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Better than the previous season

Still not as good as the first season, no planned future for the character

jessica jones season 3 episode 1 aka the perfect burger krysten ritter stabbed

Welcome to the world of a superhero…without a spleen!!!

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is turning over a new leaf and trying to follow her mother’s advice to become a hero…but Jessica finds being a hero is hard especially when the world is filled with jerks and liars.  Jessica’s adopted sister Trish (Rachel Taylor) also finds that her life is changing with new powers and abilities that can finally make her the hero that she’s dreamed of being.  Jessica’s world spins out of control when she meets a man named Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker) who can sense evil in people, and Erik leads Jessica to an even more dangerous threat in the form of Greg Salinger (Jeremy Bobb).

Jessica Jones—Season 3 is a Marvel Comics superhero show which was released on Netflix.  The series was both the final season and the final release for Netflix before the rights reverted back to Marvel and Disney.

jesssica jones season 3 episode 7 aka the double half wrapping body krysten ritter wrestling salinger

Sometimes you just have to step on some fool…killers

I liked the first season of Jessica Jones because I really liked the character before the series was released.  The second season of Jessica Jones made sense in the character development, but just wasn’t as good as the first season.  This season shows a slight improvement over the second season, but the fact that the character is “finished” made all actions feel a bit moot.  Due to plot points, a ******spoiler alert****** is in effect for the rest of the review.

The Marvel Series on Netflix kind of fell into a pattern and Jessica Jones was no exception (you could argue that many thirteen episode series fall into a similar pattern regardless if it is MCU or something like The Walking Dead).  The series starts out with a minor threat, develops into the “big baddy” (aka Greg Salinger aka Foolkiller), and then has a moment when the big baddy takes a backseat to a danger that was there all along (Trish and her new abilities).  You find you know where the movie is going and the path there isn’t as surprising as it could be.

jessica jones season 3 episode 2 aka youre welcome hellcat costume trish rachel taylor

Funny. A joke about how almost comic-based comics don’t look right…original…the first three times or so

Much like Jessica’s mother, there is no salvation for Greg Salinger character.  While the Marvel comic Foolkiller (or at least the more recent one) was an antihero along the lines of Punisher, this guy is a straight-up sociopath.  You know that no matter how many twists and turns the plot takes, that he’s going to end up dead somehow…which he of course does.  Salinger’s character is a better foil, but he still doesn’t rank against Tennant’s Kilgrave (aka the Purple Man) from Season 1.

Meanwhile, the cast has come together, and Ritter’s new and improved (or slightly improved) Jessica Jones gives her a bit more meat from her sarcastic Jessica, but it also leaves her in a bit of quandary of where her character is.  She is critical of Trish’s killing of bad guys, but really doesn’t reflect much on the fact she murdered (and covered up the crime) of a dangerous prison guard the previous season…it feels like there is room for exploration that wasn’t touched on.

jessica jones season 3 episode 13 aka everything luke cage mike colter

I’m Luke Cage, and I’m here to give a random pep talk

The season is largely about Rachel Taylor’s Trish Walker who has multiple episodes circling around her and her character’s arc.  It is highly different from the comic book version of Hellcat and feels a bit of a slam on the character who was largely a good person (and a somewhat crappy superhero).  Carrie-Anne Moss’s Hogarth and Eka Darville’s Malcolm don’t feel like they have very developed storylines (Darville’s character is especially all over the place and forced)…and both characters are largely left hanging at the end of the series.  It was nice to see a cameo by Mike Colter as Luke Cage, but it felt like it was simply there to have him there (there was a similar reference to Danny Rand and Iron Fist).

jessica jones season 3 episode 13 aka everything krysten ritter finale

Will Jessica and the other Netflix Marvel heroes ever really escape their prison?

Visually, Jessica Jones does a decent job with a budget that isn’t up there with the MCU movies.  With a character who is “just strong” facing off against villains who have psychological techniques, it does require a lot of special effects.  I do wish (as with previous seasons of this and other Netflix Marvel shows) that the “original costume” moments of the series weren’t treated as “as if” moments or a joke…Trish does it again in this season when donning a close to comic Hellcat costume for a second before mocking it.  The joke kind of worked the first time but has gotten old quickly.

Jessica Jones is built like a TV series that has a number of seasons, but it only got three.  With a basis on a comic character, you have to write it as if the character has unending story potential, but this contradicts the idea that a TV series has an end.  The season tries to give a bit a wrap-up to the character, but it doesn’t feel quite fulfilling.  With the Marvel series leaving Netflix and the appearance of Daredevil in Spider-Man:  No Way Home, Jessica could someday resurface…and I still would welcome her.

Jessica Jones—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

jessica jones season 3 episode 1 aka the perfect burger erik gelden benjamin walker krysten ritter

“AKA The Perfect Burger”

3.1       AKA The Perfect Burger Release Date:  06/14/19

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is taking a new approach to life…and trying to be more of a hero.  Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) is discovering that her ALS is starting to take a bigger toll on her life and makes Jessica an offer that she can’t ask anyone else.  Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) begins to question his new job direction with Hogarth as he finds his work less fulfilling.  Dorothy Walker (Rebecca De Mornay) comes to Jessica when Trish (Rachel Taylor) goes missing…and Jessica finds Trish might be up to something new.

jessica jones season 3 episode 2 aka youre welcome trish walker rachel taylor

“AKA You’re Welcome”

3.2       AKA You’re Welcome Release Date:  06/14/19

As Trish tries to cultivate her new powers, she discovers finding crime to fight isn’t as easy as it seems.  Against the wishes of her mother to reinvent her public persona, Trish finds herself on the case of man named Andrew Brandt (Matt Weiss)…which could lead her back to Jessica.

