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Not as strong of story as the first season

jessica jones season 2 episode 13 aka playland krysten ritter

Jessica’s back in the game

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) finds her life turned upside down when she begins to track a killer…the woman (Janet McTeer) she is seeking could be tied to her past.  Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) finds herself on a quest to get access to the power that Jessica holds, and a chemical concoction could be the only hope.  Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) fights a corporate takeover, but she discovers that it could be the least of her problems.  Jessica’s past is about to come back to haunt her, and she can’t do anything to stop it.

Jessica Jones—Season 2 is a Marvel Comics TV action-adventure series.  The series was released on Netflix on March 8, 2018.  The season was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) for “AKA Playland”.

jessica jones season 2 episode 3 aka soul survivor trish rachel taylor krysten ritter

“Hey Jessica, let’s go dumpster diving into your past…won’t we have fun?”

I really liked the character of Jessica Jones and the first season of the series did a decent job capturing the trainwreck that her life is.  With a fantastic (and well played) villain, Jessica Jones—Season 1 was a tight series, but Jessica Jones had a bit of a sophomore slump.  A ******spoiler alert****** is in effect for the rest of the review.

The series stays true to the character presented by Season 1, but this season doesn’t have a fulfilling second season villain since the story is a more personal one.  With the introduction of Alisa Jones (Janet McTeer), Jessica finds herself caught up in her own past, her own self-doubt, and leading down a road which is more slippery than her alcoholism.  It is right for the character, but it is drawn out and a bit tedious (with no real good solution…leading to a lot of back-and-forth).

The show is also hampered by a few supporting cast storylines.  While I like Trish (aka Patsy) Walker, I find her getting really irritating this season.  After her run as a junky she teams up with the other third wheel Malcolm on a side adventure that dovetails back into the main plot…but it isn’t very satisfying.  This is combined with Jeri Hogarth who doesn’t have much of a role in this season.

jessica jones season 2 episode 11 aka three lives and counting purple man kilgrave david tennant

Yeah! Kilgrave is back…but also a reminder of how much fun the first season was…

Krysten Ritter always plays damaged well and she continues to.  The writing of the season takes a bit away from her because of her seesawing back and forth which seems beneath the character.  The introduction of a mother into Jessica’s life is a legitimate way to spin the character out of control (which unpredictable results), but it feels like the whole season could have gone a different way to the same result.

The supporting cast isn’t much better.  Janet McTeer just seems to add chaos and it would have been nice to have a true head-to-head matchup with another criminal mastermind.  Callum Keith Rennie isn’t very enigmatic and the hippie scientist angle isn’t very interesting.  I do love cameo by David Tennant, but it would have been great to have him back for even more than an episode.

jessica jones season 2 episode 12 aka pray for my patsy alisa janet mcteer krysten ritter

Jessica has mommy issues

The show still looks very stylish.  It works better as a noir crime show, but even in lighter scenes, the series looks pretty good for the budget.  I like when it does tap into the New York aspect of the character since I see Jessica pretty rooted in the NYC-Hell’s Kitchen type world.

Jessica Jones—Season 2 isn’t a bad season, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  With a clever character and a superhero-who-isn’t-a-superhero type show, it feels like there are so many options and the settled on storyline just isn’t satisfying.  With “bingable” shows this is at least a little better since you didn’t wait a whole season for a conclusion, but it still stings a bit when you have to wait for the next season.

Jessica Jones—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

jessica jones season 2 episode 1 aka start at the beginning krysten ritter

“AKA Start at the Beginning”

2.1       AKA Start at the Beginning Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) finds herself struggling to run her business with Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) and faces a challenge from a rival investigator named Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen).  Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) tries to research Jessica’s past and her “lost time”.  Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) discovers her partners are trying to force her out and that she’s suffering from a medical condition.  The arrival of a paranoid man calling himself Whizzer (Jay Klaitz) could have deeper ties to Jessica’s past then she ever suspected.

jessica jones season 2 episode 2 aka freak accident

“AKA Freak Accident”

2.2       AKA Freak Accident Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica tries to find the link between the Whizzer’s killer and her past and finds an unexpected suspect…while butting heads with the police and her new landlord Oscar Arocho (J.R. Ramirez).  Trish confronts her past to try to gain access to more of Jessica’s records which means contacting her mother (Rebecca De Mornay) and teaming with Malcolm for help.  Jeri copes with her negative prognosis.

jessica jones season 2 episode 3 aka soul survivor krysten ritter

“AKA Soul Survivor”

2.3       AKA Sole Survivor Airdate:  03/08/18

Will Simpson (Wil Traval) has been killed, and Jessica worries that what killed Nuke is coming for her and Trish next.  Trish and her boyfriend Griffin Sinclair (Hal Ozsan) decide that a separation is necessary as Trish and Jessica move in on the killer.  Jeri finds her ALS diagnosis is leading to a coup at the office and goes to Jessica for help.  Trish reaches out to the scientists in charge and Jessica find herself face-to-face with a potential killer (Janet McTeer).

