Invincible 21: Modern Family

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The Battle Beast-Thragg fight doesn't pack the punch it is supposed to

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Comic Name: Invincible

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Ryan Ottley

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2015

invincible #115 battle beast

Invincible #115

Reprints Invincible #115-120 (November 2014-May 2015).  The world is changing rapidly under Robot’s control, and Mark and Eve wonder if they have a place in it.  With concerns about their baby, Mark and Eve might have to make the biggest decision of their life, and it could mean leaving Earth forever!  Meanwhile Battle Beast’s attempt to bring in Thragg could reveal Thragg’s plans for his future.

Written by Robert Kirkman, Invincible Volume 21:  Modern Family is an Image Comic released under the Skybox imprint.  Following Invincible Volume 20:  Friends, the collection features art by Ryan Ottley.  Issues in this collection were also collected as part of Invincible:  Ultimate Collection—Volume 10 and The Invincible Compendium—Volume 3.

In this collection of Invincible, Mark has a long discussion with his friend at the comic book store about comics changing the course of the comic and drastically changing the format.  It is obviously a nod to what is going on with Invincible in this volume.  Mark has always been a defender of Earth and here, he has decided to “give up” Earth in exchange for the protection of his family…and a big change for the comic.

invincible #120 cover thragg

Invincible #120

With Invincible you are never sure what is permanent.  Though you’d guess leaving Earth wasn’t permanent and Robot will get his comeuppance, Invincible always throws curveballs at the readers.  The move to Talescria provides a lot of new discourse and more pressure on Mark and Eve’s relationship which has already been through a lot…including Mark’s rape by Anissa which becomes a focal point.

Through the course of the collection, the battle against Thragg by Battle Beast rages.  It feels a bit like filler and unlike a lot of previous events in Invincible, it doesn’t have the shock factor that some of the bigger battles have.  With such momentous changes in Mark and Eve’s life, I kind of wanted more of that storyline and less of the Thragg and Battle Beast story (even though it sets up the next collection).

What is interesting about Invincible is this idea of time passing.  Often comics are frozen in time and characters never age put pass year after year locked in time.  Invincible works in relatively “real time” which characters aging and growing.  Mark has gone from a teenager to an adult with a family over the years that Invincible has been published.  Things change in real life and things change in Invincible.  It will be interesting to see where the series goes as it starts to tick down to the end.  Invincible 21:  Modern Family is followed by Invincible 22:  Reboot?

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