

2.3       Bachelor Mothers Airdate:  10/19/76

Stuck at home on a Saturday night, Laverne & Shirley find Fonzie (Henry Winkler) has stopped by with an assignment to watch his godson.  When Shirley is forced to leave the baby with Lenny (Michael McKean) and Squiggy (David L. Lander), disaster strikes!

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 4 excuse me may i cut in dance competition richie cunningham ron howard penny marshall

“Excuse Me, May I Cut In?”

2.4       Excuse Me, May I Cut In? Airdate:  10/26/76

Laverne and Shirley’s TV has died, and the prize of a TV at a school dance has Laverne and Shirley on a date with Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) and Potsie Webber (Anson Williams).

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 5 bridal shower rosie greenbaum carole white penny marshall cindy williams

“Bridal Shower”

2.5       Bridal Shower Airdate:  11/09/76

Laverne and Shirley learn that their old friend Elinor Stefanick (Abbe Kanter) is getting married…before them.  A bridal party at the home of Laverne’s nemesis Rosie Greenbaum (Carole White) brings out the worst in Laverne & Shirley.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 6 look before you leap phil foster penny marshall pregnant

“Look Before You Leap”

2.6       Look Before You Leap Airdate:  11/16/76

Laverne’s got a problem when she thinks she’s pregnant a month after a wild night.  As rumors circulate, Lenny has an offer, and Laverne must tell her father (Phil Foster).

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 7 dear future model cindy williams penny marshall

“Dear Future Model”

2.7       Dear Future Model Airdate:  11/23/76

Laverne and Shirley hope to reach the big leagues and give up the jobs at Shotz…and becoming models might be the key!

laverrne and shirley season 2 episode 8 good time girls penny marshall cindy williams pool hall

“Good Time Girls”

2.8       Good Time Girls Airdate:  11/30/76

Hector (Greg Antonacci) has been rejected over and over again by Shirley and Laverne.  Hector writes Laverne and Shirley’s number on the bathroom wall of a pool hall making them suddenly very popular.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 9 two of our weirdos are missing lenny squiggy circus michael mckean david l landers

“Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing”

2.9       Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing Airdate:  12/07/76

Lenny and Squiggy have hit a bad patch of luck.  When they run away to join the circus, Laverne & Shirley must get them back.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 10 oh hear the angel voices penny marshall cindy williams christmas

“Oh, Hear the Angel Voices”

2.10     Christmas at the Booby Hatch/Oh, Hear the Angel Voices Airdate:  12/21/76

It’s Christmas, and Carmine (Eddie Mekka) has set up a holiday concert at the local hospital…but Shirley has second thoughts when she learns it is a psychiatric hospital.

laverne and shirley seaosn 2 episode 11 guilty until proven not innocent penny marshall jail

“Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent”

2.11     Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent Airdate:  01/04/77

An accident has Laverne arrested for shoplifting from an expensive department store.  Shirley must try to convince the store clerk (Louis Nye) to release Laverne from prison.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 12 anniversary show carole white eddie mekka phil foster betty garrett david l lander michael mckean

“Anniversary Show”

2.12     Anniversary Show/The Laverne & Shirley Birthday Show Airdate:  01/10/77

Laverne and Shirley’s friends are throwing a party for Laverne and Shirley…but when Laverne and Shirley accidentally end up in Canada, the party could be over.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 13 playing hooky cindy williams penny marshall

“Playing Hooky”

2.13     Playing Hooky Airdate:  01/11/77

Laverne & Shirley decide to skip work and have a fun day out.  When they meet two men (Victor Holchak and Arnie Hahn), it could mean for a fun date…with jail!

laverne and shirley season guinea pigs harry shearer cindy williams

“Guinea Pigs”

2.14     Guinea Pigs Airdate:  01/18/77

Edna (Betty Garrett) gives Shirley an invitation to a cocktail party at an upscale hotel…but Laverne and Shirley realize they don’t have the money for the cover charge.  When Lenny and Squiggy reveal their secret for fast cash is by volunteering for science experiments, Laverne and Shirley find themselves in diet and sleep studies.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 15 call me a taxi dancing penny marshall cindy williams

“Call Me a Taxi”

2.15     Call Me a Taxi Airdate:  02/01/77

Shotz has laid off the bottle cappers for three weeks leaving Laverne and Shirley scrambling for jobs.  Carmine’s suggestion of a dance parlor has Laverne and Shirley dancing for money.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 16 stepping out fire hydrant cindy williams penny marshall

“Steppin’ Out”

2.16     Steppin’ Out Airdate:  02/08/77

Laverne and Shirley are running late for a date, but a fire, a lack of water, and a clothing crisis could make it even worse.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 17 buddy can you spare a father scott brady cindy williams

“Buddy, Can You Spare a Father?”

2.17     Buddy, Can You Spare a Father? Airdate:  02/15/77

Shirley’s father (Scott Brady) is in town, and Laverne is tired of him hurting Shirley.  When he stands Shirley up again, Shirley seeks him out to try to bond with him.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 18 honeymoon hotel cindy williams penny marshall

“Honeymoon Hotel”

2.18     Honeymoon Hotel Airdate:  2/22/77

Shirley wins a big weekend at a luxury hotel…unfortunately, it is a honeymoon package and Laverne and Shirley have to find a way to sneak Laverne in.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 19 hi neighbors book 2 lenny squiggy date michael mckean david l lander cindy williams penny marshall

“Hi, Neighbors: Book 2”

2.19     Hi, Neighbors:  Book 2 Airdate:  03/01/77

Squiggy has found love…but when his potential girlfriend stands him up on their big date, Laverne and Shirley find themselves on a date with Lenny and Squiggy to an exclusive French restaurant.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 20 franks fling veronica maureen arthur phil foster

“Frank’s Fling”

2.20     Frank’s Fling Airdate:  03/08/77

Frank returns from a bowling convention with a new girlfriend named Veronica (Maureen Arthur).  Shirley, Laverne, Lenny, Squiggy, Edna, and Carmine realize that Veronica is a grifter and set out to scare her off.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 22 haunted house cindy williams penny marshall

“Haunted House”

2.21     Haunted House Airdate:  03/22/77

Laverne and Shirley’s couch is on its last leg (literally).  When Carmine reveals there is an estate sale at the Ramsdale Manor, Shirley and Laverne must decide if they are willing to brave the haunted house for a deal.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 22 lonely in the middle cindy williams boss

“Lonely in the Middle”

2.22     Lonely at the Middle Airdate:  03/29/77

Lenny and Squiggy are going on strike, and Laverne recalls the time Shirley was made the team boss to prevent a strike.

laverne and shirley season 2 episode 23 citizen crane singing penny marshall cindy williams

“Citizen Crane”

2.23     Citizen Crane Airdate:  04/05/77

Laverne and Shirley might have hit the big time when they meet Charles Pfister Krane (Severn Darden)…the celebrity maker of Milwaukee!  However, Laverne might have to make a big decision.

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