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She’s not a superhero…she’ll tell you herself

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) leads a complex life.  She drinks too much and spends her time working as a private detective running away from her past.  When her Kilgrave (David Tennant) returns from the grave, Jessica finds her life turned upside down.  The horror of her past is back and Jessica could be the only one capable of stopping him…and Kilgrave’s powers are growing stronger.

Jessica Jones—Season 1 (also known as Marvel’s Jessica Jones or sometimes even AKA Jessica Jones) premiered on Netflix on November 11, 2015.  The series is follow-up to Marvel’s first Netflix series Daredevil which also premiered in 2015 and is in canon with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The series was well received by critics.


Typical day for Jessica

The Alias comic and its star Jessica Jones were some of my favorite readings when it was released.  Brian Michael Bendis does a great job on solo type books, but I often found he fell apart on team books.  Alias was some of his best work and Jessica was a great creation.

Jessica was a “new” hero that was reconned into the Marvel Universe as “Jewel” and was controlled by Killgrave the Purple Man into doing horrible things.  The book was dark and gritty with a foul mouthed Jessica, drinking, sleeping around, and pretty much being the worst “superhero” of all time.  I worried that the series would lighten up Jessica (much like Bendis did starting with The Pulse)…fortunately the series keeps it dark and twisted.


Jessica is always out to prove she’s not a nice girl…

Krysten Ritter is a good choice for the role.  She already proved she had a sarcastic, dark side in the comedy Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, and she’s a good choice for Jessica.  Also is a smart choice is David Tennant as Kilgrave (who just dons a lot of purple instead of being purple).  The two work together well and Tennant’s Doctor Who-esque actually feels right…but sadistic.

The show is also bolstered by the real comic book aspects of the supporting cast.  Jessica was good friends with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) in the comic book but Danvers is replaced by Patricia “Trish” Walker aka Patsy Walker who is Hellcat in the Marvel Universe and played by Rachael Taylor.  The show also introduces Luke Cage played by Mike Colter who is set-up for his own Netflix series soon.  Other characters appearing include Officer Will Simpson played Wil Travel who is Nuke from Daredevil’s comics and Rosario Dawson who reprises her role as nurse Claire Temple from Daredevil.


The spandex isn’t right for Jessica but for Trish…?

There are some weaknesses in Jessica Jones however.  I think the series gets too bogged down in some of the side stories like Trish’s relationship with Simpson and the mess of Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and her divorce settlement.  I also find the “wonder twins” Ruben and Robyn rather irritating as Jessica’s neighbors.  It also could become a problem for future seasons (depending on Marvel’s plans) because Jessica Jones never had any established “super villains” besides the Purple Man.

The style of the show falls much in the line with Daredevil.  It is darker than most of the Marvel Cinematic movies but also darker than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which would resemble a “nice” Marvel show.  The show is only for adult viewers and is frequently quite violent and dark.

I look forward the next season of Jessica Jones and hope that Jessica doesn’t soften like in the comic book.  I like the character hard and edgy.  I look forward to seeing where Trish Walker goes and the hunt for Jessica’s origin and I want to see how Luke and Jessica’s relationship develops…I’d also love to see some more superheroes stop by (like Iron Fist whose show might be in jeopardy…let’s just hope they don’t put Jessica in that Jewel costume).

Jessica Jones—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“AKA Ladies Night”

1.1       AKA Ladies Night Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a private detective with a secret.  She has powers.  Always looking for her next job, she’s contacted by parents of a girl named Hope Shlottman (Erin Moriarty) who is missing.  As Jessica searches for Hope, it turns out she and Hope could be more alike than she believed.  Jessica’s nightmare has come back…and he still wants Jessica!  As Jessica debates her next step, she makes a connection to a bartender named Luke (Mike Colter) who was the subject of a sting.


“AKA Crush Syndrome”

1.2       AKA Crush Syndrome Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica finds herself trying to prove Hope innocent of her actions at the hands of Kilgrave (David Tennant) and brings in attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) in the hopes she can defend her.  Jessica’s involvement in the murders leads Luke Cage to learn the real reason that Jessica met him.  As Jessica tries to second guess Kilgrave’s next move, Jessica learns that Luke has a secret also.


“AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

1.3       AKA It’s Called Whiskey Airdate:  11/20/15

Luke reveals he has unbreakable skin to Jessica but won’t tell her how he received it.  Jessica learns Kilgrave’s weakness but acquiring what she needs might be more difficult than she planned.  When Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) calls out Kilgrave on her radio show, she makes herself a target of Kilgrave.


“AKA 99 Friends”

1.4       AKA 99 Friends Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica realizes after their face-to-face confrontation that Kilgrave has one of his “slaves” trailing her and she could have help from Officer Will Simpson (Wil Travel) whose life she saved.  Trish tries to get over her attack and find a way to shake Kilgrave.  Jessica tries to get back to work but wonders if her new client is an agent of Kilgrave.


“AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”

1.5       AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica learns Kilgrave has recruited her junkie neighbor Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) and has a scheduled meet with him every day.  With a time and a place, Jessica, Officer Simpson, and Trish plot a scheme to capture Kilgrave as Jessica recalls her first meeting with Killgrave.


“AKA You’re a Winner”

1.6       AKA You’re a Winner! Airdate:  11/20/15

Luke comes to Jessica for help in finding a missing young man named Antoine (Dante E. Clark).  Jessica learns that Hope has problems in jail.  Kilgrave shows an obsession with a specific house.  Jessica discovers that hunting down Antoine means uncovering Luke’s past…and Jessica’s realizes it could destroy him.


“AKA Top Shelf Perverts”

1.7       AKA Top Shelf Perverts Airdate:  11/20/15

Ruben (Kieran Mulcare) is dead and in Jessica’s apartment.  Now, Jessica feels she needs to take herself out of the equation while setting a trap for Kilgrave.  Hogarth faces off against her ex Wendy (Robin Weigert) after Jessica’s showdown with her in the subway station.  Trish and Malcolm try to stop Jessica’s plan while Simpson tracks a lead on Kilgrave.  As Jessica springs her trap, Kilgrave might beat her to the punch.



1.8       AKA WWJD Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica is back in her childhood home by Kilgrave’s hand and being forced to face her past.  With Jessica trying to get evidence on Kilgrave, Jessica learns about his past and realizes there is a way she can write her wrongs at a price.


“AKA The Sin Bin”

1.9       AKA Sin Bin Airdate:  11/20/15

Jessica has captured Kilgrave and is trying to get him to reveal his powers.  When Jessica realizes Kilgrave refuses to talk, she realizes she must hunt down his past to try to learn the truth.


“AKA 1,000 Cuts”

1.10     AKA 1,000 Cuts Airdate:  11/20/15

Kilgrave has escaped with Hogarth as her hostage…leading to a deadly confrontation.  Simpson is back in the special ops and has his own mission.  Malcolm continues to try to help Robyn (Colby Minifie) find her brother despite knowing he is dead.  Kilgrave’s father (Michael Siberry) becomes a target by Kilgrave as he tries to work on a vaccine for Kilgrave with Trish.


“AKA I’ve Got the Blues”

1.11     AKA I’ve Got the Blues Airdate:  11/20/15

Hope is dead and Jessica is out to kill Kilgrave.  Simpson wants Kilgrave dead too and he isn’t afraid to go through Jessica and Trish to get him.  Kilgrave’s newest attack brings someone back into Jessica’s life that she didn’t expect.


“AKA Take a Bloody Number”

1.12     AKA Take a Bloody Number Airdate:  11/20/15

Luke Cage has learned what it is like to be under the control of Kilgrave and is now searching for Kilgrave with her.  Malcolm tries to decide his future and finds a connection to Robyn.  Trish is forced into a reconnection with her mother (Rebecca De Mornay) after taking Simpson’s pills and learns there might be a connection between Simpson’s abilities and Jessica.  When Jessica tracks Killgrave to a nightclub, the experiments of Kilgrave’s father might payoff.


“AKA Smile”

1.13     AKA Smile Airdate:  11/20/15

Luke has been wounded and could die after his battle with Jessica…fortunately, Jessica finds a friend in Clair Temple (Rosario Dawson) at the hospital.  Kilgrave makes his move for ultimate power as the final showdown with Jessica Jones is on…and Jessica is pulling no punches.

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