It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Season 2

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Irritating characters, poorly executed stories, Danny Devito bogs down an already dull cast



The gang’s all here!

Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) are back and this time they are joined by Dennis and Dee’s father Frank (Danny DeVito). When Frank becomes a co-owner of the , Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie are forced to allow him to hang around in their adventures. However, it is backstabbing like normal at Paddy’s and it is every man or woman for herself when Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are involved.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Season 2 aired ten episodes from June 29, 2006 to August 17, 2006 on FX. The series was collected with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Season 1 in a double set.


Mac & Charlie spreading the good word!

By all definition, I should like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I also should like Family Guy…I kind of put them both in the same boat. I feel that both shows squander talent and are on the verge of being clever, but instead go for the cheap laugh.

I can’t say that I love the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This season adds Danny DeVito as Frank, and many point to this as when the show “picks up”. I find DeVito and his style of acting kind of distracting…but I find most of the cast overacts to a point of annoying. I realize they are all villain characters, but I love villains and hate these guys. It follows along the lines of Seinfeld (amped up on meth or crack), but I liked all of the players in Seinfeld. Here, I find Mac and Dennis kind of blended together, DeVito out of place, and Charlie and Dee halfway entertaining.  The acting however leaves something to be desired.


The creepy McPoyles add a creepy sister…

The stories are topical and sometimes fun. I do like that the show goes for broke, but usually find that it does break rather than succeed. It often feels like a big build-up and a so-so “explosion” at the end. It usually leaves me wanting more.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will entertain many, but isn’t high on my list. I might sometime check out the third season, but it doesn’t leave me dying for more. I understand why people like the show, but I’d prefer a show that would have a better cast or a bit better writing.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


“Charlie Gets Crippled”

2.1       Charlie Gets Crippled Airdate:  06/29/06

Charlie (Charlie Day) is hit by Dennis (Glenn Howerton) when Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Dennis’ father Frank (Danny DeVito) comes to see them.  Dennis and Dee learn that their father is divorcing their mother and planning to give his money to charity.  Dee and Dennis decide to get their part of their inheritance while Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie take Frank out for a night on the town in the hopes of getting his money.  When the gang realizes the benefits of being handicapped, they all decide to fake it.


“The Gang Goes Jihad”

2.2       The Gang Goes Jihad Airdate:  06/29/06

A new tenant from Israel named Ari Frenkel (Josh Stamberg) moves in next door and orders the gang to vacate the bar since it is partially on his property.  Frank’s wife Barbara (Anne Archer) demands that Frank give their stuff back and learns Dennis and Dee took it.  When Barbara starts dating Ari, Dee and Frank kidnap Barbara’s dog.  Mitch, Charlie, and Dennis decide they have to get their bar back even if it means going to war.


“Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare”

2.3       Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare Airdate:  07/06/06

Dee and Dennis quit the bar to get away from their father and decide to put their dreams on hold when they qualify for welfare.  Mac learns about a work for welfare program and Frank, Charlie, and Mac realize they can hire people for nothing.  Dee and Dennis try to score crack to get welfare and when Frank employees welfare workers, Mac and Charlie find Mac wants to get into their lives.


“Mac Bangs Dennis Mom”

2.4       Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom Airdate:  07/06/06

Mac is seduced by Frank’s wife when he goes to pick up things for Frank.  Dennis and Dee try to get control of the bar from Charlie, and Dennis seduces Charlie’s waitress to threaten Charlie.  Frank sees an old flame, but finds she’s changed.  When Dennis learns about Mac and his mom, Dennis decides he has to go after Mac’s mom.


“Hundred Dollar Baby”

2.5       Hundred Dollar Baby Airdate:  07/13/06

Dee decides to train when Dennis, Charlie, and Mac abandon her with a mugger.  Dennis and Mac decide to join a fight club to win money and choose Charlie as their fighter.  Frank goes to the gym to train Dee to fight.  Dee decides to turn to performance enhancing drugs to get into shape.


“The Gang Gives Back”

2.6       The Gang Gives Back Airdate:  07/20/06

The gang is assigned community service for burning down the building and Charlie has to go to Alcoholics Anonymous where he finds his favorite waitress (  ).  Dennis, Dee, and Mac are forced to coach youth basketball, but find the teams aren’t what they hoped.  When Frank learns Dee and Dennis are part of basketball program, he joins to take over the situation.  When Dennis and Frank’s team challenge Mac and Dee’s team, all bets are off.


“The Gang Exploits a Miracle”

2.7       The Gang Exploits a Miracle Airdate:  07/27/06

When Charlie finds a water stain that looks like the Virgin Mary in the bar, the gang decides to use the water stain to get people into the bar.  Dee runs into a former classmate named Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara (David Hornsby) and finds he’s now a priest…which brings up strange feelings in Dee.  Mac wonders if he’s found a new direction as a religious leader but finds himself in competition with Charlie.  Dennis worries that he’s too fat and goes on a fast.


“The Gang Runs for Office”

2.8       The Gang Runs for Office Airdate:  08/03/06

The gang decides to go for an office position in order to be bribed, and Dennis is picked to be the candidate.  When Frank is fired from Dennis and Charlie’s campaign, Frank picks Dee as his candidate.  As the stakes get higher, the campaign gets dirty.


“Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass”

2.9       Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass Airdate:  08/10/06

Charlie is accused of being un-American for wanting to ban smoking in the bar and joins Dee in setting out to prove how American he is.  Dennis, Mac, and Frank decide to make the bar a complete haven for anyone who wants the complete freedom of America.  The McPoyle brothers (Nate Mooney and Jimmi Simpson) and begin to take over the bar.  Dee tries to prove that she can really act.

its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-season-2-10-dennis-and-dee-get-a-new-dad-glenn howerton-kaitlin-olson-stephen-collins-greatest-love-of-all

“Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad”

2.10     Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad Airdate:  08/17/06

A man contacts Dennis and Dee through MySpace and claims to be their real father Bruce Mathis (Stephen Collins). When their mother confirms that they are illegitimate, Frank vows to destroy Dee and Dennis’ real father.  Mac tries to reconnect with his father in prison and learn that he wants to have Charlie and Mac smuggle cocaine. Dennis and Dee meet their real father and find he’s a better person than they are. Charlie learns who his father could be.

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