jessica jones season 3 episode 3 aka i have no spleen hospital krysten ritter

“AKA I Have No Spleen”

3.3       AKA I Have No Spleen Release Date:  06/14/19

Jessica has lost her spleen in the knife attack on her and suspects Andrew Brandt is behind it.  Hogarth reconnects with an old lover Kith Lyonne (Sarita Choudhury).  Malcolm continues to question his working for Hogarth as she has him looking into her lover’s husband Peter (John Benjamin Hickey).

jessica jones season 3 episode 4 aka customer service is standing by krysten ritter

“AKA Customer Service Is Standing By”

3.4       AKA Customer Service Is Standing By Release Date:  06/14/19

Jessica’s hook-up Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker) is the reason for the attack on her and learns he has powers.  As Jessica and Erik try to hunt down her attacker, Trish tries to investigate the person after Erik by going into Hogarth’s files.  Jessica locates her attacker and finds a new danger.

jessica jones season 3 episode 5 aka i wish foolkiller greg salinger jeremy bobb

“AKA I Wish”

3.5       AKA I Wish Release Date:  06/14/19

Greg Salinger (Jeremy Bobb) is a threat to Jessica, and Jessica calls in Trish for help…but Trish’s killing of Jessica’s mother still haunts their relationship.  Hogarth’s attempts to take down Peter to get Kith, Hogarth finds her business in a tailspin when Peter takes a desperate action.  Erik seeks help for his sister Brianna (Jamie Neumann) who Salinger has targeted as part of his game.  Jessica and Trish’s attempt to bring in Salinger hits a roadblock when Salinger manages to turn the tables.

jessica jones season 3 episode 6 aka sorry face erik salinger jeremy bobb benjamin walker

“AKA Sorry Face”

3.6       AKA Sorry Face Release Date:  06/14/19

Erik is a prisoner of Salinger and Jessica and Trish are in a race against time to locate him.  Hogarth’s company is hemorrhaging after Peter’s suicide, and Malcolm questions his role in the events as he tries to locate Brianna again.  With Salinger in the police target, Jessica makes a deal with Detective Costa (John Ventimiglia) to track Salinger’s movement…but Erik’s time is running out.

jessica jones season 3 episode 7 aka the double half wrappinger body krysten ritter

“AKA The Double Half-Wrappinger Body”

3.7       AKA The Double Half-Wrappinger Release Date:  06/14/19

To protect her company, Hogarth has taken on Salinger as a client.  Jessica finds herself the target of media attention and realizes going to Salinger’s roots could be the way to stop him.  Zaya Okonjo (Tiffany Mack) questions her relationship with Malcolm when she discovers footage of Malcolm confronting the masked vigilante.  Traveling with Trish to Salinger’s hometown, Jessica’s about to find the first person who experienced Salinger’s wrath.

jessica jones season 3 episode 8 aka camera friendly dorothy murdered rebecca de mornay

“AKA Camera Friendly”

3.8       AKA Camera Friendly Release Date:  06/14/19

Having humiliated Salinger in front of people, Salinger strikes back by threatening to kill a woman with ties to Jessica’s origin.  Trish has taken her crimefighting public as the police begin to search for the masked vigilante targeting criminals.  Malcolm faces an unfortunate assignment from Hogarth as Hogarth ramps up her war against superheroes.  Fearing Salinger will be unstoppable, Jessica is forced to take her concerns to the press…and there are consequences.

jessica jones season 3 episode 9 aka i did something today destroying evidence krysten ritter

“AKA I Did Something Today”

3.9       AKA I Did Something Today Release Date:  06/14/19

Dorothy has been murdered by Salinger, and Jessica is trying to keep Trish out of jail for attacking Salinger.  Hogarth learns that Kith needs her help as she faces financial fallout from her husband’s suicide.  Jessica and Erik are forced to go to a crooked cop named Nussbaumer (Larry Mitchell) to try to keep Trish’s secret identity a secret.  Malcolm comes to a decision about his position at Hogarth, but might accidentally let the cat out of the bag about the “masked vigilante”.

jessica jones season 3 episode 10 aka hero pants funeral trish rachel taylor krysten ritter

“AKA Hero Pants”

3.10     AKA Hero Pants Release Date:  06/14/19

Jessica is being looked at by police for the murder of Nussbaumer, and Jessica must find the real killer before the blame falls on her.  Trish prepares for her mother’s funeral and faces her mother’s death.  Brianna returns to New York clean and sober and seeks out Malcolm for help.  Hogarth works to clear Kith of her accuser and realizes she has a tool that could help.  With a suspect in sight, Jessica might know the killer of Nussbaumer.

jessica jones season 3 episode 11 aka hellcat trish hogarth carrie anne moss rachel taylor

“AKA Hellcat”

3.11     AKA Hellcat Release Date:  06/14/19

As Trish mourns her mother she recalls her rise to fame and how her mother pushed her to success.  Jessica’s actions to clear Salinger pushes Trish and Erik to take up a dangerous game…and people could end up dead.

jessica jones season 3 episode 12 aka a lot of worms foolkiller salinger jeremy bobb krysten ritter

“AKA A Lotta Worms”

3.12     AKA A Lotta Worms Release Date:  06/14/19

Trish is on a rampage as she lashes out from her depression and anger, and now, Jessica finds she could be the only thing standing between Trish and Salinger.  Salinger isn’t giving Jessica an easy way out, and Jessica might have to find a new way to take him down herself.

jessica jones season 3 episode 13 aka everything krysten ritter

“AKA Everything”

3.13     AKA Everything Release Date:  06/14/19

Trish has killed Salinger and is on the run as Jessica decides she is too dangerous to keep protecting her.  With Hogarth as her hostage, Trish needs to get out of the country, and Jessica can’t let that happen.

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