Justice League Unlimited—Season 3

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So very many heroes…so very little time!

The Justice League’s ultimate enemies have joined forces under Gorilla Grodd, and the Legion of Doom has its sights on the Justice League!  As Lex Luthor tries to reconnect with the godhood he tasted with Brainiac, the Justice League finds that they are facing evil on all sides.  Lex’s plan could backfire and the result could threaten Earth!

Justice League Unlimited—Season 3 aired from September 17, 2005 to May 13, 2006.  The final season was collected and released as Justice League Unlimited—Season 2 on DVD despite most people recording that Justice League Unlimited was three thirteen episode seasons (and some considered it Justice League—Season 5).


In Justice League Unlimited even these guys get their chance to shine!

I really like that this season tackled the Legion of Doom.  I have always been more of a villain and supporting character guy and this series was made for me.  With a great roster of supporting character, Justice League Unlimited feels like it was made for me.  Though this season has a lot going right for it, however, it isn’t as strong as previous seasons.

It could be that knowing that “this is the end” but the season is a bit more abrupt than other seasons.  It feels like the thirteen episodes could have been expanded and the Legion of Doom could have been played with more (or even its own series).  The problem with Justice League Unlimited is that the possibilities are limitless.


Batman and Superman go ape about Justice League Unlimited!

With a rich collection of heroes, Justice League Unlimited could go on forever.  I love that the series takes the time to focus on oddball heroes since Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the like have all had their time in the spotlight.  Seeing the bit players in animation and with their own stories is a little thrill…it is things like this that got me into comics in the first place with shows like Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends that would frequently have guest stars.

The Justice League Unlimited was an unnecessarily short.  Each season of this series was fun and it is too bad that it didn’t continue.   I wish that the show had run for seasons upon seasons and there was definitely enough material for more.  The Justice League will surely rise again and I would hope that it would tie into this series.

Justice League Unlimited—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“I Am Legion”

3.1       I Am Legion Airdate;  09/17/05

Lex Luthor has escaped prison with the help of Gorilla Grodd and Grodd has revealed his ultimate creation…the Legion of Doom!  Forced to work with the Legion to regain his omnipotence he lost with Brainiac, Luthor and the Legion head to Blackhawk Island…putting them at odds with Hawkgirl, Flash, Fire, and original Blackhawk Chuck Sirianni.


“Shadow of the Hawk”

3.2       Shadow of the Hawk Airdate:  09/17/05

A man calling himself Carter Hall approaches Hawkgirl about discovering Thanagarian sword in a tomb in ancient Egypt.  When Batman discovers Hall is obsessed with Hawkgirl, Batman decides to follow them…and learns Carter isn’t who he claims to be.


“Chaos at Earth’s Core”

3.3       Chaos at the Earth’s Core Airdate:  09/24/05

Stargirl tries to deal with Supergirl’s popularity and finds herself, Stripe, Supergirl, and Green Lantern pulled to Skartaris where Supergirl’s powers are reduced by the large amount of Kryptonite.  Joining the battle of Warlord against Deimos, the Justice League finds that Deimos has help from Silver Banshee and Metallo.


“To Another Shore”

3.4       To Another Shore Airdate:  09/24/05

Wonder Woman tries to convince Martian Manhunter to interact more with humanity as she prepares to attend a world conference on global warming at a glacier retreat.  When the Legion of Doom targets a Viking ship inside of the glacier which could hold the key to immortality, the Justice League must jump into action.


“Flash and Substance”

3.5       Flash and Substance Airdate:  02/11/06

Central City is celebrating the Flash by building a museum to its hero.  Inviting Batman and Orion to the ceremony, Flash finds the Rogues Captain Cold, Trickster, Captain Boomerang, and Mirror Master have teamed-up to destroy him!


“Dead Reckoning”

3.6       Dead Reckoning Airdate:  02/18/06

Deadman questions why he hasn’t passed on since he avenged his death with Batman’s help and learns that he must avenge the death of his Master which has yet to occur.  When the Legion of Doom raids Nanda Parbat, Deadman must go to the Justice League for help to stop Gorilla Grodd…which leads to a trip to Gorilla City!


“Patriot Act”

3.7       Patriot Act Airdate:  02/25/06

General Eiling continues to seek out means to stop the Justice League…even if it means risking his life with an experimental drug.  When a transformed Eiling attacks a parade demanding Superman, he finds himself in battle with the Shining Knight, Vigilante, Green Arrow, Stargirl, and Stripe.


“The Great Brain Robbery”

3.8       The Great Brain Robbery Airdate:  03/04/06

Lex Luthor’s attempt to tap into Gorilla Grodd’s mind at the same time the Justice League are trying to spy on the Legion of Doom leads to a disastrous mind switch between Flash and Lex Luthor.  As Lex Luthor tries to escape the Justice League in Flash’s body, the Flash tries to determine what the Legion of Doom’s latest attack is going to be without revealing who he is to the Legion.


“Grudge Match”

3.9       Grudge Match Airdate:  03/11/06

Roulette finds she needs new fighters for her Metabrawl and goes to Lex Luthor for help.  Hacking into the Justice League’s security, she takes control of Huntress, Black Canary, Vixen, and Hawkgirl for her arena…with her biggest surprise planned for the final round.


“Far from Home”

3.10     Far from Home Airdate:  04/15/06

Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow find themselves transported to the 31st Century by Bouncing Boy and Brainiac-5 and learn that the Legion of Super-Heroes have been captured and brainwashed by the Fatal Five…and one of them won’t be going home!


“Ancient History”

3.11     Ancient History Airdate:  04/29/06

The Shadow Thief has attacked Green Lantern, Shayera, and Hawkman and shows the truth of Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s past…forcing Green Lantern to make a decision about his relationship with Vixen.



3.12     Alive! Airdate:  05/06/06

Luthor’s Legion of Doom prepares to resurrect Brainiac but instead accidentally resurrects Darkseid.  With Darkseid back on Apokolips, Earth once again is in his targets…and the Legion of Doom might have to turn to the Justice League for help.



3.13     Destroyer Airdate:  05/13/06

Earth is facing the danger of Darkseid and his army, and the Justice League finds themselves teamed with their enemies the Legion of Doom in a last stitch episode to save the Earth.

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