Justice League Unlimited—Season 1

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Fun cast of characters

Needs to be a longer season so everyone gets a shot


We’re not just the Justice League!

The Justice League is bigger and better than ever.  With a layers and layers of heroes all with the goal of saving the world, the world has never been safer…or are there just more threats?  With the team turned to children, sentient robots, new members, and trips into the past and the future, the Justice League has more challenges than ever!

Justice League Unlimited—Season 1 aired from July 31, 2004 to January 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network.  Following the two season Justice League, Justice League Unlimited is packaged as Justice League Unlimited—Season 1 and Justice League Unlimited—Season 2, despite really being split into three thirteen episode seasons.


Who gets their story told next?

The Justice League series is just fun.  The switch to Justice League Unlimited just opened the series up to more and more characters.  The best part of this series is tuning in for the odd and surprising cameos…I wouldn’t have guessed I would have seen an animated Bat Lash or Hawk and Dove (played by Wonder Years “brothers” Jason Hervey and Fred Savage).  The show is just loaded with characters including a mock-up of the Super Friends’ Black Vulcan, Wonder Twins, Apache Chief, and Samurai as the Ultimen.  With the expansion of both Marvel Comics and DC Comics into live action TV and movies, I’m constantly surprised who is becoming “mainstream”.


Booster Gold gives this review his seal of approval!

The storylines are pretty simple.  There is a two-part season “finale”, but for the most part the stories are stand-alone episodes with some throwbacks to earlier Justice League episodes (like Hawkgirl’s problems in “Waking the Dead”).  I wish with such a full roster of characters that this had been a longer, bigger run series.

Justice League Unlimited continues a great DC tradition of strong animated series which started with Batman:  The Animated Series.  The show features great characters, great stories, and shows the potential of DC in a world dominated by Marvel movies (Marvel’s TV hasn’t equaled DC’s staying power as of yet).  I wish we could see more Justice League Unlimited to past season 3 someday.

Justice League Unlimited—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:



1.1       Initiation Airdate:  07/31/04

Green Arrow is contacted by Green Lantern as the Justice League begins a bigger push to organize the Earth’s heroes.  Green Arrow denies his interest in the group but finds himself sent to Chong-Mai with Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Supergirl to stop a potential nuclear meltdown…only to find something worse.


“For the Man Who Has Everything”

1.2       For the Man Who Has Everything Airdate:  08/07/04

It is Superman’s birthday and Batman and Wonder Woman travel to the Fortress of Solitude to see him.  When they arrive they find Superman at the mercy of Mongul who is using a Black Mercy plant to send Superman in a fantasy world where Krypton was never destroyed.  As Wonder Woman battles Mongul, Batman has to find a way to convince Superman to leave his perfect world.


“Kids’ Stuff”

1.3       Kids’ Stuff Airdate:  08/14/04

Mordred disobeys his mother Morgaine le Fey and orders all the adults of the world to be banished.  With the help of Morgaine, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are transformed into children and set out to repair the damage done by Mordred.


“Hawk and Dove”

1.4       Hawk and Dove Airdate:  08/21/04

Ares is pushing for war in Europe and only the Justice League can stop him.  Wonder Woman finds herself teamed with Hawk and Dove to try to stop a machine called the Annihilator…which is fueled by hate!


“This Little Piggy”

1.5       This Little Piggy Airdate:  08/28/04

Batman and Wonder Woman face off against Circe…leaving Wonder Woman transformed into a pig. Batman must team with Zatanna to restore Wonder Woman but is forced to call in the Justice League when Wonder Woman escapes into the city.


“Fearful Symmetry”

1.6       Fearful Symmetry Airdate:  09/04/04

Supergirl is having nightmares that are becoming dangerous.  With fears that she might have repressed memories of her time S.T.A.R. Labs, Supergirl teams with Green Arrow and the Question to investigate her past…leading her to Cadmus and a clone named Galatea.


“The Greatest Story Never Told”

1.7       The Greatest Story Never Told Airdate:  09/11/04

Booster Gold thinks a battle with Mordu is finally his chance to shine and get his name out there…unfortunately, Booster is sidelined by Batman. When Booster learns about a scientist who accidentally creates a black hole inside of himself, Booster finds himself fighting alone to try to stop disaster.


“The Return”

1.8       The Return Airdate:  09/18/04

The Justice League finds themselves charged with protecting Lex Luthor when he is targeted by Amazo. As Dr. Fate seeks to prevent disaster, the Justice League tries to find a way to stop Amazo before the Earth is destroyed.



1.9       Ultimatum Airdate:  12/04/04

Maxwell Lord’s Ultimen team up with the Justice League, and Long Shadow wishes he could join the Justice League.  When the Ultimen learn that they were created by Cadmus and terminal, the Ultimen fight back!


“Dark Heart”

1.10     Dark Heart Airdate:  12/11/04

The Justice League finds an alien nanotechnology creature invading and that their attacks just multiply the danger.  When the Justice League discovers that a device inside the robots allows for the replication, the Atom could be the Justice League’s best hope.


“Wake the Dead”

1.11     Wake the Dead Airdate:  12/18/04

Three teens accidentally reawaken Solomon Grundy and the Justice League fights to contain him.  The danger of Solomon Grundy being killed after his sacrifice forces Shayera Hol to return to action as Hawkgirl.


“The Once and Future Thing—Part 1: Weird Western Tales”

1.12     The Once and Future Thing—Part 1:  Weird Western Tales Airdate:  01/22/05

A confrontation with Cronos leads Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Lantern sent back to the Old West…leading teaming ups with Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, El Diablo, and Pow-Wow Smith in a battle with Tobias Manning who is using future technology to take over the town.


“The Once and Future Thing—Part 2: Warped”

1.13     The Once and Future Thing—Part 2:  Warped Airdate:  01/29/05

Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batman pursue Cronos into the future where they find themselves teamed with Warhawk, an older Static, and Terry McGinnis…and Green Lantern is about to learn an aspect of his future.

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