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That really is a tiny raft…

Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan) and his children Will (Wesley Eure) and Holly (Kathy Coleman) continue their fight for survival in the pocket universe of the Land of the Lost.  As they explore the dinosaur world of the Land of the Lost, they find more mystery and intrigue as they do battle with creatures like the Sleestaks and the Zarn.

The Land of the Lost—Season 2 aired from September 6, 1975 to November 29, 1975.  The Sid and Marty Krofft production aired on Saturday mornings on NBC and has become a cult hit and spawned another series in the 1990s and a 2009 movie starring Will Ferrell.


Junior (Alice’s kid)

In the last episode of Season 1, it was implied that Rick, Holly, and Will had solved the problem of the Land of the Lost (they were caught in a timeloop during their entrance and had to reenter the time loop to break it).  Here, it is as if none of that happened but it also introduced the idea of multiple parallel worlds in this season’s “Split Personality” episode.

I am surprised that despite its often goofy and cheap look, Land of the Lost often has some very high concept science fiction.  It isn’t always done well, but it is sometimes smarter than you’d expect from a cheap Saturday morning TV show for kids…it is too bad that the look and acting isn’t better.


Everyone loves dinosaurs!

With sometimes decent plots, there are often horrible stories that are quite pointless.  Episodes like “Tar Pit” which simply involves getting Dopey out of the tar pit or “Nice Day” which just has some fishing and Holly getting sick briefly.  It is rather hit or miss with the series.

The visuals for the show are also bad.  You have so-so claymation that doesn’t match with the actors.  Tons of blue screen work also appears but not much effort is made to the visuals.  Despite this, you have to love Cha-Ka and the Sleestaks.

Land of the Lost is a goofy throwback series.  It is kind of fun to watch in a nostalgic sense if you grew up with it.  This season marks the departure of Holly and Will’s father Rick played by Spencer Milligan (over money issues) who is replaced in the first episode Land of the Lost—Season 3 by their uncle Jack played by Ron Harper.

Land of the Lost—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Tar Pit”

2.1       Tar Pit (Episode 18) Airdate:  09/06/75

Dopey falls into the tar pit and Rick (Spencer Milligan), Will (Wesley Eure), Holly (Kathy Coleman), and Cha-Ka (Philip Paley) try to rescue him before he sinks too deep.


“The Zarn”

2.2       The Zarn (Episode 19) Airdate:  09/13/75

Will and Rick find a mysterious ship in the Mist Marsh and discover a woman named Sharon Williams (Brooke Bundy) in the ship who claims to be from Will’s street in Indianapolis.  While Rick and Sharon bond, Will and Holly question if Sharon is telling the truth.


“Fair Trade”

2.3       Fair Trade (Episode 20) Airdate:  09/20/27

A cave in the trail leads Rick to being captured by Sleestaks.  Will and Holly go to Enik (Walker Edmiston) and learn that Rick is intended to be a sacrifice for the Sleestak infants unless they can supply a pig to replace him.


“One of Our Pylons Is Missing”

2.4       One of Our Pylons Is Missing (Episode 21) Airdate:  09/27/75

While searching for a pylon, a portal appears in the ground and accidentally consumes Cha-Ka.  Now Will, Holly, and Rick must find a way to save Cha-Ka from the bottomless pit.  When Rick and Holly are pulled into the hole, they find the source of the energy for the Land of the Lost.


“The Test”

2.5       The Test (Episode 22) Airdate:  10/04/75

Cha-Ka is given a test of manhood and learns that he must steal an egg from Big Alice’s nest…and Will and Holly set out to help him.


“Gravity Storm”

2.6       Gravity Storm (Episode 23) Airdate:  10/11/75

Something in a pylon is causing the gravity of the Land of the Lost to rapidly change.  As the cycles go, the Marshalls find themselves immobile and must discover a way to shut down the pylon…but discover the Zarn might be behind the disturbance.


“The Longest Day”

2.7       The Longest Day (Episode 24) Airdate:  10/18/75

The sun stands still in the Land of the Lost, and Rick seeks out Enik for answers.  When Rick is captured by the Sleestaks, Rick under the effects of a gas learns that the Sleestaks consult mystic Library of Skulls for advice…and the skulls might predict the future!


“The Pylon Express”

2.8       The Pylon Express (Episode 25) Airdate:  10/25/75

A special alignment of moons leads to a pylon opening a potential portal to Earth.  When Will and Rick enter the pylon, Holly finds herself trapped in the Land of the Lost alone.


“Nice Day”

2.9       Nice Day (Episode 26) Airdate:  11/01/75

Will goes fishing with Cha-Ka as Holly and Jack work on their trap.  When Holly comes in contact with a poisonous plant, a medicine man could help her.


“Baby Sitter”

2.10     Baby Sitter (Episode 27) Airdate:  11/08/75

Holly convinces Will and Rick to leave her while going on an overnight mapping expedition.  Unfortunately for Holly, the Zarn decides to investigate her…and Holly tries convince Zarn to help Cha-Ka with Ta.


“The Musician”

2.11     The Musician (Episode 28) Airdate:  11/15/75

Rick, Will, Holly, and Cha-Ka find a temple which they believe was created by men.  Holly finds a ring that cannot be removed from her finger while Cha-Ka and his people discover that the temple might have more ties to them than humans…the Builder is coming!


“Split Personality”

2.12     Split Personality (Episode 29) Airdate:  11/22/75

Holly, Rick, and Will are visited by the spirit of another version of Holly.  The spirit asks for help to save the Rick and Will of her reality.



2.13     Blackout (Episode 30) Airdate:  11/29/75

The Land of the Lost is stuck in perpetual darkness and the Sleestaks are responsible.  Rick is forced to team with Enik to try to restart the Land of the Lost before everyone freezes to death.

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