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6.0 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
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An improvement over season one, Daughters of the Dragon

Still feels like a lesser entry in the Netflix MCU

iron fist season 2 episode 2 the citys not for burning danny rand original costume finn jones

Is this when they finally get Iron Fist right (answer: not quite)

Danny Rann (Finn Jones) finds himself trying to protect the streets of New York following the disappearance of Daredevil.  Unfortunately for Danny, his old rival Davos (Sacha Dhawan) feels Danny’s use of the Iron Fist is in error and wants the Fist for his own plans.  Danny soon finds himself in mortal danger and fighting a battle that he never expected to fight…and the fate of the Iron Fist could hang in the balance.

Iron Fist—Season 2 is a Marvel Comics series.  The ten episode series was released on Netflix on September 7, 2018 and garnered mixed reviews.

iron fist season 2 episode 10 a duel of iron colleen wing misty knight daughters of the dragon knightwing jessica henwick simone missick

Can’t we get a Daughters of the Dragon show?

Iron Fist—Season 1 was a bit hard to swallow.  I loved the character, and it just didn’t have the spirit the character needed.  When Netflix announced it was losing the MCU shows, I decided I needed to try to catch up…and the shortened Iron Fist season was first in line.  While Season 2 proves to be slightly better, it still isn’t what I hoped for the character.  Due to aspects of the story, a ******spoiler alert****** is in effect for the rest of the review.

The season tries to reframe and redeem Danny Rand.  Many viewers just didn’t like the character played by Finn Jones and this season attempts to reframe him by admitting that the character was flawed.  Danny’s behavior doesn’t necessarily “deserve” the Iron Fist, and this season, he’s challenged completely for it.  After a long-fought battle, Danny and Ward go off on their own to find their destiny and Colleen’s the Iron Fist…with no sequel, it is a cliffhanger that should leave you wanting more (or at least it should).

iron fist season 2 episode 10 a duel of iron ending colleen wing jessica henwick

Am I the future (or at least a few minutes?)

While the set-up for season 3 is intriguing, it isn’t enough to have me begging for a third season.  I do wish there would be more Daughters of the Dragon (or KnightWing Investigations), but Danny’s path is less interesting.  The series introduces the idea that Danny has the Fist back (or at least some form of it) at the end.

The cast underwhelms with the underwhelming plot.  Jones is a bit better this season but still feels miscast.  I like Sacha Dhawan in the season, but his character arch isn’t very compelling in the long run.  Alice Eve is a good addition as the multiple personality Typhoid Mary, but she too is left hanging this season.  Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup are redeemed a bit but don’t have a strong part in the season.  The “stars” of Iron Fist still are Jessica Henwick and Simone Missick (jumping in from Luke Cage).  They have a good chemistry and most of their storyline is more compelling than Danny’s (though Misty’s storyline ties closer to Danny).

iron fist season 2 episode 10 a duel of iron ending guns danny rand finn jones

Feel my Iron Bullets (in a season never to be seen)

The visuals of the series also don’t live up to the standards they need to.  Daredevil is a very organic show, but Iron Fist includes a few more special effects.  The glowing fist can only go so far…but it could be done with more fun.

Iron Fist—Season 2 marks the end of the Iron Fist’s story…at least it appears to.  With the return of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Spider-Man:  No Way Home, there is a slight opening for Iron Fist’s return.  It might not be Finn Jones when Iron Fist comes back, but the supporting characters of this series still could have some life in them.  The future of the Iron Fist lies within!

Iron Fist—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

iron fist season 2 episode 1 the fury of iron fist danny meets davos finn jones sacha dhawan

“The Fury of Iron Fist”

2.1       The Fury of Iron Fist Release Date:  09/07/18

With Daredevil gone, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is working to protect the streets of New York as the Iron Fist.  Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) finds a mysterious box that could have ties to her past.  A war among the gangs is brewing, and Davos (Sacha Dhawan) is one of the major players.  Joy (Jessica Stroup) returns with an offer to Danny and Ward (Tom Pelphrey) that could change Danny’s future…but Joy could have a surprise for Danny and Ward.  Danny meets a girl named Mary (Alice Eve) who might have her own secrets.

iron fist season 2 episode 2 the citys not for burning colleen wing jessica henwick

“The City’s Not for Burning”

