Invincible 23: Full House

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Ramping up for a bloody ending that you'd expect from Invincible

Invincible is coming to an end

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Comic Name: Invincible

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Ryan Ottley

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2017

invincible #127 cover atom eve

Invincible #127

Reprints Invincible #127-132 (April 2016-February 2017).  Five years…Mark returns home to discover he’s lost years of his life while in the pocket reality, and the war against Thragg and others have moved on without him.  Trying to reconnect with Eve, Mark learns the danger is greater than ever as Thragg and his forces get more powerful, but within the Coalition, dangers are also growing which could threaten Allen.  Meanwhile back on Earth, Robot continues his quest to perfect Earth…and Mark finds he doesn’t know where he belongs.

Written by Robert Kirkman, Invincible Volume 23:  Full House is an Image Comics superhero collection.  Following Invincible Volume 22:  Reboot?, the series features art by Ryan Ottley.  Issues in this collection were also featured in Invincible:  Ultimate Collection—Volume 11 and The Invincible Compendium—Volume 3.

It is really starting to feel real now.  A lot of storylines in Invincible are starting to culminate and the end feels real.  As the danger grows, it is unclear where Invincible will lead.

invincible #132 cover thragg review

Invincible #132

This volume has another twist thrown at Mark.  After the difficult decision to not remain in the past, he discovers that his rejection of the possibility of “fixing” reality still cost him time with Eve and Terra…his main motivation for leaving.  The series has always had an outsider, and her Mark is the outsider in the comic focused around him.  Eve now “fits in” on Talescria, and Mark can’t make sense of the planet.  Meanwhile on Earth, Mark no longer belongs because he can’t deal with Robot’s actions…and his father has forgiven Robot which is even more frustrating.  Mark doesn’t belong anywhere despite making the ultimate sacrifice of being the hero of the world and potentially universe.

The comic also ramps up the blood and guts which is common to Invincible.  The last real big battle in Invincible was the issues long fight between Thragg and Battle Beast.  Now Thragg’s offspring are grown and raising their own hell and in addition to that, Allen faces an attack from allies.  Both result in shocking gore and death that proves that no one is safe in “Invincible World”.  Invincible constantly reminds readers that, but it has been a while since such big deaths occur…but it is also a forewarning that more will come.

Just when you thing Invincible is starting to run out of tricks, Kirkman manages to revitalize the series with new twists and relationships.  With Eve and Mark on shaky ground and the introduction of Anissa’s future surprise for Mark, you know that Invincible is going to go out with a bang…and not everyone will survive.  Invincible 23:  Full House is followed by the first part of two part final arc Invincible 24:  The End of All Things—Part 1.

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