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Too easy at points and some control issues

Game Info

Game Name:   Kirby:  Triple Deluxe

Developer(s):   HAL Laboratory

Publisher(s):   Nintendo

Platform(s):  3DS

Genre(s):   Platformer/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):   January 11, 2014 (Japan)/May 2, 2014 (US)

ESRB Rating:   E

kirby triple deluxe cutscene screenshot king dedede

King Dedede….a good frenemy.

Kirby wakes up to discover a beanstalk has pulled his house into the clouds.  Not only is he miles above Dream Land, but King Dedede has been takened by a creature named Taranza.  Kirby sets out to stop the vine invasion and free King Dedede.  Is Taranza the real villain or is there someone or something pulling his strings?

Kirby:  Triple Deluxe is a platformer for the Nintendo 3DS.  The game follows the release of the Kirby’s Dream Collection compilation game for the Wii in 2012 and the Wii original game Kirby’s Return to Dream Land in 2011.  The game includes Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dede’s Drum Dash Deluxe and there are online play modes.

kirby triple deluxe flowery woods boss gameplay screenshot

It wouldn’t be a Kirby game unless you fought a big tree…

Kirby was at the end of the run of the NES.  Though I played it, I didn’t have the affection for Kirby like I did for other NES games.  It was kind of like an easy Mega Man combined with Mario and rather simplistic in its mechanics.  Over the years there have been multiple games with Kirby, but for the most part, they feel the same.

I will say the game looks great on the 3DS and the gameplay actually utilizes the 3D nature of the game with lots of things moving between the foreground and background (including Kirby).  The 3D graphics adds depth to the game and contributes to the gameplay.

The little back-up games in the game are mostly fluff.  Kirby Fighters Deluxe just feels like a scaled back version of Super Smash Brothers and Dede’s Drum Dash Deluxe is a rather pale rhythm game.  Finishing the game allows you play a version of the game with King Dedede (almost along the lines of Super Luigi Bros. for the Wii U) where speed is the primary goal.

kirby triple deluxe queen sectonia ending screenshot gameplay

This version of Queen Sectonia is scarier than the stupid plant version…

The problem with Kirby (this version and other versions) is Kirby himself.  I don’t like how he moves.  Instead of trying to build jumping skill, you can often just fly over the enemies…there is little strategy.  It also can be frustrating sometimes because Kirby doesn’t seem to always move consistently.  The “super-powers” Kirby adopts by eating people often just lead to death so playing as Kirby and ditching a superpower when you get it for the power star it gives you is a better option (especially in boss fights like the last boss).

Kirby has always seemed like the easy Mario to me.  Even back on the NES, Kirby’s Adventure was faster and easier than most Mario games.  This remains true in this entry.  While playing through the game, it feels almost like you are playing for playing’s sake at points and that the challenge is minimal.  There are a few challenging levels but for the most part Kirby:  Triple Deluxe is a cakewalk for veteran players.  Kirby:  Triple Deluxe was followed by Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in 2015 for the Wii U.

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