Justice League Unlimited—Season 2

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 8/10

Great follow-up season with a good plot

Some so-so episodes


The Justice League is coming for you!

The Justice League is back and facing more problems on a global scale.  As Lex Luthor begins a run at the Presidency, nothing seems to be going right for the Justice League.  With debates about the morality of a world police that is more powerful than any human, the Justice League also finds the world turning against them when they display the power of their orbiting satellite.  Public opinion is turning against the League…and Luthor’s got a big surprise up his sleeve.

Justice League Unlimited—Season 2 aired from February 5, 2005 to July 23, 2005.  The series continued to receive critical acclaim and strong ratings.  The series was collected as Justice League Unlimited—Season 1 and Justice League Unlimited—Season 2 though most consider the series split into three thirteen episode seasons (and sometimes it is just considered Justice League—Season 4)


Stand proud with the Justice League!

I liked the Justice League series but Justice League Unlimited rocked.  Wish so many character choices and interesting combinations, the show has a lot of room for exploration…unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough episodes to cover it all.

The thing about Justice League Unlimited is that even the oddest heroes get their chance.  Characters like Vigilante get to mix with Wildcat, the New Gods get to mingle with the Suicide Squad, and Captain Marvel gets to battle with Task Force X…in theory.  There are so many characters in Justice League Unlimited, that it is a good chance your favorites will barely get a word in edgewise.


The Justice League faces criticism

The art is quite strong, and I do enjoy the designs.  With the deep roster, there is plenty of room for interpretation of the characters.  I enjoy the switch ups from the comic book series and most of the relationships still feel genuine even if they are changed.

The last episode of this season really is a stand-alone from the rest of the episodes.  With no resolution to Batman Beyond, the series had a “final episode” here after the end of Batman Beyond—Season 3.  It is kind of a strange episode with Terry discovering the origins of his birth years after adopting the mantle of Batman…it isn’t very fulfilling for a one-off if you watched Batman Beyond however and a bit jarring here.

Justice League Unlimited is a fun series and a must for comic fans.  This shows how DC series have teeth and could easily give Marvel movies a run for their money if DC gets their act together (especially since they own all their own material).  I look forward DC trying to get on the wagon, and I hope that they use shows like Justice League Unlimited as a model.

Justice League Unlimited—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Cat and the Canary”

2.1       The Cat and the Canary Airdate:  02/05/05

Black Canary learns Wildcat is participating in underground fighting and enlists Green Arrow to help her get Ted to quit.  When Black Canary and Green Arrow Ted try to force Ted to stop, Roulette has different ideas.


“The Ties that Bind”

2.2       The Ties that Bind (aka Miracles Happen) Airdate:  02/12/05

Virman Vundabar and Granny Goodness are making their move to take over Apokolips in Darkseid’s absence and Mister Miracle and Big Barda must make sure that doesn’t happen…leading to a team up with the Justice League and Flash.


“The Doomsday Sanction”

2.3       The Doomsday Sanction Airdate:  02/19/05

A scientist at Cadmus releases Doomsday to get revenge on Waller, but Doomsday heads after Superman as the Justice League tries to stop a volcano from exploding.  Superman battles Doomsday, and Batman begins to question if the Justice League could become the Justice Lords.


“Task Force X”

2.4       Task Force X Airdate:  05/21/05

Rick Flag has assembled a team to raid the Justice League’s satellite.  Plastique, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and Clock King are on a mission as Task Force X…now they must serve or die!


“The Balance”

2.5       The Balance Airdate:  05/28/05

Felix Faust has accidentally been released and takes control of Hades.  Wonder Woman is forced to put her differences with Hawkgirl behind her to team up and stop Faust before it is too late…which could lead to Wonder Woman learning the truth about her powers.


“Double Date”

2.6       Double Date Airdate:  06/04/05

Huntress’ attempt to avenge her parents by killing their killer leads to her expulsion from the Justice League.  Huntress goes to the Question for help…pitting them directly against Green Arrow and Black Canary.



2.7       Clash Airdate:  06/11/05

Captain Marvel is now a member of the Justice League.  When he accidentally endorses Lex Luthor, Captain Marvel finds himself at odds with the Justice League…and Superman.


“Hunter’s Moon”

2.8       Hunter’s Moon Airdate:  06/18/05

The Justice League gets an alert and Green Lantern finds his current girlfriend Vixen teamed with his ex-girlfriend Hawkgirl and Vigilante in a mission to rescue Nth miners on an alien planet.  When the Justice League team arrives, they discover that it is a trap by Paran Dul and the Thanagarians to get revenge on Hawkgirl for betraying her people.


“Question Authority”

2.9       Question Authority Airdate:  06/25/05

The Question and Huntress break into Cadmus’ secret files leading the Question to learn the truth of what could happen to the world if the course of actions continues.  When the Question confronts both Superman and Lex Luthor, he finds his answer to the problem isn’t as simple as it seems.  Meanwhile, the Huntress is forced to team with Superman and finds Captain Atom has been recruited by the military.



2.10     Flashpoint Airdate:  07/02/05

Superman is forced to battle Captain Atom to rescue the Question, but Cadmus and Amanda Waller see the attack as a threat.  With Lex Luthor plotting to reveal his hand, the Justice League debates their role in the protection of the world…leading to tragedy!


“Panic in the Sky”

2.11     Panic in the Sky Airdate:  07/09/05

The Justice League has been blamed for the discharge of their laser and the destruction on Earth…leading to the original team to be forced to turn themselves in.  Disobeying orders, Batman searches for the truth about the attack while Amanda Waller orders Galatea lead a team of clones to the Justice League Satellite to stop the Justice League once and for all!


“Divided We Fall”

2.12     Divided We Fall Airdate:  07/16/05

Lex Luthor is revealed to be possessed by Brainiac!  The Justice League battles to defeat Brainiac and Lex Luthor and the Justice League will never be the same again!



2.13     Epilogue Airdate:  07/23/05

Terry McGinnis has spent years as Batman but has uncovered the surprising truth about his origins.  Hunting down Amanda Waller, Terry is about to learn why he has Bruce Wayne’s DNA!

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