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8.5 Overall Score
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Still a great game

Wish that they had expanded the game or included some of the other sequel games for a collection

Game Info

Game Name: Katamari Damacy Reroll

Developer(s):  Namco

Publisher(s):  Namco

Platform(s):  Switch/PC

Genre(s):  Action/Adventure/Strategy

Release Date(s):  December 7, 2018

ESRB Rating:  E

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Get rolling!

The King of All Cosmos has destroyed the stars and it is up to the Prince to go to Earth to restore the Milky Way.  Armed with a katamari, the Prince must roll up the ingredients needed to remake the moon and the stars in an effort to restore order.  Anything can make a star, nails, sushi, or people…get rolling!

Katamari Damacy Reroll is an action puzzle game.  The game is a remastered version of the critically acclaimed classic 2004 PlayStation 2 game Katamari Damacy and was released for the Nintendo Switch and PC to positive reviews.

Katamari Damacy is one of those bizarre, completely original games.  I had the original version for the PS2 and played it into the ground.  Each time you play, though you might have a pattern, things seem to turn out a bit different…and the remastered version of the game carries over this fun.

katamari damacy reroll cancer constellation cutscene

I’ve never been so excited…to get Cancer

The game is just crazy.  Depending on the level, you start at different sizes and roll, roll, roll until you meet the size requirement.  Constellation levels often have different goals (like finding a big bear, capturing twins, or rolling up women), and honestly, I never found them as much fun as the mindless rolling.  The King of All Cosmos’s dialogue sometimes rivals that of Portal’s sidekick character and once again, it is inane and crazy.  It has to be played to be understood.

The controls are both ingenious and frustrating.  It is often hard to gauge what you can roll up and what will bounce you and this often leaves you stuck or spinning off into infinity.  Getting control of the Katamari can sometimes take a bit and when time is ticking down, it is frustrating.  I’ve never seen much of a point to fast spins or jumping…it just generally seems to happen when you don’t want it to.

katamari damacy reroll cutscene family graphics ending

Yeah…this family…did something?

The game is enhanced by the bizarre soundtrack which sometimes involves rhythmic chanting, slow singing ballads, and just a number of catchy tunes.  The yells and screams of people as you roll them up is worth the admission (and the cutscenes just leave you scratching you head).  The game looks better, but the minimal nature of Katamari Damacy means that the “Reroll” aspect of it isn’t mindblowing.

Katamari Damacy is a classic and Reroll hopefully introduces it to new players.  Could this version of the game be better?  Definitely…but in general, it is a solid game and feels more like the new-wave independent game flood we are seeing now.  The original Katamari Damacy was followed by We Love Katamari in 2005, but I’m doubting we see a reroll of that so just keep the Prince moving in this game!

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