Justice League 7: The Darkseid War—Part 1

justice league volume 7 the darkseid war part 1 cover
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Fun culmination of New 52 storylines

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Comic Name:  Justice League (Volume 2)/DC Sneak Peak:   Justice League

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Geoff Johns

Artist:  Jason Fabok/Kevin Maguire/Phil Jimenez/Dan Jurgens/Jerry Ordway/Scott Kolins/Jim Lee/Scott Williams

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2015

justice league #40 cover darkseid war variant

Justice League (2) #40 Variant

Reprints Justice League (2) #40-44 and DC Sneak Peek:  Justice League #1 (June 2015-November 2015).  Darkseid has returned!  When the Justice League formed to save the Earth, the fear that Darkseid would someday return was always in the back of the minds of everyone on Earth.  When a woman named Grail appears as a harbinger to the Anti-Monitor, the Justice League and Mister Miracle learn that Earth will be the battlefield that could determine the fate of the universe!

Written by Geoff Johns, Justice League Volume 7:  The Darkseid War—Part 1 is part of the New 52 relaunch of the DC Universe.  Following Justice League Volume 6:  Injustice League, the collection features art by Jason Fabok, Kevin Maguire, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams.

The New 52 was a little spark in the DC Comics world.  It brought in new artists, new ideas, and new readers.  The whole world was based on the events of Flashpoint and the idea that Earth’s heroes surfaced in the battle to stop Darkseid from taking over the planet.  Justice League:  The Darkseid War is the culmination of this event.

justice league #41 cover darkseid war variant

Justice League (2) #41 Variant

This volume seeks to introduce Grail as Darkseid’s daughter and introduces the Anti-Monitor to the New 52 DCU.  The Anti-Monitor was previously mentioned in the massive crossover Forever Evil which had the villains from Earth-3 fleeing the destruction of the Anti-Monitor and going to the DCU Earth, but here, the danger feels more real.  In typical New 52 comic book fashion, the collateral damage from this battle seems astronomical, but the heroes (of course) stand firm.

Though I do enjoy the volume, I will say that DC seems to use Darkseid as a crutch sometimes.  Marvel seems to do a better job balancing their big events and the enemies they use (of course Darkseid’s Marvel equivalent Thanos is used more and more in the same way).  Whenever something really bad happens it is generally Darkseid.  The New 52 just shifted the worlds so it was a “new” threat from Darkseid.

The Anti-Monitor brought an end to the DC Universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths and rumors of the New 52 DCU ending meant that anything could happen in this volume.  Much like the Earth-2 series, the New 52 Justice League feels a bit more dangerous than previous versions of the team…and this definitely has you picking up the next volume.  Justice League 7:  The Darkseid War—Part 1 was followed by Justice League 8:  The Darkseid War—Part 2.

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