Invincible 15: Get Smart

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Continues to be a smart superhero story

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Comic Name:  Invincible

Publisher:  Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

Writer:  Robert Kirkman

Artist:  Ryan Ottley

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2011


Invincible #79

Reprints Invincible #79-84 (April 2011-November 2011).  Mark is back on Earth and finding things aren’t how he left them.  Eve reveals shocking news to Mark about what happened when he was gone and Mark’s father and mother make a big decision.  When Dinosaurus destroys Las Vegas in battle with Invincible, Mark begins to question if he’s going about saving the world the right way…and he’s got an unlikely new ally.

Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Ryan Ottley, Invincible 15:  Get Smart follows Invincible 14:  The Viltrumite Wars.  The issues in this volume were also collected in Invincible:  Ultimate Collection 7 and Invincible Compendium—Volume 2.

Invincible proves time and time again to be a solid series.  I started reading it around the twelfth issue and since then have grown to love the character (and the ever growing supporting cast).  Kirkman’s style varies greatly from his Walking Dead series, but does a good job with the idea that Invincible lives in a world that changes and ages.


Invincible #84

This volume starts a path that feels a bit tread on before in other series.  Much like in Warren Ellis’ The Authority, Invincible starts to get the idea that he actually needs to change the world instead of just protecting it.  The seeds of this storyline were set a while ago and that is what differentiates it from something like The Authority, but it still has a bit of a similar feel.

The “take over the world for its own good” idea is the primary storyline, but as in most Invincible issues, the secondary soap-opera life of Mark Grayson is really where the comic is fun.  You get Mark and Eve dealing with Eve’s abortion and moving in together, plus a big reveal about Mark’s friend William.  You also have new drama between Monster Girl and Rex (formerly Robot).  It keeps the issues going and you want to find out where it is going to lead.

Invincible is just a fun series, but it is a monster.  You can’t just start with a volume and expect to pick it up.  You have to start with the beginning, and Invincible has years and years of story behind it (but it is worth catching up).  Invincible will continue on and continue to evolve…something not all comics do.  Invincible 15:  Get Smart is followed by Invincible 16:  Family Ties.

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