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Often culturally derogatory with cliche stereotypes of non-American characters, has to be put in context

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Jonny is kind of a weird looking kid…

Dr. Benton Quest is one of the world’s greatest scientists.  His pursuit of knowledge has brought him fame but also danger.  With his son Jonny, his adopted son Hadji, and his bodyguard Race Bannon, Quest is seeking means of making humans strive higher and farther by exploring all corners of the Earth.  Jonny joins his father in facing dangers from scientists like Dr. Zin, invisible monsters, and creatures never seen by modern men.  Jonny has a knack for finding trouble…but trouble also better watch out for Jonny Quest!

Jonny Quest was a Hanna-Barbera action-adventure animated series.  The original series only aired one season with twenty six episodes on ABC in primetime on Friday nights from September 18, 1964 to March 11, 1965.  The series quickly gained a cult following and has run in reruns and relaunches since its creation.

jonny quest episode 11 skull and double crossbones bandit riding dolphin scuba

Because you have to have a goofy dog that causes 90% of the problems…

Even fifteen years after Jonny Quest originally aired, it aired regularly.  I can remember watching the show and loving it.  It was a series that was a bit scary, a bit more adult, and full of adventure…something a kid would love.  Over the years, Jonny has become a little un-PC…and difficult (I can remember that in the 1990s, they talked about it not airing again on regular TV).  Jonny Quest is still a great series, but it has to be taken in the context of the time it was created and the style in which it is mimicking.

The series has a white savior motif for most of the episodes.  If it isn’t a scientific investigation, Dr. Quest is often called in to save people from the dangers that only he can solve.  The Quest meet the foreigners, fix things, and move on…the people can’t even determine that people are dressing up like yetis without the Quests’ help.  It is insulting, but despite this, Quest often treats the cultures correctly and accepts beliefs of those in the culture…it is generally treated uneven, but it is there sometimes.

I shall fool foolish natives into believing I’m their god…and I’m trying out for the Blue Man Group

In addition to the white savior, the characters are often presented as stereotypes.  They have bad voice acting that plays up their foreign clichés (especially Asian characters).  Hadji is both a problem and a positive model.  Quest (in general) treats him like a son and like Jonny (he adopts him after Hadji saves his life in India), but there is still an uneven presentation.  Hadji practices his native culture but it is a stereotype.  He’s a snake charmer and knows levitation…it is hard to justify the portrayal today.

What does make Jonny Quest watchable is what it is attempting to do.  The series was meant to be kind of a serial with Jonny facing danger in exotic locations like Indiana Jones later did in a similar fashion.  This does help explain the racism and cultural criticisms of the cartoon, but it doesn’t make it any better by today’s standards.  The episodes are generally exciting and a bit of a precursor to Scooby-Doo with “creature of the week” type enemies.

jonny quest episode 20 the invisible monster screaming

…and I’m forever scarred due to this monstrosity

The animation for the series is rather slick.  It does reuse a lot of the animation in episodes, but the animation is strong.  You have a very dark cartoon with some unusual framing which is actually better than a lot of cartoon work from the time (I find that cartoons of the period often have framing issues…but Jonny Quest doesn’t have this problem with most shots).  The art is married to a good and memorable score which completes the package.

Jonny Quest is a rather dark cartoon.  Characters die (a lot), and Race and even Jonny are often responsible (one episode has Race throwing a live grenade into a jeep full of people…boom).  I can still remember being terrified by “The Invisible Monster” episode, and it still is rather intense today when compared to modern “children’s” cartoons.  It is a classic series that had a lasting impact on other animated series and even still has an effect on shows like The Venture Bros. which parodies Jonny Quest.  I still think the show has value, but it must be prefaced with some explanation if you want to introduce younger viewers to it.

