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Jared Fogle was a Cinderella story.  A dangerously obese young man turns his life around, finds fame and attention he never had, and becomes a millionaire…but the Cinderella story has a dark side.  When a Florida radio host named Rochelle Herman learns that Jared might be hiding a dangerous secret, a child predator is revealed.  Is Jared a scapegoat, are the accusations against him real, and is he too big to take down if they are real.  The path to catching a criminal is explored.

Jared from Subway:  Catching a Monster is a Discovery true crime documentary series.  It was released on March 6, 2023 and chronicles the rise to fame and fall of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.  The series was made available on Max when Discovery and HBO Max merged.

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Jared’s influence reaches the White House

I had a bit of a front row seat for the whole Jared Fogle thing.  I was in TV in Indiana when it was coming out, and people I know (some seen in the documentary) were featured in the show.  I also was from the town that Jared moved in and had people encounter him and see the media circus that surrounded his arrest.  I also heard a lot of rumors (not criminal) about Jared from people who were attending IU at the time he rose to fame…but the truth of the documentary was more shocking than I expected.

The documentary is a bit unbalanced, but it still gets the point across.  Much of the documentary focuses on the life of Rochelle Herman and how going after Jared affected her life and her family.  While this seems a bit superficial in the big picture of a predator who is preying on children all over the world, it does show the ripple effect of what one person’s crime can do to multiple people.  Rochelle had to listen, coax, and encourage Jared to express his fantasies…then learned that her efforts weren’t moving as fast as she hoped (putting more children in danger).  It is a bit of an inditement of the process of the FBI and the legal system in that sense.

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Caught in the web

It is also good to hear from a few of Jared victims.  The stepchildren of Jared’s business partner Russell Taylor were never physically abused by Jared, but they were caught up in the web of his crimes.  They were failed by their stepfather and their mother…and they will always have that in their lives.  It would have been good to hear from a few more victims, but also it wouldn’t be fair to re-traumatize them for the show.

What is shocking about the documentary is the depth of Jared’s crimes.  While it was often painted as “child porn ring” (which is heinous itself), Jared speaks of actual sex crimes against children in the United States and abroad.  It involved both boys and girls and the ages ranged to young children.  It is horrific and it comes straight from his mouth.  He made claims that what he said wasn’t real and was only fantasy…but it sound pretty real hearing it from him.

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Headed to jail

The documentary is pretty standard in that it is made up of clips and interviews.  With Jared in federal custody, there isn’t really an opportunity to interview him and those around him…and the people of Subway have done their best to distance themselves.  What the documentary does do well is show how big of a flash celebrity Jared became.  Being in Indiana it wasn’t always evident how big he was worldwide…but he had sway.

Jared from Subway:  Catching a Monster isn’t a series for the weak of heart or those who have suffered trauma.  It is harsh and shows a person who seems to show little remorse…except being caught.  Someone not as invested in the story and the events surrounding it, might find it a bit drawn out and boring, but if you know some of the story, you don’t know all the story…and I still question what Subway knew and when they knew it.

Jared from Subway:  Catching a Monster Complete Episode Guide:

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“Episode 1”

Episode 1        Release Date:  03/06/23

When Jared Fogle loses weight by creating a Subway diet, he becomes an instant sensation.  Subway takes Jared as a spokesman for their restaurant chain, and Jared travels the world, talking to people, and helping children.  Jared has a secret, and a radio host named Rochelle Herman learns that secret…and now she knows Jared must be stopped.

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“Episode 2”

Episode 2        Release Date:  03/06/23

Rochelle Herman works with the FBI to get evidence on Jared Fogle as Fogle gets bolder in his molestations and crimes.  Jared’s business partner Russell Taylor gets more involved in working with Jared and Taylor’s stepdaughters begin to become suspicious.  A plan to trap Jared is hatched by the FBI and Rochelle.

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“Episode 3”

Episode 3        Release Date:  03/06/23

Rochelle Herman finds her life torn apart when she considers going after Jared without the FBI.  The arrest of Russell Taylor puts a target on Jared as the investigators begin to move in.  With the evidence piling up, Jared (and Subway) have a crisis on their hands…and the truth will be revealed!

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