2.2       The City’s Not for Burning Release Date:  09/07/18

The gang war is increasing, and Chinatown is becoming dangerous.  Danny runs into Mary again and finds she exhibits odd behavior.  Colleen has another run-in with the rising gang and learns the Hatchets are going to try to take out the Golden Tigers.  Ward tries to determine what Joy is up to as Joy and Davos try to acquire a piece for their plan.  Danny finds he could be losing control of the Iron Fist.

iron fist season 2 episode 3 this deadly secret

“This Deadly Secret”

2.3       This Deadly Secret Release Date:  09/07/18

Danny learns Davos is working with Joy and proposes a dinner with Ward, Joy, and Davos. Mary comes to Danny with a warning about someone called Walker.  Ward meets a new ally and Danny’s plan for peace could be shattered.  A meeting of the gangs with Colleen and Danny could be a trap.  The identity of Walker is revealed.

iron fist season 2 episode 4 target iron fist steel serpent tattoo davos sacha dhawan

“Target: Iron Fist”

2.4       Target:  Iron Fist Release Date:  09/07/18

Danny and Colleen try to calm the potential war they’ve started between the Hatchets and Tigers and learn the situation that Davos could be involved in the stroke of Mr. Yang (Henry Yuk).  Misty Knight (Simone Missick) comes to Danny and Colleen about their involvement in the gang war.  Joy uncovers Mary’s secret and which explains her behavior.  Davos picks up an important shipment from the docks, and Danny learns why Mary could be so dangerous.

iron fist season 2 episode 5 heart of the dragon alice eve jessica henwick simone missick typhoid colleen misty

“Heart of the Dragon”

2.5       Heart of the Dragon Release Date:  09/07/18

Danny has been taken by Mary, and Davos has taken the Iron Fist from Danny.  Colleen and Misty set out to find Danny with Ward’s help.  Joy realizes Davos could be a danger and returns to Mary with an offer.  As Colleen and Misty search their leads, Davos sets out to do what he feels needs to be done with the Iron Fist.

iron fist season 2 episode 6 the dragon dies at dawn mary walker rain typhoid alice eve

“The Dragon Dies at Dawn”

2.6       The Dragon Dies at Dawn Release Date:  09/07/18

Colleen and Misty have exposed Joy’s ties to Mary and Davos, but finding the Crane Sisters becomes a priority to stop Davos and save Danny.  Ward in an attempt to reach Joy reveals a secret to her about their past.  Joy and Mary come up with an alternative plan to stop Davos, and Danny finds he might be forced to go along with it if he has any hope of talking to his brother.  Mary is being forced to the limit and her condition might cause her to break.

iron fist season 2 episode 7 morning of the mindstorm danny rann finn jones

“Morning of the Mindstorm”

2.7       Morning of the Mindstorm Release Date:  09/07/18

Danny’s leg has been shattered by Davos, and Mary tried to take control of her Walker persona. As Davos continues his killing spree, he finds himself garnering followers who wish to learn about his abilities and training.  Misty seeks information about the special ceremony used to remove the Iron Fist from Danny.  Ward struggles with the recent events in his life and learns his world is changing again.  Danny finds himself at a crossroads and his decision could affect Colleen’s choice to leave the world of fighting behind.

iron fist season 2 episode 8 citadel on the edge of vengeance davos sacha dhawan

“Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance”

2.8       Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance Release Date:  09/07/18

Ward deals with the idea that he could soon be a father as Joy attempts to find her way out of Davos’s clutches without letting him on to her plans.  Walker has been released by Mary again, but Walker learns that a moment of their shared past could present another problem.  With Colleen as his trainer, Danny is fighting back, but also learning to have to find the control he lacked…but it could change his relationship with Colleen forever.

iron fist season 2 episode 9 war without end danny vs davos finn jones sacha dhawan

“War Without End”

2.9       War Without End Release Date:  09/07/18

Danny’s request that Colleen become the Iron Fist is hanging heavy on Colleen as the full turf war prepares to break out between Davos’s men and the rival gangs.  Joy discovers crossing Davos is a mistake while Alice gets the information she needs about her past from Ward.  When BB (Giullian Yao Gioiello) brings the bowl needed to complete the transfer to Danny, a choice must be made.

iron fist season 2 episode 10 a duel of iron colleen wing vs davos

“A Duel of Iron”

2.10     A Duel of Iron Release Date:  09/07/18

Colleen’s attempt to harness the Iron Fist has run into a roadblock with the power of the Fist split between herself and Davos…and both will die if it isn’t resolved.  Mary also wants Davos dead and the new discovery about her past could change how she approaches that assignment.  As Colleen and Davos battle for the Fist, the result will change everyone’s lives.

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