Jonny Quest—The Complete Series Episode Guide:

jonny quest episode 1 the mystery of the lizard men

“The Mystery of the Lizard Men”

Episode 1  The Mystery of the Lizard Men Airdate:  09/18/64

The disappearance of ships in the Sargasso Sea leads Dr. Quest to be called in with his son Jonny and his bodyguard Race Bannon.  When Race and Jonny go to explore an old ship with Jonny’s dog Bandit, the danger reveals itself!

jonny quest episode 2 arctic splashdown captured

“Arctic Splashdown”

Episode 2  Arctic Splashdown Airdate:  09/25/64

An experimental rocket’s downing in the Arctic has Dr. Quest called in to investigate.  Dr. Quest, Race, Jonny, and Hadji find themselves in a race to get the rocket before someone else does.

jonny quest the curse of anubis mummy ahmed kareem

“The Curse of Anubis”

Episode 3  The Curse of Anubis Airdate:  10/02/64

A statue of Anubis is stolen by Ahmed Kareem.  Kareem’s goal to unite the Arab people involves framing Dr. Quest…but a vengeful mummy might have the ultimate revenge.

jonny quest episode 4 pursuit of the po ho amazon natives

“Pursuit of the Po-Ho”

Episode 4  Pursuit of the Po-Ho Airdate:  10/09/64

Dr. Quest’s friend is kidnapped by Amazon natives leading Dr. Quest to try to negotiate his release.  When Dr. Quest is captured, Hadji, Jonny, and Race must discover a way to free him.

jonny quest episode 5 riddle of the gold hadji race hostages

“Riddle of the Gold”

Episode 5  Riddle of the Gold Airdate:  10/16/64

The sudden rise in gold being mined in an abandoned Indian mine has Jonny, Hadji, Race, and Dr. Quest investigating…and Dr. Zin has plans for Dr. Quest.

jonny quest episode 6 treasure of the temple race bannon

“Treasure of the Temple”

Episode 6  Treasure of the Temple Airdate:  10/23/64

Dr. Quest is called in to investigate a Mayan temple, but Dr. Quest, Jonny, Hadji, and Race find themselves the target of a treasure hunter who is searching for the riches.

jonny quest episode 7 calcutta adventure hadji saves dr quest

“Calcutta Adventure”

Episode 7  Calcutta Adventure Airdate:  10/30/64

Jonny, Race, Hadji, and Dr. Quest recall a mission in India to uncover the source of a mysterious illness and meeting an Indian boy named Hadji.

jonny quest episode 8 the robot spy spider

“The Robot Spy”

Episode 8  The Robot Spy Airdate:  11/06/64

When an odd craft lands near Dr. Quest’s research facility, Dr. Quest discovers a spider-like creature inside that could steal the secrets of a ray gun he is working on for Dr. Zin.

jonny quest episode 9 double danger race bannon impersonator korchek

“Double Danger”

Episode 9  Double Danger Airdate:  11/13/64

As Dr. Quest works on a hallucinogenic drug to help astronauts with long-term space travel, Dr. Zin targets the drug for his own plans…and sends in Korchek to replace Race Bannon!

jonny quest episode 10 shadow of the condor heinrich von frohleich

“Shadow of the Condor”

Episode 10  Shadow of the Condor Airdate:  11/20/64

An emergency landing in the Andes has Jonny, Hadji, Race, and Dr. Quest staying with a World War I flying ace naved Baron Heinrich von Frohleich who intends to complete his desired record in a dogfight with Race!

jonny quest episode 11 skull and double crossbones gold coin

“Skull and Double Crossbones”

Episode 11  Skull and Double Crossbones Airdate:  11/27/64

Dr. Quest underwater research hits a snag when Jonny discovers a sunken ship.  When pirates force Jonny to collect the underwater treasure, the danger grows.

jonny quest epsiode 12 the dreadful doll voodoo

“The Dreadful Doll”

Episode 12  The Dreadful Doll Airdate:  12/04/64

Dr. Quest is called in to dispel rumors of voodoo zombies and finds himself the target.

jonny quest episode 13 a small matter of pygmies hadji banditEpisode 13  A Small Matter of Pygmies Airdate:  12/11/64

When trying to deliver a message to Dr. Quest, Race, Hadji, and Jonny crash into the jungle. When they rescue a pygmy from sacrifice, they find themselves prisoners of his tribe.

jonny quest episode 14 dragons of ashida

“Dragons of Ashida”

Episode 14  Dragons of Ashida Airdate:  12/18/64

Dr. Quest is travelling to Japan to visit his peer Dr. Ashida.  When he arrives at the island with Race, Jonny, and Hadji, he discovers that Ashida has gone insane and rules the island with genetically engineered “dragons”.

jonny quest episode 15 turu the terrible pteranodon

“Turu the Terrible”