jessica jones season 2 episode 4 aka god help the hobo krysten ritter

“AKA God Help the Hobo”

2.4       AKA God Help the Hobo Airdate:  03/08/18

Chang learns that Jeri intends to drop his case and decides to go after Malcolm.  Jessica and Trish go after Trish’s ex-director Max (James McCaffrey) to get the files they need, but someone in Trish’s life could be more dangerous.  Jessica and Trish seek out the woman and find a potential ally in another patient.  Chang goes after Jessica through an associate, but he could end up being a bigger problem for Jessica than he thought.

jessica jones season 2 episode 5 aka the octopus dr karl marcus alisa callum keith rennie janet mcteer

“AKA The Octopus”

2.5       AKA The Octopus Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica is being held by the police and may be forced to reveal the details of her case.  Trish deals with her exposure to the IGH drugs and receives a surprise from her boyfriend Griffin.  Malcolm tries to keep a hold of Green, but realizes he has to turn to Hogarth for her safety.  Jessica goes undercover at a mental hospital to question David Kawecki (Daniel Everidge) who is accused for murder as Jessica seeks the woman responsible.  When Kawecki reveals he knows a Dr. Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie), Jessica realizes Malus could be tied to her own missing past.

jessica jones season 2 episode 6 aka face time trish walker igh rachel taylor

“AKA Facetime”

2.6       AKA Facetime Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica spends an evening with her new superintendent Oscar Arocho (J.R. Ramirez).  Worked up on IGH drugs, Trish goes out on the prowl.  Malcolm is forced to confront his past as Jessica goes on the search for Malus…making her question her own techniques.

jessica jones season 2 episode 7 aka i want your cray cray stirling mat vairo krysten ritter

“AKA I Want Your Cray Cray”

2.7       AKA I Want Your Cray Cray Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica finds the mysterious woman she’s been chasing is her own mother Alisa.  As the events after the accident are revealed, Jessica’s hook-up with a bartender named Stirling (Mat Vairo) at one of Trish’s concerts during college leads her down a path of destruction.  Trish’s early addictions reveal themselves.

jessica jones season 2 episode 8 aka aint we got fun krysten ritter karl marcus callum keith rennie

“AKA Ain’t We Got Fun”

2.8       AKA Ain’t We Got Fun Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica debates what to do about her mother’s return and if she should turn her and Malus to the police.  Malcolm learns about Trish’s drug abuse as Trish continues to deny she has a problem.  Hogarth searches for the man who could potentially cure her.  Malcolm’s attempt to do his own investigation hits a hitch when he’s attacked outside of a club.

jessica jones season 2 episode 9 aka shark in the bathtub monster in the bed alisa janet mcteer krysten ritter

“AKA Shark in the Bathroom, Monster in the Bed”

2.9       AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica is hiding Alisa and worries that her explosive temper will lead to more deaths.  Trish continues to use her enhancing drug leading her to make a big life decision.  Hogarth makes her last chance effort to save her own life by getting Shane Ryback (Eden Marryshow) out of prison.  Oscar’s wife runs off with his child and Jessica and his mother could be his only hope.

jessica jones season 2 episode 10 aka pork chop trish malcolm eka darville rachel taylor

“AKA Pork Chop”

2.10     AKA Pork Chop Airdate:  03/08/18

Trish is getting her big break, but her lack of the IGH drugs could cost her.  Jessica deals with turning in her mother to the police as Hogarth tries to work out a deal.  With Alisa refusing to cooperate, Jessica realizes Malus could be the key to get her mother to work with the police…but a jail guard named Dale Holiday (Brian Hutchison) could push Alisa over the edge.  Jessica discovers Hogarth’s cure could be fraudulent, and Trish and Malcolm set out to prevent Jessica from helping Alisa to escape.

jessica jones season 2 episode 11 aka three lives counting krysten ritter kilgrave david tennant

“AKA Three Lives Counting”

2.11     AKA Three Lives Counting Airdate:  03/08/18

Jessica’s accidental murder of Dale Holiday has her remembering her time under the control of Kilgrave (David Tennant).  Trish is on the run with Malus, and Jessica realizes finding her quickly is necessary.  Alisa learns that Malus is missing with Trish and seeks a means to free herself.

jessica jones season 2 episode 12 aka pray for my patsy trish rachel taylor

“AKA Pray for My Patsy”

2.12     AKA Pray for My Patsy Airdate:  03/08/18

Malus is dead, Alisa is free, and Trish is fighting for her life.  With Alisa believing Trish is responsible for Malus’s death, she’s coming for Trish and Jessica could be the only hope of stopping her.  Hogarth is on the search for Shane and Lila Yale (Emmy Harrington) seeking revenge.

jessica jones season 2 episode 13 aka playland krysten ritter janet mcteer

“AKA Playland”

2.13     AKA Playland Airdate:  03/08/18

Alisa has taken Jessica prisoner and is running for the border with her.  Hogarth is cleaning up her messes and Malcolm sees opportunity in the situation.  Trish has survived her brush with death and seeks to help Jessica.

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