Journey Into Mystery 2: Fear Itself Fallout

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Asgardian centric comic

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Comic Info

Comic Name:  Journey Into Mystery (Volume 4)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Kieron Gillen/Rob Rodi

Artist:  Pasqual Ferry/Richard Elson/Whilce Portacio/Doug Braithwaite

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2012

journey into mystery #629 cover loki thor fear itself

Journey Into Mystery (4) #629

Reprints Journey Into Mystery (4) #626.1-631 (October 2011-January 2012).  The Serpent’s attack on Asgard is forcing Loki to make some tough decisions.  While his brother Thor is fighting for the kingdom, Loki is fighting to keep honest as he works in Asgard’s best interest…but the best interest of Asgard might not be best for Thor.  As Asgard reaches a crossing point, a new Asgard will rise, and Loki could be standing at the gates.

Written by Kieron  Gillen and Rob Rodi, Journey Into Mystery Volume 2:  Fear Itself Fallout is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following Journey Into Mystery Volume 1:  Fear Itself, the volume features art by Pasqual Ferry, Richard Elson, Whilce Portacio, and Doug Braithwaite.  Issues in the volume were also collected as part of Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen:  The Complete Collection—Volume 1 and Loki:  Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen Omnibus.

I didn’t love the Fear Itself storyline and found it rather forgettable…which makes reading Journey Into Mystery 2:  Fear Itself Fallout a bit of a challenge to read.  Despite this, I like Gillen’s focus on the characters of Asgard and particularly Loki…I just wish it was more separated from the Thor books.

The volume does a decent job reminding and refreshing the readers of the events of Fear Itself and what is happening over in Thor.  Largely, Loki plays into the events and is playing his own game to help save Asgard, but he doesn’t always play fair…and people pay as a result.  Overall Loki is doing what he’s doing for the good of Asgard, but the question throughout this run is if Loki is still the God of Mischief he’s always been or if he’s turned over a new leaf.

journey into mystery #631 cover review loki

Journey Into Mystery (4) #631

It appears since it is told from Loki’s perspective, that he really isn’t trying to be evil…but sometimes it just turns out that way.  That is the clever part of this series.  The stories of the gods are cyclical (especially as demonstrated by the Ragnarok storyline which “reset” the Thor mythos).  Despite the cycle being broken, Loki and the other still seem to fall into the patters that have been destine for them.  It isn’t necessarily fair for Loki but there is predestination meets free will.

The story also contains Journey Into Mystery #626.1 which is meant to during the events of Journey Into Mystery #622.  The point one issues have always been problematic to me.  They originally were conceived to be jump on points for new readers, but often they are both dull for new readers and unnecessary for those following the series.  I like the idea of this issue and it does fit in with the overall theme of Loki’s redemption, but it also feels out of place in this collection.

Journey Into Mystery has been a fun title.  I love supporting characters and this series gives the rich Asgardian cast a bit more opportunity to bloom.  I wish the whole series had been about Asgard in general instead of being Loki-centric, but I enjoy the Loki stories as well.  Journey Into Mystery 2:  Fear Itself Fallout is followed by Journey Into Mystery 3:  The Terrorism Myth.

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