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Welcome to the Land of the Lost, Uncle Jack. Don’t bring up money!

Holly and Will Marshall (Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure) lose their father in the time vortex as earthquakes rock the Land of the Lost.  The earthquakes bring Jack Marshall (Ron Harper) to the Land of the Lost in the search for his brother, niece, and nephew.  With Uncle Jack and their friend Cha-Ka (Philip Paley) who has also lost his people, the Marshalls must find a way to escape the dangers of the Land of the Lost!

Land of the Lost—Season 3 was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.  The series aired from September 11, 1976 to December 4, 1976 on NBC.  The season was the final season of the series and has been collected on DVD.


This season is Cha-Ka full of goodness!

Land of the Lost was replayed a lot in the ’80s.  The goofy series was a Saturday morning staple, but it seems like not much of this season made air.  At the end of Land of the Lost—Season 2, it kind of felt like a conclusion to the series with Holly, Will, and Rick breaking a time loop that brought them to the  Land of the Lost.  At the beginning of Land of the Lost—Season 3, the show is “rebooted” with Spencer Milligan leaving and Ron Harper coming in as “Uncle Jack”.

The writing for Land of the Lost—Season 3 also seems a lot lazier.  The series almost became a Gilligan’s Island with guests just popping into the Land of the Lost for an episode instead of some of the higher concept plots that filled the first two seasons.  All the seasons were pretty light weight, but this season just doesn’t have the sci-fi writing of the other two seasons.


Guess Medusa’s face only changes…green paint is expensive

Like Spencer Milligan, Ron Harper just feels like a camp counselor for Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman who are the stars of the series (Eure frequently pulls out a guitar and bursts into song like every teen star of the day).  Milligan left over a dispute about merchandise and fell through a vortex never to be seen again.  Pakuni Cha-Ka played by Phillip Paley became a regular this season and the Sleestacks were almost regular members of the show.  James Bond villain Richard Kiel appeared twice this season as caveman-esque Malak.

The visuals for the show are also quite weak.  The stop-motion animation isn’t very good and the matte chromakey background are even worse.  The series decided add a couple of dinosaurs to the story with Torchy (a Dimetrodon) and a two-headed dinosaur named Lulu.  This season also featured two almost identical “creatures” called Tappa and Kona who were just guys in suits running around.


With Will’s catchy tunes, I’m sure we’ll get out next season…

Land of the Lost was cheap entertainment…and it makes me feel old.  I was too little to watch Land of the Lost on its first run but saw it in repeats.  While it looks like something from the ’60s, the show actually ran in the mid-’70s.  A great time frame to judge its special effects is that Star Wars came out the summer after it ended.  There have been two attempts to return to the Land of the Lost with a new series running from 1991-1992 on ABC and the Will Ferrell movie Land of the Lost from 2009.

The Land of the Lost—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:



3.1       After-Shock (Episode 31) Airdate:  09/11/76

An earthquake strikes and Holly (Kathy Coleman) and Will Marshall (Wesley Eure) lose their father in time in a pylon.  Holly and Will learn that Cha-Ka (Philip Paley) has also lost his people and that their home is gone.  Now, at their lowest point, Holly and Will discover things have changed in the Land of the Lost and that their uncle Jack (Ron Harper) is now trapped with them.  With their cave destroyed, the Marshalls must take over the Sleestack village.


“Survival Kit”

3.2       Survival Kit (Episode 32) Airdate:  09/18/76

Holly is sick with the flu and only antibiotics from Holly and Will’s survival kit will save her.  While Will and Jack try to get the medicine, Enik (Walter Edmisonthe Sleestack find that their only hope for survival could be robbing the Marshalls for Malak (Richard Kiel).


“The Orb”

3.3       The Orb (Episode 33) Airdate:  09/25/76

The Sleestack learn of a prophecy that a mystical orb could plunge the valley into eternal darkness and restore them to power.  With Enik as their prisoner to manipulate the Marshalls, Will’s discover of a pylon that makes him invisible could to be the key to saving Enik.



3.4       Repairman (Episode 34) Airdate:  10/02/76

The Sleestacks have used a pylon to create solar flares that threaten to destroy the valley with heat waves.  Jack encounters a man called William Blandings (Laurie Main) in the heat that seems to be immune to the scorching heat.  Granting wishes, Blandings finds himself prisoner of the Sleestacks.



3.5       Medusa (Episode 35) Airdate:  10/09/76

When Holly’s boat drifts down the river, she encounters a woman named Meddy (Marian Thompson), but Meddy has a secret and it could mean the death of Holly, Will, Jack, and Cha-Ka.



3.6       Cornered (Episode 36) Airdate:  10/16/76

A new dinosaur has moved into the valley and breaths dangerous fire.  Torchy poisons Will with his tale and only the Sleestacks hold the cure…which they refuse to give it to the Marshalls unless they rid the valley of Torchy!


“Flying Dutchman”

3.7       Flying Dutchman (Episode 37) Airdate:  10/23/76

The discovery of a strange ship in the land of the lost means a possible escape from Will, Holly, and Jack.  Captain Ruben Van de Meer (Rex Holman) requests that Jack and Will get his belongings back from Malak before he can set sale…but Captain Van de Meer is hiding secrets as well.


“Hot-Air Artist”

3.8       Hot-Air Artist (Episode 38) Airdate:  10/30/76

Colonel Roscoe T. Post (David Healy) crash lands in his balloon in the Land of the Lost.  With the hope of escaping, Holly, Will, and Jack work with Roscoe…but Roscoe has his eyes on Cha-Ka and the potential windfall he could bring in the real world.


“Abominable Snowman”

3.9       Abominable Snowman (Episode 39) Airdate:  11/06/76

The discovery of a unicorn by Will and Jack means a birthday present for Holly.  When Toe-Ki runs off, Holly and Cha-Ka go in pursuit, but encounter Tapa who comes from the snowy lands.



3.10     Timestop (Episode 40) Airdate:  11/13/76

Will and Holly find a strange pylon key hidden in the Sleestack tunnels.  With the potential ability to turn back time, the Marshalls realize that it could be their chance to return home…but Enik also needs the key if he wants to save his people.


“Ancient Guardian”

3.11     Ancient Guardian (Episode 41) 11/20/76

A strange statue of a Sleestack is discovered by the Marshalls and moving it causes a beast to begin attacking the Sleestacks.  Holly, Will, and Jack must discover the secret of the statue before the beast turns on them.



3.12     Scarab (Episode 42) 11/27/76

Cha-Ka’s discovery of a beetle leads to an unfortunate bite, and the bite of the scarab brings out the worst in Cha-Ka…which could mean trouble for Will when Cha-Ka steals the Sleestacks’ skull.


“Medicine Man”

3.13     Medicine Man (Episode 43) 12/04/76

A Native American named Lone Wolf (Ned Romero) from 1877 pursued by a U.S. Calvary soldier named Captain Diggs (Gregory Walcott) find their way into the Land of the Lost.  With both in desperate need of medicine, Will, Holly, and Jack must teach them to trust each other if they hope to escape.

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