Episode 15  Turu the Terrible Airdate:  12/24/64

A trip to the Amazon for materials to help the space race has Dr. Quest investigating a rare metal called Trinoxide.  When the natives report of a terrible flying lizard, Dr. Quest, Jonny, Race, and Hadji find a pteranodon menacing the skies of the jungle.

jonny quest episode 16 the fraudulent volcano

“The Fraudulent Volcano”

Episode 16  The Fraudulent Volcano Airdate:  12/31/64

The eruption of a volcano leads to an investigation by Dr. Quest and another facing off against his enemy Dr. Zin who is using the volcano as a cover for his next plot.

jonny quest episode 17 werewolf of the timerlands hadji

“Werewolf of the Timberland”

Episode 17  Werewolf of the Timberland Airdate:  01/07/65

A trip to the wilderness to study petrified wood has Jonny, Hadji, Race, and Dr. Quest facing a potential werewolf.

jonny quest episode 18 pirates from below

“Pirates from Below”

Episode 18  Pirates from Below Airdate:  01/14/65

Dr. Quest’s new submarine has attracted the attention of Colonel Svedri.  When Jonny and Race are kidnapped along with the submarine, Hadji and Dr. Quest must get them back.

jonny quest episode 19 attack of the tree people apes

“Attack of the Tree People”

Episode 19  Attack of the Tree People Airdate:  01/21/65

A fire aboard Dr. Quest’s boat forces the crew to abandon ship.  Jonny and Hadji are separated and find themselves on an island populated by apes.  Eager to earn a reward, poachers set out to find Jonny and Hadji, and Jonny and Hadji might have to turn to the apes for help.

jonny quest episode 20 the invisible monster creature

“The Invisible Monster”

Episode 20  The Invisible Monster Airdate:  01/29/65

Dr. Isaiah Norman creates a monstrosity which gets loose from his Pacific island compound.  Dr. Quest, Jonny, Race, and Hadji discover they are facing an invisible creature of immense power that must be stopped before it conquers the world!

jonny quest episode 21 the devils tower cavemen neanderthals

“The Devil’s Tower”

Episode 21  The Devil’s Tower Airdate:  02/04/65

Dr. Quest’s research balloon is lost on top of an unexplored mesa in Africa.  When Quest, Race, Jonny, and Hadji land there, they discover Neanderthal-like men and a World War II Nazi war criminal named Klaus Heinrich von Dueffel who has plans of his own.

jonny quest episode 22 the quetong missile mystery guide list review

“The Quetong Missile Mystery”

Episode 22  The Quetong Missile Mystery Airdate:  02/11/65

A series of fish mutations and deaths brings Dr. Quest to China to investigate, but when Jonny and Hadji are kidnapped, Race and Dr. Quest discover a more sinister plot.

jonny quest episode 23 the house of the seven gargoyles

“The House of the Seven Gargoyles”

Episode 23  The House of Seven Gargoyles Airdate:  02/18/65

Dr. Quest is called to visit Professor Gunter Erikson who has a new invention called Erikon generator and bar.  When Jonny thinks he sees a submarine and a living gargoyle at the castle, he finds Hadji, Race, and his father won’t believe him.

jonny quest episode 24 terror island giant spider

“Terror Island”

Episode 24  Terror Island Airdate:  02/24/65

A visit to Hong Kong during the New Year celebration turns dangerous when Dr. Quest is kidnapped by Dr. Chu Sing Ling.  Ling is working on a new mutation that creates massive creatures and Dr. Quest could be their next victim if he refuses to work with Ling.  It is up to Jonny, Hadji, Race, and Jade to save him.

jonny quest episode 25 monster in the monastery yeti abominable snowman

“Monster in the Monastery”

Episode 25  Monster in the Monastery Airdate:  03/04/65

Dr. Quest, Race, Jonny, and Hadji find themselves steeped in mystery when a Nepal city of Kung Jong is cut off by invading yeti.  When Bandit runs away, Jonny and Hadji discover the yeti might not be what they seem.

jonny quest episode 26 the sea haunt monster final

“The Sea Haunt”

Episode 26  The Sea Haunt Airdate:  03/11/65

When Race lands on a missing boat, Dr. Quest, Jonny, and Hadji discover themselves trapped by a monster from the deep that has overtaken the ship.

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