Kronk’s New Groove (2005)

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Dull, episodic story that lacks the appeal of the first film

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Movie Name:  Kronk’s New Groove

Studio: Disney ToonStudios

Genre(s): Animated/Family/Comedy

Release Date(s): December 13, 2005

MPAA Rating: G

kronks new groove yzma eartha kitt

Oh I like Yzma! I’m glad she’s back as the villain…oh…maybe she isn’t

Kronk has turned over a new leaf, but he’s about to find that his “stretching the truth” might come back to bite him. Kronk has fed his father lies that he is married, lives in a big house on a hill, and has children. Now, Kronk’s father is coming to visit and Kronk must build up the lies he’s told or come clean. With time running out, Kronk’s out to get the life of his father’s dream no matter what it cost him!

Directed by Saul Blinkoff and Elliot M. Bour, Kronk’s New Groove is a family comedy. A straight-to-video sequel to the 2000 film The Emperor’s New Groove, the film is frequently packaged with the original film. It received mixed to negative reviews.

Of modern Disney movies, I have a real soft spot for The Emperor’s New Groove. I thought it looked really bad when it was released, but then saw it and loved it. As a comedy it is smart and funny and as a Disney movie, it doesn’t necessarily fit their brand. Kronk’s New Groove is what is expected from a straight-to-video sequel.

kronks new groove raisin bread making scene kronk miss birdwell

Nothing kids like more than sexual innuendo raisin bread making

The story feels really segmented. It is essentially Kronk telling what has happened to him since he learned his father was coming. The first part of the film involves the return of and Kronk’s accidental swindling of the elderly at a home. The second part of the film is Kronk finding love with a rival scout leader. The third part of the film is Kronk’s last desperate plea to cover up the truth of his life when his father arrives. It is rather typical and lacks the level of humor of the first movie (there are a couple of ok jokes).

The one thing that Kronk’s New Groove has going for it is that everyone came back to voice their characters. Often with these straight-to-video movies, you get similar sounding people that just don’t quite match up with the original. Patrick Warburton, Eartha Kitt, David Spade, John Goodman, Wendie Malick, Tracey Ullman, and John Mahoney all provide a solid vocal cast which stands above a lot of standard Disney follow-ups. It is also the last film of long-time character actor John Fiedler who passed before the release.

kronks new groove kuzco drag david spade patrick warburton

…but what if he was a Llama Woman?

The art isn’t quite as strong as the original film, but stylistically matches. It is around the level of a Disney TV series (maybe slightly better), but it doesn’t have all the nuances and detail that the theatrical releases have. A lot of the humor of the first film came from the visuals and playing with the Disney format, and it isn’t evident here.

Kronk’s New Groove is a so-so follow-up to a surprisingly entertaining first outing. The movie feels more like a pilot for a TV series than a real feature film and that is always disappointing (especially considering the vocal talent).  The Emperor’s New Groove, it feels like it is aimed toward adults, but it lacks the edge that made the original work.  Just watch the first one and stop there.

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