JLA 11: The Obsidian Age—Book 1

jla volume 11 the obsidian age book 1 cover trade paperback tpb
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Like the new team

The Atlantis storyline is overly complex

Comic Info

Comic Name: JLA (Volume 1)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Doug Mahnke/Yvel Guichet

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2003

jla #67 cover martian manhunter

JLA (1) #67

Reprints JLA (1) #66-71 (July 2002-November 2002).  The JLA learn that Aquaman may still be alive as they make a desperate attempt to head into the past of the newly risen Atlantis.  Unfortunately, the JLA might become the problem when a mystic shaman appears reporting that the JLA could be the downfall of the world.  Meanwhile, with the JLA missing and presumed dead, Nightwing must lead a new team of members to try to protect the Earth and gain the respect of the people.

Written by Joe Kelly, JLA Volume 11:  The Obsidian Age—Book 1 is a DC Comics superhero team book.  Following JLA Volume 10: Golden Perfect, the collection features art by Doug Mahnke and Yvel Guichet.  The issues in this volume were also collected as part of JLA—Volume 6.

I really enjoyed Grant Morrison’s run on JLA.  It was a nice blend of better than average comic book writing and a good team.  Joe Kelly and those who followed Morrison had tough shoes to fill since Morrison brought a lot of attention to JLA.  While Kelly does some stuff I do like, a lot of the volume is a bit “over written”.

jla #69 cover new team

JLA (1) #69

Kelly makes the storyline too complex.  The bottom line is that the JLA is headed into the past to be a potential self-fulfilling prophecy.  The whole set-up with the Atlantis above water, Manitou Raven, the Destroyers, etc. could have still been included but toned down and scaled back for it to read better.  It is a simpler story on paper than what appeared in the comic, and Kelly should have kept it simple.

What I do like about this volume is the introduction of a new JLA.  The new JLA (made up of Nightwing, Green Arrow, Major Destruction, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Atom, Jason Blood, and Faith) is interesting.  I like that it is a bit like the second line-up of Avengers where you have some sketchy characters like Blood and Major Destruction, mixed with rookies like Faith, and people finally getting their due like Nightwing, Atom, and Firestorm…it has a lot of potential for interesting storylines.

JLA continues to be one of the DC better team books.  The JLA has always seemed to be oddly second tier to me in comparison to Marvel’s team books, and it feels with the characters, the power, and even the Super Friends! behind it that it should soar even higher.  The Obsidian Age continues in JLA 12:  The Obsidian Age—Book 2

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